"happiness in slavery"
Part 2/3
by: ~*~nataly~*~

warning: umm bondage? AU((i dunno if quatre has a castle cellar but he sure does in this story!)) its pretty twisted ^_~
pairings: 2x1
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**i do not own the gundam pilots nor the song "happiness in slavery" by nine inch nails. i made this up for fun**


~don't open your eyes, you won't like what you see~

Heero couldn't make out the distant voices that were mumbling around him. His dazed state had caused his eyes to close and only open to a blurry room, and then it hit him. The memories of before he blacked out were back. How long had he been out?

"Do you Duo Maxwell take Heero Yuy as your lawfully wedded husband..." began a male voice in a the room.

"Ugh, I had to wake up now didn't I?" mumbled the distressed pilot.

~the devils of truth steal the souls of the free

don't open your eyes take it from me

i have found you can find happiness in slavery~

"Heero," the older male voice cleared his throat, "if you went along with this without putting up a fight, it would be a LOT easier for all of us."

"Yes, Hee-baby, listen to the man. I could always give you another dose..."

Heero could almost feel the devilish grin on his koi's face. Every thought he had of them getting married on the beach with Wing Zero as the best man were crushed. This was it. Now or Never. He opened his eyes and started panting, "Duo please!" he yelled, "I want to marry you, just not like this!"

"Uh huh," the bride rolled his eyes in disbelief, "lies will get you no where, Yuy. Let's go, Father."

~slave screams he claims he has his own identity~

"Duo, listen to me," Heero begged between gasps, "you always say you like it when I'm in charge. How am I in charge like this?" He rattled his chains as a demonstration.

Duo laughed, "Heero, I only say that cause I know you like it." he grinned and batted his eyelashes, "It's my turn to be the seme."

"Okay, okay." He took another deep breath, "you know damn well that I'm the seme Maxwell, it's the way the creators at Bandai wanted it! Why do you think I wear spandex and a tank top? and you have a braid!"

This statement caused Duo to stop and think for a moment, "well, I always did wonder why they gave me long hair, but that doesn't matter! Now stop stalling!" He slapped Heero across the face again only to get a loud scream in return.

~slave screams he's going to cause the system to fall~

This scream had caused Quatre, who was home at the time, to wonder what was happening down in his dungeon. Duo had requested to borrow it for a few hours, and the Arabian was a little afraid to ask why. But if there was violence occurring in his home he had a right to know about it. He headed towards the dungeon entrance taking a few deep breaths before putting the key into the lock.

~slave screams but he's glad to be chained the wall~

Heero had stopped struggling a little, he was trying to pretend it was a dream and wasn't real. They could always get remarried to fit his fantasy, right? He turned to Duo, to see if his expression was angry or still the eerie happy grin he had while this was taking place. Yield, Yuy, Yield to him. He slumped down in his chains, maybe this wasn't as bad as he thought. He just wished that maybe he didn't have to be tied down, it was more kinky than frightening and well that was a very good thing while a Priest was in the room. Weren't they against boy x boy marriages? Well, Duo has friends in high places, he could have worked it out. He sighed in defeat.

~don't open your eyes you won't like what you see

the blind have been blessed with security

don't open your eyes take it from me

i have found you can find happiness in slavery~

Quatre slowly walked down the steps quietly until he came across quiet moans emancipating from Heero's swollen lips. "Oh," he gasped and shielded his eyes from the scene. "Oh God, Duo! Why is Heero chained down?" He whimpered in worry.

"Quatre glad you could make it, we needed a witness anyways," smirked the blushing bride.