Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue.
Pairings: 1+2 (will be 1x2) 3+4, 5+M, 6+9, D+R
Ratings: PG-13 for right now, will eventually be NC-17
Warnings: AU, Language, OOC, Sap, Yaoi, Yuri, Het,will have lime/lemon, don't like that, don't read it


Part Two


The castle was colorfully decorated for this momentous occasion. After so much turmoil for so many years, the two kingdoms had heirs. King Milliard smiled. His world was happy, at long last. He had a loving and kind wife, loyal subjects, and now, a son. His wife glanced up from where she was tucking their son in the royal cradle brought out for important ceremonies, and she smiled back at him. Milliard felt his heart grow even lighter at the contentment on Lucrezia’s face. He knew how hard it had been for her the last few years, as she kept having miscarriages. He’d wondered if someone had placed a curse on her, preventing her from carrying the child to term. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Queen Meiran return to the throne room from feeding her son. She carried him over to the cradle as well (which was large enough to hold five babies comfortably, much less two), and placed him next to Milliard and Lucrezia’s son. King Wufei joined his wife and Lucrezia in their perusal of the babies, and King Milliard chose to follow.

He laughed when he reached his wife’s side. Their son, though only a few days old, was annoying Meiran and Wufei’s son. A strange intelligence radiated from both boys’ eyes, as though they understood what was going on. Needless to say, the other boy was not happy with what Milliard and Lucrezia’s son was doing. In fact, his cobalt blue eyes seemed to be glaring out at the world, while the other’s violet eyes danced with mischief, and he almost seemed amused by the other boy. Wufei turned to glare at his friend.

“Your son is disturbing my son,” he coldly informed Milliard.

Lucrezia laughed.

“It’s love at first sight, Wufei,” she laughed.

“Love?” he questioned in an incredulous tone. “Annoying my son constitutes as love?”

Meiran smiled.

“My dragon, clearly you’ve forgotten what it was like for us when you were courting me,” her smile grew larger as Wufei flushed at her nickname for him.

Milliard raised an eyebrow.

“Dragon?” he’d heard the nickname before, (after all, they’d been friends for years), but he just had to give Wufei a hard time. Wufei had once been a gentle boy, but a horrific war in his country that had ended only two years ago had reshaped him into a coldly strong and proud warrior. Meiran was the only one he’d let into his icy heart after that, and she’d had to push her way in. Since then, all of the ones who counted themselves as Wufei’s friends tried to pull him out of his shell.

“Not another word,” Wufei glared at him again.

“Are you giving me an order in my kingdom, Wufei?” Milliard teasingly asked.

Lucrezia chose to intervene at that point, before it went too far.

“All right, children, it’s time to behave. After all, the room is full of bored courtiers who would love to see a scandal of the two kings fighting each other like schoolboys.” The two men managed to look sheepish at her words. She focused her attention on her husband then. “And you have no room to talk, Lightning Prince,” she teasingly called him by his childhood nickname, so given because of his powers.

The Peacecraft family had always been known for their powers. One of Milliard’s past relatives was the current Peace in the Mother’s Chosen. Milliard had always had an affinity for lightning, and he could use it well. He’d once been able to defeat Mariemeia, who’d formerly been Death, trying to save his lover at the time. However, she’d returned and ended up turning his lover into a crow who then followed her around. Milliard shuddered. He knew there was nothing to be worried about. Mariemeia hadn’t been seen in years, and he didn’t think she would return. He hoped she was dead, but with her, one never knew. A loud fanfare was played, announcing the arrival of extremely important people. King Milliard looked puzzled. He’d thought everyone had already arrived, who’d been invited.

The courtier who was announcing the people looked very nervous and excited by new arrivals. He actually waited until the room became quiet out of curiosity, before he began calling out the names.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to you our most distinguished guests: the Mother’s Chosen!” the man declared, with great flourish.

He then called out their names and titles. “Wind, Lady Hilde!”

