Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue. The song "Wishing on a Star" isn't mine either.
Pairings: 1+2 (will be 1x2) 3+4 (will be 3x4) 5+M, 6+9, D+R
Ratings: PG-13 for right now, will eventually be NC-17
Warnings: AU, Language, OOC, Sap, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, will have lime/lemon, don't like that, don't read it


Part Five


“You know fifteen years are going to pass like a dream,” Cathrine said to Sally once they returned to the carefully guarded temple of the Mother’s Chosen.

“For us maybe,” Sally smiled.

“That wasn’t very nice of you, Crone,” Sylvia chastised her.

“What?” Sally blinked innocently.

“Unfortunately for you, Sally, that fake innocent look only works for two of us: Dorothy and Quatre. And Sylvia’s right. Why true love’s ‘first’ kiss? Why not make it true love’s kiss, and leave it like that?” Cathrine said.

“You know why, just as much as I do. It’ll be nice to have some amusement for a change,” Sally smirked. Sylvia rolled her eyes.

“That still wasn’t very nice. But what makes it even worse is giving Prince Shinigami such a high libido.”

“With Quatre and Trowa as two of his guardians, that boy will be learning sex education young, seeing as Sylvia added observation as one of his highly proficient skills,” Cathrine laughed. “Keeping those two apart is going to be a royal pain in the ass for all seven of them!”

Even Sylvia had to laugh about that.

“At least it will sharpen their skills. Both Heero and Shinigami are going to give them trouble,” Sally commented.

Sylvia frowned.

“Why did you suggest to Father Maxwell that he change Shinigami’s name?”

“So that Heero won’t know who he is at first when they meet,” Sally condescended to explain to the Maiden.

“But why Duo? What does that signify?”

“Well, seeing as Heero means ‘one’, and he was born first, it stood to follow that Duo, meaning ‘two’, would work for being the second born,” Sally said.

“Oh, that takes complicated thinking,” Cathrine rolled her eyes. “You really stretched your powers coming up with that one.”

Sally glared at her.

“Considering we’re dealing with mortals, I had to come up with something that would go with Father Maxwell’s mindset. That’s how his mind works, so I kept it simple,” she frigidly told her.

“Whatever,” Cathrine said, bored, but smiled at her. Sally smiled back.

“You’re just lucky I’m in a good mood today, Mother,” Sally let the threat hang in the air.

“It’s amazing how playing a mean trick on people who trust you can put a person in a good mood,” Cathrine grinned.

Sylvia frowned.

“I feel bad,” she turned away from them.

“Don’t, Maiden. The seven need the exercise those two are going to give them. Besides, it’ll give Quatre and Trowa time to be alone, without having to worry about any crises. Plus, I want Middie away from Quatre and Trowa. She has quite a crush on Trowa, and you know Quatre’s jealous streak. Right now is the worst time for him to be around anyone who might be a ‘rival’ for Trowa.” Cathrine opened her mouth to say something, but Sally quickly continued. “Of course, the three of us know that’s ridiculous, but jealousy is a ridiculous emotion. I don’t want Love killing Water, especially after everything we went through to find her.”

“Yeah, Love killing anyone could be quite a problem,”Cathrine quipped.

Sally glared at her.

“You’re quickly managing to annoy me out of my goodmood, Mother,” she coldly told her.

Cathrine just smirked at her.

Sylvia sighed, thinking of something.

“What is it, Maiden?” Sally asked gently.

“Why did we take Mariemeia at such a young age? That’s what made her so frustrated, turning her to the Dark Arts of Tazaroth,” Sylvia said, tears in her eyes.

“We needed Death at the time, and she was the only one who was compatible with the power. You know that, Sylvia,” Sally explained. “The unfortunate side effect was that while her mind matured, her body stayed that of a child’s.”

“Yeah, she stayed a spoiled brat, with the brutal intelligence of an adult. And Treize did not help that situation in the least,” Cathrine threw her two cents in.

“And that’s another thing…why are so many of us related this time?” Sylvia asked. “You never explained that to me, Sally.”

“We needed a relative of Treize’s, one he could have influence over. There is much unfinished business left over from the high days of Tazaroth, but they were buried long ago. Only those who dedicate themselves to the Dark Arts of OZ, Romafeller, and White Fang could cause them to rise again. After all, that was their most sacred city,” Sally avoided directly answering the question.

“That whole idea is one I still object to, Crone. I do not think it’s a good idea for the powers of that city to be allowed to rise again. It’s too dangerous in my opinion, especially with Mariemeia’s powers backing them up,” Sylvia said, worry in her eyes.

“Oh, don’t be so stupid, Maiden. Our powers are more than enough for her, especially once we have Death and War once again at our sides,” Cathrine snapped out, over-confidently.

“Do not be so hard on her, Mother. Our powers are great, that is so, but so are hers, and if she raises the Soldiers, including the treacherous Doctors, we will be at a great disadvantage, especially if her curse is able to take hold of Shinigami,” Sally berated Cathrine.

“O Mother! Don’t mention those fools to me! How they could betray the Gundams is beyond me! And how the Gundams let it happen is even worse!” Cathrine exclaimed, angrily.

