Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I
just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue.
Pairings: 1+2 (will be 1x2) 3+4, 5+M, 6+9, D+R
Ratings: PG-13 for right now, will eventually be NC-17
Warnings: AU, Language, OOC, Sap, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, will have lime/lemon, don't like that, don't read it


Part One


“Are you sure our presence is really necessary?” Dorothy made one last ditch effort to get out of going to the christening of the two newborn princes.

Sally gave her a Look that was rarely seen, because of its power to shut them up. They all knew it meant that the most powerful of the Weird Sisters (or the Fates, as they preferred to be called) was displeased with them. Dorothy instantly quieted her complaints. Even Fire, with her temper, knew better than to speak when Crone gave her that Look.

“I know we’ve explained this more than once, but perhaps just one more time, for clarification,” the youngest of the Fates, Sylvia Noventa, said gently.

“Very well, go ahead,” Sally graciously gave her permission.

“I’ll do it,” Cathrine, the middle Sister, volunteered. She cleared her throat. “We are needed because Mariemeia, who was once Death, as you all know, is a sworn enemy of King Milliard. She disappeared years ago, but tonight, she is going to make it known to one and all that she has returned for no other purpose than revenge. We are going as damage control, to fix what she’s going to try.”

Hilde looked confused, and Cathrine remembered that this was the first time she’d heard the story. Wind had been needed to kick up the dust of the Eternal Desert lands, where the people were searching for the lost city of Tazaroth. Hilde had been sent to help them out.

“Yes, Hilde, what is it?” Sylvia noticed her confusion as well.

“Umm…please don’t take this the wrong way, but aren’t you guys the Fates? Didn’t you already determine what’s going to happen?” Hilde asked.

The Fates shared a satisfied, yet worried look. None of the others in their coven had chosen to voice that question aloud, yet Hilde had. Sally smirked. Trowa and Quatre, (Hope and Love) had been too wrapped up in each other for the past few weeks, since they’d been pledged in marriage. None of the Fates blamed them at all. Quatre had been Love for a very long time, almost as long as they had been the Fates, yet he had been single for just as long. Of course, that was partially their fault, for they’d chosen when his heart-mate would be born, and that hadn’t been for a long time. But then, they’d needed to choose a time when Hope would be most needed, and they’d known this time would be it. So the two of them had an excuse. Only two others had a good reason why they hadn’t asked the obvious question: Rashid and Middie. Rashid, who’d been Earth as long as they’d been the Fates, didn’t need to ask. He’d learned to trust them, and this time, knew exactly why they weren’t going to do anything. Middie’s excuse was just the opposite of Rashid’s. She’d just recently become Water. The Fates had been worried about that too. They’d lost her when she’d been born, and had found her just before she was going to get married. They’d talked to her about her powers, and she’d decided to join their coven, and become one of the Mother’s Chosen. She’d apologized to her betrothed, but he’d understood. Only a select few of the Mother’s Chosen were allowed to wed, and then, only to another within the coven.

This was made perfectly clear to all who joined, so that later, they couldn’t complain if someone struck their fancy. However, that stipulation did not mean that one had to be celibate and alone. The Mother’s Chosen were allowed to have flings, as long as they did not interfere with their work, which meant they could not be serious. The reason for this was because all members of the Mother’s Chosen would live almost immortal lives, until the coven chose as one to return to the Mother. Then a new coven would begin, and the Fates would train the replacements for the Fates themselves, before sending all twelve to sleep and fall into the Underworld. That meant that anyone who was not a member of the Mother’s Chosen would grow old and die, while the Mother’s Chosen stayed eternally young, at the age they were at the time they were called. Long ago, the first Mother’s Chosen had watched that happen, and they’d decided that it hurt too much to fall in love with a mortal, so they’d created that law to protect the hearts of the future Mother’s Chosen. Oddly though, thus far, only the most powerful members of the Mother’s Chosen, aside from the Fates, had been allowed to fall in love and be pledged.

The Mother’s Chosen were divided into three sub-groups: the Fates, the Elements, and the Designs. There were three Fates, Maiden, Mother, Crone; four Elements, Wind, Water, Earth, Fire; and five Designs, Hope, Peace, Love, War, Death. The three Fates were the most powerful, with powers that the others, with the possible exception of Death, could never understand. They ran the world with brutal efficiency, knowing what was necessary and what was not. One thing they knew better than anyone, a secret they kept buried deep: it was possible to change one’s fate, if one had the strength, courage, and power to face it.

The five Designs were the next powerful, and it was within this group that the marriages had taken place. The only one of them who’d never been paired with anyone, in the entire existence of the Mother’s Chosen, was Peace. Peace always walked alone, and was eternally drawn to War. Peace was the only one of the five who needed to walk alone, and be totally focused on his/her powers, for though people said they wanted peace, it was very, very hard for them to accept. The other four Designs were easily accepted. Many people feared Death, yet Death was always charismatic, and people were always drawn to him/her, like moths to a flame. War was hated, yet for power, so many people eagerly sought War for assistance. In almost every Mother’s Coven, War would become disgusted, and would have turned on everyone else, to destroy them, yet War had always found the heart-mate within the Mother’s Coven, (courtesy of the Fates, of course, because some things they chose to do for their own safety). War and Death were the two that had the potential to destroy the world if they grew weary of their duties. It was not often that they were paired together, for just that reason, but once in awhile, they were paired, and together, they were as strong as the Fates themselves.

The remaining two Designs were also very important not to be alone. Hope was something everyone needed, almost as much as they needed food to eat. Without Hope, despair would have reigned throughout the world. However, even Hope would have tired of watching his/her power dwindle, until Hope would have chosen to return to the Mother far sooner than he/she was supposed to. The same thing happened with Love, although Love was even more important, for so many people’s only motives were love. But, being alone was not good for Love. Sooner or later, Love would become extremely lonely and melancholy, and would also try to die. The Fates foresaw all that, so came up with a contingency plan. In every new Mother’s Coven, two sets of heart-mates would be put in as Love, Hope, War, and Death, to make certain the world would be run smoothly, until such time as when the Fates chose to return to the Mother. Everything had been fine since then…until now that was.

Sylvia sighed, and looked up at Sally, who nodded to her. Sally knew the others would take it best from her because she was so sweet.

“Yes, Hilde, we did determine what was supposed to happen. However, the more powerful a person is, the better able they are to fight against us. Mariemeia is just such a person, although her ability to fight us is twisted. She can fight us through other people, yet she does not yet know how to fight us for herself. We are hoping it stays that way, which is why we are going, to make certain these two boys will be able to fulfill our plan for them,” she explained.

Everyone nodded. They’d been given the gift of an explanation, which was rare. They chose not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and agreed to follow the Fates. They then used their powers of teleportation to travel to King Milliard’s kingdom, where the christening was going to take place.

* * *