Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue.
Pairings: 1+2 (will be 1x2) 3+4 (will be 3x4) 5+M, 6+9, D+R
Ratings: PG-13 for right now, will eventually be NC-17
Warnings: AU, Language, OOC, Sap, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, will have lime/lemon, don't like that, don't read it


Part Three


The meal was excellent and going well, by the looks of things. Queen Lucrezia smiled. She had never been so happy in her life, as she was on that day. She turned to look at her husband, and found him also smiling. She was glad. He hadn’t been happy for such a long time. *Not since he was a young boy, * she thought quietly, *before— * her thoughts were interrupted by a wild wind that furiously burst its way through the huge doors of the throne room. It ripped its way through the hall, blowing out candles, knocking over vases.

The Mother’s Chosen exchanged a look of fearful knowledge with each other, before standing up, and hurrying over to where the three Fates had been placed. They knew that it was imperative for everyone in the room that they stay hidden.

A black cloud followed the wind, slinking and twisting around the tables and the people, before stopping in the center of the room. It hardened and materialized, revealing a very angry and evil woman the world had thought lost.

“Lady Mariemeia!” the cry went throughout the room, as a crow cawed its fanfare of her arrival, before landing on her shoulder.

Lady Mariemeia smiled an evil smile as she stalked towards the throne, almost ridiculous considering her tiny size.

“Well, it’s been a long time, Zechs Marquise or should I say King Milliard?” her eyebrows raised at the surprise showing on his face from her mention of both of his names. “Oh yes, Zechs, I knew who you were, even then. Both Treize and I did. Why do you think he seduced you?”

Gasps filled the room, and Hilde had to restrain Relena, who was filled with a righteous anger on the part of her kinsman.

“Peace, everything will be all right. Let her play her hand that we might play ours,” Sally whispered to her, calming her.

Relena relaxed, and Hilde let go of her. They returning to their silent viewing of the play in front of them from the wings. Soon, they would be joining, but not just yet.

“I don’t know, Mariemeia. Tell me,” Milliard was furious that she would dare intrude on this happy occasion, but he was cautious.

She smirked.

“He wanted power, Zechs. He decided being War was not enough for him, just as I realized being Death was not enough for me. What good was our power, when it was always checked by those three power-hungry hypocrites? And they are power-hungry; after all, they keep the rest of the Mother’s Chosen under their feet. Treize and I realized this, and we decided to get more, to defeat the Fates at their own game. We left, telling the others we were off on a fact-finding mission. Then we separated. Soon after, Treize came across you, in disguise. He knew who you were right away, just as I did later. You can’t fool the Mother’s Chosen, even those who are ex-members,” she paused to laugh grimly at him.

The Mother’s Chosen froze in total anger, doing everything in their power not to attack Mariemeia then and there. *How dare she speak of the Fates in such a way?!* moved through the minds of the Designs and the Elements. The Fates were proud of them, though, for not losing control of themselves, and revealing they were there.

“Why did you turn against him? Why is he now the crow that perches on your arm?” Milliard asked, an embittered tone to his voice.

“Because, you fool, he turned against me! He would have used the power all for himself, and left nothing for me!” Mariemeia straightened up, visibly recovering from her outburst. “But what Treize didn’t know was that I had already turned to the Dark Arts, from the few ancient scrolls taken out of Tazaroth, before it was lost under the sand. I knew what his plans were, so I turned against him, before he could betray me.”

“Hmm…interesting story, but when is she going to get to the good stuff, like why she’s here?” Dorothy sarcastically muttered under her breath.

“Shh!” Sally had to force herself to glare at the girl, because what she’d said made all the Mother’s Chosen want to start laughing. They couldn’t look at each other for fear of it, but it made them all relax, knowing they had the upper hand.

“What does all that have to do with my husband?” Lucrezia finally salvaged her voice from her anger.

“Everything, Queen Lucrezia. I was going to kill Treize before he could kill me, and then use Zechs and his powers. However, your husband surprised me with the skill level of his powers. He could use them remarkably well,” she smirked. “Though not well enough, I’m afraid. But, because my powers still couldn’t totally combat those of the damn Fates, I couldn’t kill him. So I made him a deal. I’d let him live, to carry on his familial duties, let Treize live, and disappear for a very long time, not bothering anyone, if in return, the next time we met, I could collect any price I wished.”

Milliard looked down. He remembered that cursed deal he’d made, but he’d had no choice. He’d been young, foolish, weak, and she’d threatened his country. His sense of duty had known what was necessary, and he hadn’t known what else to do.

“Is that why you’re here?” Lucrezia spluttered. Mariemeia nodded.

“I’ve come to collect my price,” she paused. “Your son.”

“NO!” Lucrezia screamed, running over to the cradle, and grabbing her son.

Milliard froze, his mind playing old memories over and over again.

“You can’t have him. It would negate our deal,” he coldly informed her. “I specifically remember the ‘familial duties’ clause. My heir is part of that clause.”

Mariemeia laughed, a chilling, cruel laugh.

“I wondered if you would remember that. All right, my price is this: I will place a death curse on him, which you will be able to find a way to break. However, if you break it, and I find out about it, then I will try to kill him directly. You have until he turns fifteen to break the curse,” the room filled with her evil power. “Before the sun sets on his fifteenth birthday, he shall prick his finger on a spinning wheel, and die!” Her power surrounded the baby before she disappeared, cackling.