"happiness in slavery"
by: ~*~nataly~*~

warning: umm bondage? AU((i dunno if quatre has a castle cellar but he sure does in this story!)) its pretty twisted ^_~
pairings: 2x1
archive: dhml, anyone else email me first ^_^
**i do not own the gundam pilots nor the song "happiness in slavery" by nine inch nails. i made this up for fun**



Heero Yuy opened his eyes to what appeared to be one of the dungeons in the Winner Castle cellar. He was lying on a large block of stone, long and wide enough to hold him with his arms and legs spread apart. Metal shackles that were wrapped firmly around his wrists and ankles tied down his arms and legs, not allowing him to move. He had to blink twice to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Before panic struck he caught a glimpse of Duo dressed in a long off-white wedding dress with a bouquet of black roses in his hands.

~~Slave screams he thinks he knows what he wants~~

"What the hell is going on here, Duo?!" he screamed at the boy, who's beautifully done black shadowy eye make-up was streaming down his face in small black rivers.

"We're getting married!" he exclaimed in a very high pitched tone that reminded Heero of Relena when she found out he was coming to dinner over her house one time, even though he was only going over there to get information from her. He shook his head quickly to get rid of the memory.

~~Slave screams he thinks he has something to say~~

Heero sighed and rolled his eyes, then looking down at his torso he noted he was wearing a black tuxedo. "Duo," he began, "I've told you before," he took a deep breath and turned to the overly cheery boy, "I am NOT marrying you!"

Duo roughly rubbed off the black streams off his face, causing an eerie effect to his violet eyes, "that's what YOU think, my dear Hee-Hee." He gave a sly grin and placed the bouquet on the slab of rock that was beneath his koi.

"Umm, Duo?" he raised an eyebrow, not afraid but certainly a little worried about the braided boy's intentions.

"You see, Heero," he walked around the rock, tracing one finger on the edges, and then stopped abruptly, "you have no choice." He smiled, biting his lip.

"Yeah, okay, let me out," the soldier rolled his eyes again, not taking the American seriously. He struggled in the shackles.

Suddenly a man dressed like a Priest walked into the room with a smile, "Are we about ready?"

The soldier shot the boy a death glare, "get me the fuck out Maxwell! I'm not marrying you!"

"He's a little hostile," the bride blushed towards the Father. "The drugs haven't got to him yet." He whipped out a syringe with a clear liquid in it, squirting a little at the top to make sure it would flow correctly, "I might have to give him another dose."

"Nani?!" Heero pulled left and right to try to get the straps to loosen, but to his dismay, they only got tighter. "Duo, no! If I knew you were this serious about marriage I probably would have actually considered it! Listen, I'll give it some good thought if you let me go, okay?"

Duo smiled mischievously, "no, we are doing it now."

~~Slave screams he hears but doesn't want to listen~~

The Priest began the sermon, which was mainly written by Duo, while Heero closed his eyes tight and refused to believe that this was real.

"Shush, Hee-chan! This is our big day!" Duo yelled through clenched teeth, and pulled out the syringe only to dangle it in front of the boy's eyes, "don't tempt me! I just thought you might want to be awake during this!"

"I'm not awake, this is a dream, this is a dream." he took deep breaths.

Duo grinned, "nope, it sure isn't!" He directed his attention back to the sermon.

"Yeah, it's a nightmare!" he groaned.

~~Slave screams he's being beat into submission~~

Duo slapped Heero across the face in one sweeping movement, "now SHUSH!" he yelled pulling out the syringe and slowly placing it into Heero's objecting arm. Soon, the arm stopped pulling at the chains that were holding it down and the boy was in a temporary dazed state. "That's better," Duo smiled at his work, "now be a good boy. My apologies Father, please continue."