Hilde walked into the room confidently, though her powers were the weakest of them all. However, the lady herself could be quite formidable when crossed, for though her powers were the weakest, they were still very strong, stronger than most people’s.

“Water, Lady Middie!”

Middie tentatively walked into the room. She had been a member of the merchant class, and had never been to court before. Hilde gently took her arm, and guided her around the room, introducing her to the people there.

“Earth, Lord Rashid!”

Rashid looked distinctly uncomfortable with the title he had, even though he’d had it for a very long time. When the Fates had found him, he’d been a simple warrior, and though he’d accepted the powers and responsibilities that came with the position, deep in his heart, he was still just the warrior, with none of the selfish fripperies of the noble class.

“Fire, Lady Dorothy!”

Dorothy waltzed into the room as though she owned it. She thrived on the awe and adulation the masses gave the Mother’s Chosen, and cashed in on it as often as she could. Sally, Cathrine, and Sylvia had had to speak to her about that before, because she often used the threat of her power to get her way with the nobles. She’d once almost destroyed a necessary marriage because of it. The Fates had then placed her on probation, and banished her to live alone in an isolated volcano for three hundred years. She’d stewed about in the volcano, and had blown its top several times, but eventually had stopped, because what good does it do if no one knows about it? By the time she was allowed out, she’d been on her best behavior. Sally cowed her, for Dorothy hadn’t thought Sally would send her away, but what Dorothy didn’t think of was that the Fates had known Dorothy would be trouble, so they’d allowed her to be born during a time when she wasn’t really needed, so that they would have time to teach her discipline. Dorothy’s powers were the strongest of the elements, so discipline and control were very, very important for Fire to learn. Of course, when their Peace joined, Dorothy actually started behaving. The others suspected Dorothy of having a crush, but it was something that could never come to be, for Peace had to walk alone, and the Elements could function without having a heart-mate. But only the Fates knew what was going to happen with it.

“Peace, Lady Relena, distant relation to King Milliard!”

Relena walked into the hall with a look of wistfulness on her face. Once, she’d been a princess of the kingdom, but the Fates had come into her life, and told her what powers she had. They’d been brutally honest with her, and then had left her alone to make her decision. It hadn’t been long before she’d accepted her duty as Peace. She’d taken leave of her home, and had followed the Fates.

At that time, Mother’s Chosen had consisted of the Fates, Earth, Fire, Love, Death, and War. Soon after finding Peace, they’d found Wind. It hadn’t been until much, much later that they’d found Water and Hope. When the former Mother’s Chosen had grown weary of their existence, the current Fates had then allowed Sally, Cathrine, and Sylvia to be born. They’d tracked them down, awakened their powers, and trained them. When they were satisfied that the three would be able to do their job, the other Fates had sent their Mother’s Chosen to sleep. Just before they did so, Cathrine had stumbled upon Rashid, the new Earth. The other Fates were rather surprised, for the first time since they had been awakened, and they looked at their replacements in a new light with great respect, and a little sadness, for they realized these three were going to be the Fates during a very dangerous and very long span of time. Never, in all the history of the Mother’s Chosen, had either one of the Elements or one of the Designs been found right after the Fates were awakened. It was unheard of, but it also meant that an extreme danger was going to occur sometime during the reign of this Mother’s Chosen. That was the only reason for why they were going to be trained so soon. Of course, they didn’t say anything, for Sally, as Crone, already knew what was to happen. The former Fates bowed to her, just before they themselves fell into the endless sleep that the original Death had taught them.

“Hope, Lord Trowa!”

“Love, Lord Quatre!”