“Hush, Mother! Do not call the wrath of the gods down upon you! For though Wing, Deathscythe, Shen-long, and Tallgeese retired, Zero, Hell, Altron, Nataku, Epyon, Sandrock, and Heavyarms are still on active duty for the Mother, guarding Her and Her works. Their wishes are not to be toyed with, and you know that. Our powers, though great, are still second to theirs, which are only just below the Mother. You must guard your tongue, for they do deserve respect,” Sally reprimanded her again.

“I know, I know,” Cathrine sighed. “I just wish those foolish Doctors hadn’t turned against them, is all. The Gundams are so incredibly awesome…how anyone could betray them just blows my mind…”

The three just sat there in silence for a moment, remembering the treachery of the by-gone days of Tazaroth. Long ago, three gods had broken away from the Mother. They’d decided they wanted to rule the universe, without her there. Romafeller, OZ, and White Fang’s names had once been highly respected, until the evil day when they’d created the triumvirate to destroy the other gods, (whose name Gundam stemmed from that point on.) To that end, they’d enticed two Doctors whose original alliance had been to the Gundams.

The Gundams had made contact with five men who became Doctors because of their connection with the Gundams. The Doctors’ duties were to relay the wishes of the Gundams to the Mother’s Chosen, but two of them wore out from this duty, which they believed to be tiresome and rather foolish. They believed, with the help of the Dark Ones, that they could be so much more. Dr. J and Master O (whose names had been lost to antiquity) murdered Dr. S and Dr. H in cold blood, because they believed those two to be weak and useless to their cause. They then tried to convince Dr. G to join them, but he refused, and with the help of the Mother’s Chosen, escaped.

Dr. G remained in hiding, with only the Fates knowing where he was, to that day. Because of his knowledge of J and O, the Fates had been able to seal them away into the Dark Ones’ own base of Tazaroth. They’d also sealed away the other eight followers (simply called the Soldiers) who’d joined the ranks of Romafeller, OZ, and White Fang. The Fates had worried that their followers were so many. If the Dark Ones had managed to reach the numeral twelve in their ranks, they could have destroyed the Mother’s Chosen, for at that time, the Mother’s Chosen hadn’t even had half its members, and so, could have been very vulnerable to attack. Luck had been their ally when they’d locked away the followers of Tazaroth.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t had the power to destroy them. That would have taken all of the Mother’s Chosen, and they didn’t have everyone…that had left a very large worry on the minds of the Fates.

“Whew, we’re being morbid tonight! Let’s stop thinking of that for now, shall we? We can’t really worry about it until we have War and Death firmly in the ranks of the Mother’s Chosen,” Sally said, breaking the mood.

“If they grow into adulthood,” Cathrine said slyly, her eyes narrowing.

Sally sighed, exasperated.

“Can’t you ever say anything nice about anything, Mother?” she whirled on Cathrine, who laughed.

“Of course not. I’m the Mother. It’s my job to worry about everything,” she commented, an evil grin on her face.

Sylvia shook her head.

“I can’t believe the Mother actually trusts us to take care of the world for her.”

Cathrine raised her eyebrows.

“Just what are you implying?” mock offense in her voice.

“Does giving Prince Shinigami a high libido that will make things a damn sight harder for the others ring a bell?” Sylvia also raised her eyebrows.

“Why Maiden! Such language!” Sally smiled at her.

Sylvia shook her head, laughing, as the other two joined in. The three Fates purposely didn’t take anything seriously if they could help it. They had too much sadness and pain in their world already that if they sanctified ideas and people more than they already did, they would have gone mad long ago. Their humor was the only thing that kept them going sometimes, when the world’s weight threatened to crush them. Though it drove them crazy sometimes, and definitely drove the other Mother’s Chosen crazy, it often helped.

* * * *

Wishing on a Star

I'm wishing on a star
To follow where you are
I'm wishing on a dream
To follow what it means

I'm wishing on a star
To follow where you are
I'm wishing on a dream
To follow what it means

And I wish on all the rainbows that I see
I wish on all the people who really dream
And I'm wishing on tomorrow praying never comes
And I'm wishing on all the loving we've never done

I never thought I'd see
A time when you would be
So far away from home
So far away from me

Just think of all the moments that we'd spent
I just can't let you go from me you were meant
And I didn't mean to hurt you but I know
That in the game of love you reap what you sow
I'm wishing on a star
To follow where you are
I'm wishing on a dream
To follow what it means

And I wish on all the rainbows that I see
And I wish on all the people we've ever been
And I'm hoping on all the days to come and days to go
And I'm hoping on days of loving you so

I'm wishing on a star
I'm wishing on all the rainbows that I see
I'm wishing on a star

Miriam Stockley

* * * *

Fifteen years did indeed pass like a dream…for everyone except for Mariemeia who was furious to find that her plan had been thwarted. She spent all those years searching for the missing Prince Shinigami, swearing that she would find him before the fifteen-year deadline.

He, however, remained quite safe for those fifteen years, under the watchful eyes of his six guardians. Things were quite peaceful in their household…until the day Prince Shinigami and Prince Heero met at last.