The streams of sunlight penetrated through the curtains into our cozy room which we share. At one corner of the room, only the faint lime-green glow lights up that part. I, at least, had the lighter part of the room.

I sighed and placed my book down to stare over at the opposite side of the room which, of course, is positively driving me crazy. All I could do is stare, though, to save my hide. He would never let me touch him. Damn it.

Heero Yuy. The Perfect Soldier. The non-human.

How the hell did I ever fall for him?!

"I'm crazy," I muttered to myself, bringing back up my book to read. But I never resumed reading. One look at Heero and then you can stare at him for the rest of your life. Sorta like Relena. Scary, huh? Me an' Relena share something in common. We're both obsessed with the same man. Except for the fact that I was a street rat and Relena can get anything she wanted. And that I was male and she was the appropriate sex.

God, life is SUCH a bitch.

I took a good glimpse of Heero for the millionth time and ogle of him. I have a pretty good view of his body, his face, and his eyes. Even though he is 100% damn sexy, I think his eyes were on of his best features. Despite they seldom show any emotion, their intensity always gets me.

Me an' Relena both fell for the same pools of eyes, eh?

Bored with my novel, I bounced over to Heero and started poking him and teasing him about being attached to that laptop. Even though I spoke in a teasing voice, I was being serious. Heero did need to get out more.

But of course, Mr. Yuy never takes ANYTHING well. He swung up some gun out of nowhere, and shoved it in my face. The nerve of him. He said, "Omae o korosu," in that flat, monotone voice. The voice that irritates me so much. Also, the voice that turns me on a lot, too. Everytime, the same old thing. Shove a gun in Duo's face and say "I will kill you." Doesn't he ever change?

Just like a machine.

Heero always has the same response, and the same coldness. Rarely did I ever see any emotion-if that WAS emotion. That was the one thing that REALLY got me pissed. He was SUCH a ... a .... cold, unfeeling bastard! Yeah, I say that a lot about him, but it's true!

Heero _is_ like a machine. Always has to be told to do something... and follows the order automatically and never questions. Like if someone tells him a mission. Right away, he does it. No questions asked.

Machines don't feel, either, do they?

I feel like I was right the he wasn't human.

But I am CERTAIN that there is a human part of Heero. The interest I took in him grew into love. It wasn't like Relena's interest in Heero. She followed him around because he was unique. I followed him around because... I just wanted to see once, just once, an emotion cross his face. I never wanted someone, or something so badly!

I craved to see the real Heero Yuy.

Someday, Heero Yuy, I _will_ find the real you.




After an hour or something, I lost track, Heero announced from his laptop that a mission was assigned. He closed the laptop and rised from his seat. Same old same old.

Soon enough, we were on the battlefield, kick some OZ slime. It was exciting alright. I kept on telling myself that this was the way to peace, even though I despised the fact that I was killing.

Me an' Heero were fending off OZ mobile suits while Quatre an' Trowa were inside the base getting some information about some missiles or something. I thought it was a relatively easy mission.

I didn't expect reinforcements.

"Damn it!" I yelled, slicing two mobile suits that were coming my way. Then I heard an explosion. Turning Deathscythe around, I saw that most of the mobile suits had attacked Heero instead of me. They were gunning him down on him, and because there were so many MS there, Wing couldn't help but to be in fatal damage.

I pray to myself, <Damn it Heero, don't self-destruct.. please don't self-destru->

God didn't fell like listening to my prayers, however.

Heero, known to self-destruct EVERYTIME there's failure, had finally self-destructed correctly this time.

I refused to believe.

Heero is NOT dead.


"NO!!!!" I shrieked, and I rushed toward the mobile suits, my thermal scythe ready to fight and take revenge.

After a while of kicking some OZ ass, I knew that if Heero couldn't handle them all, I probably couldn't either. But lucky for me, Wufei came along.

Eventually, we destroyed the base and got the information of those missiles, but that really didn't matter to me. Once we beat all those suits, I opened my cockpit and scrambled out of Shinigami. I didn't care about anything right then except Heero.

When I opened Heero's cockpit, my worst fears were confirmed.

There was blood everywhere.

I kept on muttering to myself, denying the obvious, "No, no, no, no, no..." I grabbed Heero's hand and felt it was cold. I glanced for one second at his normally vibrant and intense eyes... which was the complete opposite right now. So empty and cold. I searched frantically for the main wound, even though the cuts which the shards were embedded in were bleeding profusely. I found out that the largest wound was slashed across his chest. I tore of my shirt and wrapped it around him, in hope that I could stop the bleeding. I yelled to Wufei to hurry him to the hospital...