Hope waited for Love, before they walked in together. Quatre was very confident, because he too had once been a prince. Trowa, on the other hand, was very nervous. Before the Fates had found him, he’d been a mercenary deep in the underworld of crime. He hadn’t wanted to believe the Fates when they’d told him who and what he was, but they’d foreseen that, and had a back-up plan. They’d brought Quatre with them, but didn’t let him be seen until they were sure nothing more they would say would change his mind. Then, they’d called Quatre into the back alley where they’d been talking to Trowa. He’d been thoroughly shocked into immobility, as had Quatre. The Fates had introduced them, and Trowa had found himself agreeing to go anywhere they wished, as long as he could be with the beautiful angel in front of him. Hope had learned his powers very quickly, with Love’s help, and along the way, they’d fallen in love. The Fates had agreed to allow them to be wedded, and they’d been very wrapped up in each other ever since. It was fine with the Fates, because they knew it wouldn’t last for much longer.

“Maiden, Lady Sylvia!”

“Mother, Lady Cathrine!”

“Crone, Lady Sally, the most powerful woman alive!”

The Fates walked in together, and people quieted again, for their appearance always surprised everyone. Of course, the Maiden was expected to be young, but the Mother and Crone were also young in appearance. Wisdom shown in their eyes, which was the only way one could tell how old they really were. Sylvia looked like she was fifteen, Cathrine looked like she was seventeen, and Sally looked like she was twenty.

Milliard had to keep from laughing at everyone’s reactions to the entire Mother’s Chosen. After all, they were the most powerful people in the world, yet they all looked like teenagers, except for Rashid. He’d been middle-aged when he’d been found. But he was the exception. The others all looked like they were just getting ready to live their lives (and of course, two of them were), not like they’d already lived far longer than most of the people who were in the room.

Sally walked gracefully over to where the four royals stood. Cathrine and Sylvia followed her, not speaking, but knowing what was to come.

“And what do I owe for the honor of your visit, milady?” King Milliard bowed politely.

“Just thought we would come bless the two new arrivals is all. May we see them?” Sally smiled mysteriously.

“Of course you may,” Lucrezia led them over to the cradle, where the three Fates peered down at them.

*They’re beautiful,* Sylvia sent the thought to Sally.

*Of course, just look at their parents. Besides, the Mother’s Chosen are always beautiful. I think it’s to make up for how much we sacrifice during our long lifetimes, * Sally sent back to her.

Cathrine smiled. The boys were going to be trouble as they grew up. She was glad she wasn’t going to have to raise them.

*Cathrine, that wasn’t kind,* Sylvia had to hold in her laughter.

*I know,* she smiled, sheepishly. But of course, the Mother would know better than anyone what raising those two was going to be like, and if their parents only knew, they would dread it.

A courtier quickly ran up to King Milliard, and whispered in his ear. He turned to his guests.

“Will you please take your place at our sides? It is time for the naming ceremony,” he said, indicating the chairs being placed next to the thrones. “Oh, and we were going to do a reading on the boys, to see who they will be compatible with to be married. Would you do the honors?”

“We would be happy to, Your Majesty,” Sylvia curtsied.

Long tables and chairs were brought in for the nobles of the court and the remaining members of the Mother’s Chosen to sit around. A large portable fountain was brought in. It was only used on occasions such as this one, the naming of the royal children. Father Maxwell, a young priest new for his duty, stepped forward.

“Bring forth the children,” he said.

Lucrezia and Meiran walked over to the cradle, and lifted out their sons. They then stepped over to the fountain where the priest awaited them. Just before the ceremony had begun, the priest had gone into a trance to ask the Fates mentally what the boys’ names were supposed to be. This was only done with royal children who had special marks on their bodies, indicating a sign of power. Both boys had birthmarks shaped like wings around their upper arms. The priest had known then that these children were very special, and had told their parents that the boys were important to the Fates, so therefore the Fates would name them personally.

Father Maxwell, with his assistant Sister Helen, took Wufei and Meiran’s son. He gently dipped him in the water, blessing him, while the Mother’s Chosen silently added their blessings to him. He handed him to Sister Helen, who raised the baby up, while the priest gestured over him.

“This male heir to the royal throne of Nataku is to be called Heero,” he announced with flourish.

Everyone was rather surprised, but the Mother’s Chosen only nodded. They could tell, even from as far away as they were, that this boy would be a loner, preferring to be alone over being around people.

