"Magical Journey"
by ~*~Nataly~*~
Part 2/?
Comedy, Odd, 1x2, 2x1((i haven't really decided a seme))

The carpet sped fast into the black hole, and caused Duo’s hair to unravel and be thrust into Heero’s mouth.

“Don’t you have seatbeats on this thing?!” Yelled Duo.

“Hmpmha ham aellts!!” Added Heero, with a mouthful of ‘morning after’ hair clumping in his cheek.

“Nope! Never needed them before, so why now?”

“Hmph miiitm mm ill mmuss!” Replied Heero, now trying to rid himself Duo’s hair.

“You’re not gonna get killed Heero.” Master yelled, rolling her eyes. “Plus we’re nearly there!” All of a sudden a big bright light came towards them and they were transported into a place with bright colours and funny looking trees.

Heero yanked Duo’s hair out of his mouth and choked as a sign of a relief. “Where the heck are we?”

“Oh umm this place is where you remember all the cute things that happened to you, let’s fly over into that tree over there!” They zoomed into the big yellow triangle shaped tree to find a chibi Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 playing with a chibi Duo and chibi Heero.

“What the hell?” Duo said, utterly confused.

“Shush!” Replied Master. “That’s when you were little.”

“Who’s he?” Whispered Heero pointing to the bright blonde-haired Cloud.

“That’s Cloud. Now watch!”

“Give me that!” Yelled Cloud, talking to Duo who was holding his special red block.

“No, no, no, no!” Duo responded. “It’s mine! I’m the god of death damn it! And you—OWWW!!! HEEERRO!” He yelled as Heero grabbed the boy’s braid and pulled him over to the play closet.

“Always the flirt, Heero, always the flirt.” Laughed Master.

“Yeah, ya see Heero? What am I always telling ya?” Added Duo.

Heero growled at them. “I wanna go, this is boring, plus I don’t remember ANY of this.”

“Well, you’re not suppose to, but we can go if you want.” She pulled the carpet by the reins and off they went towards a dark oak tree that was glowing green.

“Umm, Heero? I’m scared!” Cried Duo, clutching onto his friends hands that were already tight around his waist.

“Don’t be scared, Duo, we only watch, we don’t participate.” Replied Master.

“Yeah, like Quatre, right Heero? OW!!”

“Shut up baka!” Heero mumbled into his ear.

“You guys are acting weird again.” Master commented, before heading into the next tree. “I could just turn this thing back again ya know!”

“Gomen!” They said at the same time.

“Okay Let’s go! This tree shows you the scary things that have, um I mean haven’t happened to you, it might be tough, but we’ll get through it!” They headed into the glowing tree, with Duo closing his eyes as tight as possible.

Inside they heard a high pitched scream and Heero turned a pale white. “I…know…that…scream…” He mumbled holding back tears.

“Nani, Heero?” Duo said, his eyes still shut.


“R-Relena!! No, Master, this is too much!” Heero cried.

“Watch!” Commanded the dark haired girl at the front of the floating carpet.

Relena walked up to Heero who was wearing a tuxedo and had a bouquet of flowers in hand.

“Yes, darling?” He smiled. “These are for you because you are beautiful and amazing and wonderful and better than Duo could ever be!”

“Oh, god…” mumbled Heero starting to show fear for the first time in his life. He felt around for the self-destruct button, but alas he remembered he left it in the bedroom before they left. Shucks.

“Are you ready for the wedding?” She asked, smelling the flowers and flicking her flowing hair back with one hand.

“But of course, hunny pot. I just wish Duo was here to see it.” He grinned slyly.

“Yes, such a shame he ran off Wufei and that rock star…”

“And that girl, don’t forget that girl…what was her name?”

“Um, Zim?” She replied.

“Yes, she was named something out of the ordinary, that’s for sure!” They laughed and linked arms.

“This is too much!” Heero yelled. “This is worse than…than…well I have no idea but it’s just bad!”

“Yeah, and who’s Zim?” Duo commented, seeming to be rather amused, although extremely frightened.

“Some girl who likes yaoi hentai, I dunno…” She shrugged.

“I can’t believe I’d leave you for Wufei, He-He.” He said turning around.

“I know Du-Du…” Mumbled Heero.

“God, you’d think out of all of us he’d be the one most considered straight.”

“Yeah, I know.” Contemplated Master. “But then again…”

They all sighed, and then Duo spoke up. “What rock star did I run off with?”

“Oh, umm…” She grinned. “Okay onto the next tree!”