"A Break"
by ~*~nataly~*~
warnings: nothing major, 2+1, 3+4 implied, yaoi suggestion, mentions bondage, etc etc...enjoy!
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It was a job. Everyone needs a job right? A way to make some sort of income to get some sort of shelter, and maybe a little food. Begging was too hard, people don't want some kid asking them for cash when they have kids of their own who are already begging them for money they don't have. Plus, I am too proud to beg. Wait, I take that back, I am too proud to beg for measly change. Depending on the price, I'll beg, actually I think I have. This one guy around fifty with a cane and a white stubbly beard. His shirt partially open, revealing white hairs against a dark tanned skin. He was one of those bondage freaks that like you on your knees, the whole master-slave thing. Although it was nothing very violent, if it did get violent he wouldn't know what hit him. You can pay me to do a lot of stuff, but you will never get the better of me. I've been lucky so far, all my customers have either been first-timers, paranoid married businessmen, and the occasional old guy looking for a cheap thrill. The most violent thing that happened was some guy tying me to a wall just to watch me struggle, but he told me what he wanted to do before that and I made him pay extra.

It was a pretty calm night, early May, a soft wind grazed my cheeks and my back was pressed against the brick wall behind, eyeing the street for slowing cars and cops. Word to the wise-always ask the person in the car if they are in any way affiliated with the police of where you are working. They have to answer yes if they are, that way you know you aren't getting picked up. Another way is to have the person in the car touch your genitals, cops aren't allowed to do that it's like a harassment thing. And trust me, it works. I've had about five cops try to pick me up so far, I guess it's not that many in 3 years but maybe they realize that I know how to figure them out.

"Come on," my voice mumbled into the air, it was beginning to seem like a slow night, and I needed the money for my rent. I was living with my friend Camui, who also works the streets. Pretty good at it too, that's what you get when you're extremely thin, have platinum blonde hair, and can look as good as a girl as you can a boy. I guess it's one of those things. Some dates like the femme guys, so that they can convince themselves they aren't gay later. They can go home and think "well he looked like a girl, that's why I liked him." They just block out the thirty dollar hand-job they gave him, and as far as I know most girls don't have a penis. I wouldn't call myself effeminate, but I'm not all that butchy, I still have that boy figure at 19. And with all the battles and destruction I've seen you would probably think I would look much older. Hey, even I would think I would look much older. I feel older.

"Heero," I turned my head to see Camui's smile looking down on me.

"Hey," I smiled, "slow night."

His nod was a sign that he wasn't having much luck tonight either. "It's only 12, we still have time." Knowing Camui he could score at least a couple dates after midnight.

A blue car slowed and the grin of the a boy around the same age as myself, gleamed towards me.

"You take it," Camui smiled, even though he must have the known the guy was looking right at me.

"Thanks, I'll see you later." Walking up the door the face became clearer, until I almost recognized the person behind the wheel. "What the hell are you doing here Duo?"

His smile turned into a frown, "get in the car, I'll pay you." If I didn't need the money so bad, I probably would have refused his offer. Fucking bills.

Opening the door, I slumped into the seat. Forgetting to do my routine "hello, can you touch my penis so that I can make sure you are not the cops?" speech, seeing how I knew what Duo wanted to talk about was probably worse than getting arrested. Maybe this is the time for a little background. Duo was my boyfriend before the war ended, and with something that had completely taken over my life-the battles, fighting, scheming, etc-ending it was like I needed to end everything that was associated with it for a little while. So I left my colleagues, lover, friends, everyone. Sound too extreme? Not really I just needed to get away, and that's when I bumped into Camui. Initially, he was my date, but I just paid him to talk. After being silent for so long it suddenly eats at you and you have to tell someone and a stranger seemed more bearable than a friend. After that, he told me to move in with him and I guess the rest is history. As for Duo, I haven't seen him since I left.

He pulled into a local motel that I knew all too well--Camui and I have a bet to have dates in each room. The first one to do it misses two week's rent. In other words, you get a little vacation. He escorted me into one of the rooms on the second floor, leading me inside, and shutting the door.

"What do you want?" I asked sternly, sitting on the bed.