Father Maxwell then did the same with Lucrezia and Milliard’s son.

“This male heir to the royal throne of Sank is to be called Shinigami,” gasps filled the room at the priest’s announcement.

Quatre looked perplexed, and could not keep his bafflement to himself. He walked over to Sally to question her.

“Ok, I understand about Heero. ‘One’ is a good name for someone who looks like he’s going to prefer being alone, but Shinigami? Why would you want to name him ‘God of Death’?”

Sylvia wanted to laugh at the look on his face, and the face of the other six Mother’s Chosen. Cathrine kept her face turned away from Sylvia’s. She knew that if she looked at her, they would both lose control. Sally just looked pointedly at Quatre.

“Why do you think?” she simply asked.

It wasn’t what she said, but the way she spoke that allowed Quatre to make the connection. His face showed shock, then joy, as he looked at the boy in a new light. He ran lightly back over to the others, and informed them of the new information. They all smiled, looking at the boys differently. Relena looked polarized. She hadn’t been interested in the old War, but this one was a different story. Sally sighed. It looked like the silly girl was going to turn into a fool over the boy. Oh well. It was the job of Peace to long for War from afar. It kept War on his/her toes.

King Milliard stood up.

“As you all know, we were going to have a reading done to determine who these two boys are supposed to marry someday. The Fates themselves have gracefully accepted the duty of doing the reading.” Here everyone applauded. “Now, we shall let them proceed.”

Sally stepped over to the fountain. The room grew silent, as all the light in the room was sucked into the water, until only the fountain had any light. Sally stirred the water, and concentrated on the image. Of course, she already knew what the answer was, but she knew these foolish people needed a show. She let Father Maxwell and Sister Helen see what she saw, before she released the power. Sally let Father Maxwell and Sister Helen recover from their shock, before turning back to the royals.

“This is most unusual, but as you have forward-thinking kingdoms, it should be accepted. For both of them, they have the rare privilege of having their heart-mates born at the same time as they were. As a matter of fact, Prince Heero and Prince Shinigami are heart-mates, and are meant to be together,” Sally declared to the shocked room. Even Cathrine and Sylvia were surprised. Sally hadn’t told them what she’d decided for the two boys, marriage-wise. When she returned to her seat, Cathrine and Sylvia fired questions at her.

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea? I mean, two men together may be an accepted idea, but not for royalty,” Sylvia said.

“Not to mention the fact that having a royal heir come out of that union is going to be a bitch,” Cathrine added.

“I know what I’m doing. Have faith in me,” Sally said simply.

The other two Fates glanced at each other, before shrugging. They knew better than to argue with Crone when she got that I’m-going-to-be-mysterious-and-no-one-else-can-know-what-the-hell-I’m-thinking-of look on her face. They’d find out soon enough anyway.

The other members of the Mother’s Chosen just sat there looking puzzled.

“What the hell is that old Crone thinking of?” Dorothy purposely insulted Sally, who immediately glared at her. She flushed.

“Whatever she’s thinking of, I’m sure it’s for the best,” Quatre said, reasonably.

“Of course you would say so. You’re a newly wed who’s married to sexy guy with a high libido. You’d agree to just about anything right now,” Dorothy snapped.

Trowa smirked and put his arms around a blushing Quatre, who hid his face against Trowa’s chest. The others smiled, and looked away. They were curious about what Sally’s plans were, but they knew better than to ask.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain seated. The feast is ready,” a courtier announced.

The Fates were going to take their seats next to Milliard and Lucrezia, when Sally froze. She closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating. Her eyes snapped open, as Sylvia and Cathrine mentally asked her what was wrong. She walked purposefully over to Milliard, and whispered something to him. He called for a table to be set in the shadows, where the three Fates sat down. The other Mother’s Chosen wondered at this, but they trusted Sally’s judgement in this, for a chill had run up all their spines at the same time Sally’s eyes had been closed. So they knew she had a good reason.

* * *