Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue.
Pairings: 1+2 (will be 1x2) 3+4 (will be 3x4) 5+M, 6+9, D+R
Ratings: PG-13 for right now, will eventually be NC-17
Warnings: AU, Language, OOC, Sap, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, will have lime/lemon, don't like that, don't read it


Part Four


The room was silent as a tomb, until the Mother’s Chosen slowly stepped out of the shadows.

Lucrezia was crying and clutching her baby to her chest. Milliard walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her.

“Why didn’t you do anything?” Wufei snapped at the Mother’s Chosen. “You just hid in the corner, like weakling cowards.”

The Mother’s Chosen turned to Sally, for she was the one who’d forbidden them from doing anything.

“Your Majesties, I didn’t want her to know we were here. Shinigami will be able to live, because we didn’t speak up. If we had stopped her here, she would’ve tried later, awaiting a time when we wouldn’t be around to stop it,” Sally explained.

Milliard glared up at her.

“You can’t break the curse. You heard what she said.” Sally smiled.

“You’re right. We can’t break the curse, but we can bend it,” she almost laughed at the hope that blazed in his eyes at that.

Dorothy couldn’t control herself any longer. She did start laughing.

“I knew there was a reason why I put up with you, Sally,” she said almost teasingly.

“What are you going to do?” Milliard asked, hoping against hope they could save his son.

For an answer, the three Fates gathered around the boy and his mother, gesturing the other Mother’s Chosen to follow. The ten took their places around the two, waiting for Sally to draw their powers for her use.

“Oh Great Mother, your Chosen ask for your blessing to amend a curse. I call Wind.” Hilde raised her arms, and air gently swirled around them. “I call Water.” Middie, though new at this, looked up at the ceiling, and water trickled down, landing on the boy, who giggled. “I call Earth.” Rashid called a circle of protection out of the ground right around Lucrezia’s feet. “I call Fire.” Dorothy glared at a torch, and it gently bathed Shinigami in its warmth. “I call Hope.” Trowa touched Shinigami and Lucrezia’s foreheads. “I call Love.” Quatre kissed where Trowa touched, and the baby giggled even more. He liked these weird people who were giving him lots of attention. “I call Peace.” Relena blessed Rashid’s circle. “By the power of the Maiden.” Sylvia reached her hands up to heaven, and threw back her head. “By the power of the Mother.” Cathrine copied Sylvia, touching one of her hands, palm to palm. “By the power of the Crone.” Sally closed the circle of three. “If this boy shall draw blood between sunrise and sunset on his fifteenth birthday, he shall not die, but fall into a deep slumber until true love’s first kiss breaks the curse.”

The room burst with light and warmth, as the power of the Mother’s Chosen was released. When the light receded, the Fates put their arms down.

“Thank the Mother you got rid of that spinning wheel, Sally. Spinning wheel curses are so blasé!” Dorothy rolled her eyes. “Honestly, doesn’t Mariemeia have a creative thought in her head?”

“Yeah, isn’t that curse in the Beginner’s Curses Handbook?” Relena asked seriously.

Everyone just kind of looked at her for a minute.

“Yes, Relena,” Dorothy said as though she were instructing a five-year-old. “That’s what I meant.”

Everyone else just shrugged, and turned their attention to the baby, who Lucrezia had put back in the cradle.

“Did you see how Heero was glaring at Mariemeia? It was so cute!” Relena ignored Dorothy’s comment.

The three Fates smirked, and shared a glance.

*He’s protective of Shinigami already,* Cathrine sent the thought to Sally.

*Of course. They are heart-mates after all,* Sally thought back to her. “What’s wrong, Hilde?” she asked aloud.

Hilde’s eyebrows were drawn together as though she were puzzled by something.

“Well,” she finally said after a minute of silence. “What will happen when Mariemeia realizes we’ve changed the curse? She could always come back here and return it to her original curse.”

Everyone in the room froze at her words. The three Fates nodded. They hadn’t wanted to bring that up themselves, because, of course, they already had a plan in mind.

“What do you think should be done about it, Hilde?” Sally asked her.

She, and the other Mother’s Chosen, looked thoughtful for a minute.

“What if she couldn’t find him?” Middie said out loud, glancing up at the Fates to see how the idea was received.

They just smiled.

“What if he were hidden in a place where she can’t go?” Hilde added.

All the eyes of the other Mother’s Chosen lit up with remembrance, except for Relena’s.

“Where’s that?” she asked, totally clueless. Even Quatre, sweet as he was, rolled his eyes at her question.

“Relena, just don’t talk. You make the rest of us look bad,” Dorothy snapped at her. Sally glared at her for that, and Dorothy retreated.

“I’m serious. Where is it that Mariemeia cannot go?” Relena was becoming frustrated.

“The Jerikan Forest. It is a sacred forest, dedicated to the Mother, where all those who have turned to the Dark Arts are forbidden. If they set even one foot in it, they die a most horrible death,” Sylvia explained for the benefit of everyone else in the room.