"Heero! I haven't seen you for three years and all you can ask is what do I want? What do you think I want!" He stalked towards the bed staring at me.

"Sex?" I raised an eyebrow, unmoved by his demonstration.

He mumbled something under his breath, "look what the streets have done to you? And no I don't want that. I just want to talk to you," he sat down beside me and I flinched involuntarily. "I missed you, I looked everywhere," he brushed a hand through my hair. The gliding touch causing my eyes to close tightly. I didn't want him touching me, "stop."

"What?" His low murmur reverberated against the skin on my neck, letting the soft breath tickle the flesh. "I just want to talk," he moved away. Why do I feel so empty?

"This isn't working out, Duo, it's been too long." I shook my head rapidly and placed my hands on my face reminding myself that I really did need the money. "Can we just end this?" I released my hands from my face, "If it's closure you want, then fine. I'm a whore, I live on the streets, I want nothing to do with any of you. The only reason I am here with you now is the money, I have to pay my rent tomorrow." I looked him in the eye, only finding myself face to face with such a loving and concerned statement it was sad.

I turned away, "stop looking at me like that," the heat was rising into my cheeks. I felt ashamed.

"Let me take you away from this," he sat beside me again, his arm lingering behind my body as if not knowing whether to touch me. Whether I would feel it if he did. My legs were telling me to stand up, to forget the money, and just run. I could find another date, someone that would pay just as much. But I couldn't get up, the warmth arising over my numb skin was keeping me from moving. He placed his arm around my waist, motivating my body to fall against his, and I surrendered. It had been so long since I have seen him that I hardly believe he's really here. And the way we are now made the situation even more surreal. I was always the comforter, the emotionless one. Even if Duo said he changed my attitude-and maybe he did-I was still the same secretive soldier in a way. And now he was the one who came to the rescue. Like I needed rescuing anyway, I was doing fine. Damnit, he is just messing everything up, "I can't." I mumbled, my closed eyes and head resting on his shoulder.

"Can't what?" He replied, gliding his palm under my shirt, his fingers slowly caressing my side in circular motions.

Sighing, I didn't want to get up, but did, letting his hand slip from my skin, "this, please Duo, I have my own life now. I just want to leave everything behind."

"Everyone misses you, Heero, Quatre is worried sick. Trowa has convinced him that you are still alive so that he can sleep at night, do you know how hard it is to live with the fact that someone you have spent so much time with has suddenly disappeared?" I could see his eyes searching for some sort of understanding in mine, but I made sure not to show any sign of compassion.

"Tell Quatre I'm fine," I mumbled, wrapping my arms around my torso, not sure how long I would be able to keep on standing.

"Why don't you tell him yourself? Just come home with me, we can live together and I'll support you until you get another job." He reasoned, standing up and walking towards me. Yeah, well I like the job I have. And I have regulars that "support" me.

"I don't want another job," my eyes firmly placed on the floor probably creating the illusion that I was in denial. I am not in denial, I do like my job.

"If you want him to stop worrying, you must still care about him. Just please come home with me. If it's just for the weekend, and see how it feels, okay?" His arms fell onto my shoulders and my knees were slowly growing weaker and weaker.

Who was I kidding? Hanging my head, I gave in. "I need to find Camui," I glanced up at his face, "do you have money on you now?"

His smile said that he knew I was saying yes. I wasn't saying yes for him though, I was saying yes because a break would be nice, and he was also willing to pay my bills.

Silence filled the car as we drove back to Main Street, where Camui was standing idly against the wall where he usually gets dates. Jumping out of the car I strolled up to him, "Camui, here," I handed him my money out my wallet, "it's for the rent." He nodded and placed the bills in his shoe quickly. He always kept his pay in his shoe.

"Where ya going? Do you know him?" He glanced to the awaiting blue car.

"Yeah, we're friends," I sighed, "I'll be back Monday."

"Alright, I wish I could get away for the weekend," he grinned.

Smiling, I hugged him, "Ja," and headed back towards Duo, stepping into the car gingerly.

"You won't regret this," he grinned, starting the engine.

Fastening my seat beat and holding onto the handle above the door, I frowned "I better not."