***I do not own any of the gundam pilots etc. They belong to Bandai and other people. Not me. This is just a story I made up.***

by ~*~Nataly~*~

Heero sat at his computer in his room. He was trying to figure out how to go about doing the next mission, the last thing he wanted was to be disturbed. Dedicated soldiers like himself work alone, he needed peace and quiet. Just lately he had been letting things slip, Duo had finally gotten to him, and he knew that he was becoming weak. He couldn’t help but grin when he saw him and smile when he entered his thoughts. But this wasn’t right, this wasn’t the heartless Heero that killed and laughed at his victims after. No, something needed to change. Just at that moment, as if on cue, Duo stepped through the front door with groceries in his arms.
“Hey, a little help, maybe?” Duo was about to drop the two paper bags he was carrying when Heero ran up and caught one as it dropped. “Phew! Ya sure took your time!” He grinned walking into the kitchen with Heero following him.

“Well you shouldn’t have brought so much.” Was his friend’s answer.

“Oh, fine. Let’s starve! Sounds great!”

Heero grinned, “Always the funny one, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, well it’s a hell of a lot better then being Mr. Angst ridden soldier.” He said, taking the goods out of the bags and putting them away. Heero sighed and walked back to his computer.

Duo turned his head and looked at him, “Have you ever tried smiling?” He teased. Heero ignored him and sat back down at his desk.

“Well?” Duo walked up to him and put his hands on his back. “Oh! Go on, ignore me! See, if I care.” He started to walk back to the kitchen when he heard his friend mumble something. “What was that, gloomy?”

Heero shrugged, “I said I’m not weak.”

“Weak? Who said you were weak?” He returned to his position next to him.

“I don’t smile because it’s a sign of weakness. I’m not weak.”

“Ugh! You are useless!” Duo put his hands on his head. “You think smiling means your weak, oh man! You are way too serious, I have no idea why I decided to bunk with you anyways! Geeze!” Duo left Heero to be by himself, and continued to un pack the groceries.




“Are you still on that stupid computer?” Duo yelled from the bedroom where he was watching television.

No answer.

“That guy will never have any fun,” the braided baka mumbled.

“Yes?” Heero said softly opening the door.

“Oh! You!” Duo jumped. “I was just saying that you never have any fun.”


“So!” he groaned. “Live a little, will you!”

“I am living.” He smirked.

Duo sighed. “Come over here and chill out, ya know we haven’t had a proper conversation since we moved in here?”

Heero stayed in the doorway. “Why do we have to have one now?”

Duo threw his head back in frustration and mumbled “Ya know you try to talk to this guy and look what he does…”

Heero slowly walked over to the bed and sat down next to him.

“Oh I see, you’re actually going to acknowledge I’m alive, thanks.” Duo grinned.

“Shut up.” Heero smiled. “What’s on?”

“Nothing. Boring stuff.”

“Isn’t it always? I hate television.”

“It’s not all bad.” He paused, and then used the remote to turn off the tv. “Listen Heero, why don’t you ever seem to enjoy life?”

“Huh?” Heero sat back.

“You’re always so damn serious! I try to involve you in stuff with everyone else, but…it’s like you’re in a different world.” He looked down into his lap.

“Um, Duo. I’m fine, what are you trying to say?”

“Nothing, I just wish you would be happy for once.”

Heero closed his eyes. “I am happy.”

“Oh yeah? Well you sure don’t seem like it!”

“So?” He put his hands behind his head.

Duo groaned and got off. “I just want you to actually talk to me, instead of typing on your fucking computer!”

Heero opened his eyes and looked at his friend, who was beginning to get tears in his eyes. A surge of remorse wrapped itself around his body. He sat up “Gomen, Duo.”

Duo shook his head and walked out of the room, leaving his friend sitting on the bed by himself.


Heero sighed deeply and stood up. He didn't know what to tell him, expect that he didn't mean to be the way he was. Duo was the first person, his age, to actually show an interest in him besides the fact that he was a gundam pilot. For some reason, he just wanted to go into that room, embrace him and thank for him caring, but that would be a sign of weakness. And he was a soldier. "Ugh, fine you win." He told himself, and wrapped his arms around his stomach staring at the ceiling. "If he really wants to talk to me, he'll come in here." That was when he heard the front door slam shut.He rose from his bed and walked into the living room where there was a note on the table, in blue ink. At first, he didn't want to read it-afraid of what it said. Hoping he wasn't too late to make amends. He pulled his strength together and picked up the note.

Gone out for a bit, don't worry((not like you would anyways)), I'll be back later.

"Damn it Duo!" He mumbled and sat down on the couch. "Why am I so goddamn stubborn? I swear if he just walked through that door right now, I'd tell him why I acted like do, and why I haven't sat down and talked to him, and everything." He turned around to see if Duo was standing behind him, but he wasn't. "Too clichéd."


Hours went by and Heero was getting more anxious by the minute. Scenarios of Duo's death out on the streets where flashing through his head, and eventually he had to do something to keep himself occupied. Television. "When I said I hated this thing, I meant it." He had grown used to talking to himself aloud, he needed something to fill the silence that was usually replaced with Duo whistling, or Duo cleaning, or Duo being.Duo. Heero had planned out to surprise him when he came back by making him dinner and setting the table, but that was earlier and the food had now gone cold. "The only time I try to cook and actually succeed, he's not even here to eat it!" He groaned. "I wonder what he's doing?" He closed his eyes for a second, and then jumped as the door flew open, with a staggering Duo walking inside.