Sally turned to Milliard and Lucrezia.

“I am terribly sorry for this, Your Majesties, but it may be for the best if we take your son to a hiding place deep in Jerikan Forest, where he will be safe,” she said, bowing to them.

Milliard thought for a moment.

“You’re sure there is no other way?” he asked, already knowing the answer, but having to ask it anyway.

“I think this best, Your Majesty,” she said.

He nodded, and looked at Lucrezia, who was fighting the tears in her eyes.

“But who shall raise him? I mean, the Mother’s Chosen have awesome powers, but he needs to be raised by someone more ordinary,” she raised the only objection she had.

“Um…Your Majesties?” a voice asked from the crowd.

“Yes, who is it that speaks?” King Milliard asked, as the crowd parted to reveal Sister Helen and Father Maxwell stepping forward.

“As two of those who serve the Mother, we consider it our duty to take care of Prince Shinigami, if Your Majesties don’t mind,” Sister Helen continued.

The two royals glanced at each other, before nodding.

“However,” King Milliard added. “He will need more protection than the forest alone can offer.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, we know that. Therefore, we are sending four members of the Mother’s Chosen to protect, help raise, and guide him,” Sally made her surprising announcement with a perfectly straight face, while the other two had to bite their lips to keep from laughing. The other Mother’s Chosen were polarized with shock, for the Fates had not told them where four of them were going to be for the next fifteen years.

King Wufei snorted.

“Yes, King Wufei?” Sally asked almost sweetly.

“What about my son? What about the betrothal that was finalized by your reading?” he demanded. “Where is the justice, if he never meets his heart-mate?”

Sally smiled.

“Heero and Shinigami will meet someday, Your Majesty. You have the word of the Crone, leader of the Mother’s Chosen on that,” she paused. “In fact, I was hoping you would allow three other members of the Mother’s Chosen to live at your court and serve as bodyguards for your son. Once Mariemeia discovers what has happened with her curse, she may come after Heero, for he is the heart-mate of Shinigami. She may try to strike at him. Even if she doesn’t, you would do worse than the Mother’s Chosen as tutors for him.”

Wufei thought for a moment. He saw Meiran nod out of the corner of his eye.

“All right,” he agreed imperiously.

“Sally?” Quatre tugged on her sleeve. “Can we talk in private?”

Sally walked into the hallway off the throne room, and the other Mother’s Chosen followed her.

“Sally, what in all of Tazaroth is this about?” Dorothy swore angrily.

“You heard what I said,” Sally coldly informed her.

“Who’s going to go where then, Sally?” Middie asked politely.

“Wherever you would like,” she said.

“You’re letting us decide?” the Elements and Designs had similar looks of surprise on their faces.

The three Fates nodded.

“You three aren’t going to be involved in this, are you?” Hilde said.

They smiled, shaking their heads.

“We have Fate business to attend to, unfortunately. Otherwise, we would be glad to take this responsibility upon ourselves,” Sylvia explained. *Liar!* Cathrine teasingly sent to her, but Sylvia just glanced at her out of the corner of her eye, before turning her attention back to the others.

The Elements and Designs nodded. They didn’t really believe a single word of it, of course, but they knew better than to argue with the Fates, even Middie, who was the newest member.

“Well, now that we know we have a baby-sitting job that’s going to last for the next fifteen years, let’s decide who’s going to baby-sit who, shall we?” Dorothy received a glare from Sally, which she just sent a fake innocent smile back to.

For the next ten minutes, the Fates nearly drew blood from biting their lips to keep from laughing, as the other seven Mother’s Chosen deliberated back and forth who-would-go-where. Relena was adamant about taking care of Heero, as they’d known she would be. Finally, the others gave up in exasperation, though none of them thought it was a good idea. Dorothy lazily said she would follow Relena, and the others took one look at the wicked glint in her eye, and gave in. That left one spot for the guardians of Heero.

In deciding who would raise Shinigami, there were few problems. Quatre and Hilde had taken one look in that baby’s bewitching (even as a newborn!) violet eyes, and had been enchanted. They’d quietly requested to be two of that boy’s guardians, and Quatre had begged Trowa with his eyes to follow. Trowa had sighed, but had known he would never be able to resist Quatre, so he’d agreed, and asked as well to be a guardian of Shinigami’s. Rashid decided it was his duty to follow his “Master Quatre”, for he’d once served Quatre’s family, and had made it his duty to continue the tradition when Quatre had been born and revealed as the Design, Love.

That left Middie, who was perfectly agreeable to follow Dorothy and Relena to help raise Heero. In fact, she was rather looking forward to it.

The Fates rolled their eyes, before returning to the throne room to announce their decisions. The next fifteen years were going to be rather tumultuous. Cathrine smirked at Sylvia. *And we wouldn’t miss watching this for the world,* making Sylvia softly giggle and Sally smile.