"Duo!" Heero yelled and ran to him.

"What?" Duo said, shutting the door. "My leg kills, I'm going to bed."

"No, you can't."

"Huh?" He stopped. "What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing. I want to talk."

"Yeah, well I don't. Goodnight." He started to walk away to his room when

Heero ran after him, pulling his shoulder back towards him. Duo raised his hand over his head to protect himself from being struck, although Heero had no intent to hit him.

"What are you doing?" Duo demanded, with a little fear in his eyes.

Heero looked down and took a deep breath. "This." He said, and without any hesitation grabbed Duo's head and kissed him on the mouth.

"What th-?" Duo mumbled, eyes wide open. He pushed him away. "What the hell was that?" He said panting.

His friend wore a shocked expression. "Oh um, I thought you felt the-"

"That's sick man. Don't ever do that again. God." Duo wiped his mouth and walked into his bedroom, slamming the door shut.


Heero was tossing and turning all night. He knew he had made a complete fool of himself and couldn’t get Duo’s reaction out of his mind. “Baka.” He cursed himself as he placed the pillow over his head, trying to somehow compress the thoughts out. It seems his tossing had been so loud it had woken his friend across the hall.

“Heero?” Duo yawned, knocking on the open door. Heero sat up a little, not knowing what to say, but Duo walked in anyways and sat on the bed. “What’s wrong?” He said rubbing his eyes.

Heero paused looking down into his lap. “Um..”

“Listen, you can barely sleep, I heard you from the other room! It’s now or never buddy!” Duo looked at him and leaned his back against the wall.

Heero was still looking down, trying not to look at the boy in front of him.

“Heero! Are you in there? Heeelllooo?” Duo pretended to knock on his head.

“Shut up.” Heero murmured.

“He speaks!” Duo laughed.

“I feel sick.” Heero said, all of a sudden. Duo backed away slightly.

“Hey man, but this is a new shirt, aim away from the bed.” He grinned.

Heero looked up at him a little and smirked. “Oh ha-ha.”

“Okay, so now that you’ve found your vocal chords, what’s wrong?”

Heero knew he wasn’t going to let up, and put his knees to his chest. “I dunno, I guess it was because of earlier.”

Duo scrunched his nose and scratched his head. “Um, earlier?”

Heero was turning red, he really didn’t want to describe what happened. “When you came back. You know?”

Duo raised an eyebrow. “Um, what? I can’t remember.”

“Ugh, damn it!” Heero got off the bed and walked out into the living room.

Duo was still confused and followed him, limping slightly, into the living room.

“Heero Yuy, get away from that computer and sit down!” Duo smiled sitting on the sofa. Heero knew he didn’t have anything to do on the computer, for once anyways, and obeyed his friend’s commands.

“What?” He said, slumping down and acting unconcerned.

“I don’t care about your stupid excuses, you’re going to tell me what’s wrong! Do you know what its like coming home after a night-out and not being able to sleep since your good friend is suffering from insomnia in the opposite room?”

“Er, I tried explaining before..” He trailed off. Duo looked away and scratched his head for a moment and then slowly moved his head toward Heero.

“Um, you mean when you attacked me when I came home?” He said raising an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t call it attack.” He mumbled, relived that he didn’t have to go into details about his actions.

“You jumped on me, man!” Duo exclaimed, giving him a grin.

“Yeah but…” He looked away.

“But what?”

Heero took a deep breath. “I had good reason to, okay?”

“Uh huh. Good reason to attack your best friend. Oh boy, when did they let you out of the loony bin, huh?”

Heero was getting frustrated. “You’re making me weak!” He yelled all of a sudden.

Duo paused, he knew now wasn’t the time to joke around. “Um, how am I making you weak?”

Heero glared at him for a moment but then returned his stare to his lap, and sighed. “Don’t you see? I didn’t attack you when you came back, I wanted to…just…I was worried, alright! I made dinner, and waited for you to come back, but you didn’t.”

Duo was dumbfounded. “Gomen Heero.” Was all he could reply.

“It’s okay.” Heero mumbled.

“So what about the kiss?” Duo raised an eyebrow.

This had caught Heero by surprise and his eyes darted to Duo, quickly not knowng what to say next.

Duo grinned. “Oh come on, did you really think I was going to leave it out!”

“I thought we already went over it, with the attack and all.” He looked away, his cheeks turning all shades of red.

“Okay,” he got up. “We can leave it at that if you want!” He stretched and yawned. “Good luck sleeping! And try not to toss so much, you’re loud.” He headed off to his room. Heero got up after him.

“Duo?” He said, trying to keep calm.

Duo’s head popped around the corner. “Yeah?”

“Umm,” Heero struggled. “You’re not mad are you? Ya know about the…”

“Nah!” Duo smiled. “Why would I be mad when I just figured out my best friend is a hell of a kisser!” He left him on that note, walking back to his room and shutting the door.