Black Blossom



As Duo stepped into the apartment that he shared with Heero, he could sense something was wrong. Fear began to bite at his stomach and he closed the door quietly with one hand. He had gone out shopping for groceries, but returned early since he had forgot to ask Heero if he wanted anything before he went out. Heero had been quiet that whole day. Duo crept slowly into the living room inspecting areas that might have something changed, or for the reason that was making him feel so sick. He knew it wasn't coming from this part of the house though. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and walked towards the bedroom where he had left Heero lying. The hall seemed longer and longer until the semi-opened door was right in front of him and all it took was a simple push to see what was inside. And yet it was so hard to push it all the way. Tears had already begun to flow down his cheek, he knew him too well. Why did he even leave? He pushed the door and saw Heero lying on his side, blood seeping from his wrists. "Baka!" Duo screamed at him, and ran over to his face, slapping it awake. "Stay awake! I won't let you leave me!" He cried, Heero's eyes blinked open. The wounds were fresh he still had time. "Stay with me," Duo whispered, and then got up to get the bandages from the cabinet in the bathroom. He knew this was going to happen, he could see the pain in his friend's eyes. The past few days showed all the signs, but he ignored them. He denied that there was a problem. The idea that they would live together forever was still in his mind. Be Strong, he whispered to himself feeling his tears drop from his chin. Heero needed him now, he can't be weak. He ran back to the bed and took Heero's arms tightly and wrapped them up. Black blossoms of blood poured from underneath but he wrapped them until it was just a light red glow.

"G-gomen." Heero managed to get out. His closed eyes and his tear stained face showed the discomfort that he was feeling.

"Just be quiet." Duo said, getting on the bed and cradling his head in his lap. He just hoped that the bandages would work. At least he's conscious, Duo thought. Memories flooded back to him. The time he finally told Heero his feelings for him, the shy grin he got as a response. Quatre's cheerful laugh and embrace when they told him, Wufei's confused look and shrug he gave showed he would much rather be fighting then have anything to do with their love life, and then there was Trowa. He just stood quietly behind Quatre and Wufei, arms folded, hair protecting his real feelings. The grin was one of happiness and sorrow. He knew everything he and Duo ever had in the past was over. Duo had told him that Quatre would be a better mate then he would. "I'm too adventurous! You need someone caring!" He said, holding onto his shoulders. Trowa looked away, and closed his eyes. "Stop Duo. Just say it." He let go and stood back.

"It's not you, Trowa, really."

"Yeah, I know. But it doesn't matter. Goodbye Duo." He had walked out of his apartment and out of his life that day. But still if Duo didn't break up withTrowa, he may never have been here right now, holding Heero in his arms praying that he would make it through the night. Heero twitched in his arms, Duo placed a hand on his chest to act a soothing remedy to ease him.

More memories came back to him, this time of when he and Heero had first made love, the insecurity of his fingertips on Duo's arms. The tender dark skin of Heero's body, quivering at the sweet kisses Duo placed on him. The way he held him after, Heero's head resting on Duo's chest, breathing in time with each other. Duo knew that Heero was definetly the one for him, ever since he felt the dark texture of his skin against his, but now the warmth was slowly going away. He looked down at his friend who was asleep, but growing colder and colder by the instant. "Fuck!" he yelled at him. He grabbed his shoulders and yanked him up. "Wake up!" His let the tears flow harder and harder, because now it didn't matter. The stronghold was broken down, Duo Maxwell was not in control this time, he kept slapping his face, until he got a response. "Stop! Damn you! You can't die!" He said into the half opened eyes in front of him. "You can make it alone." Heero mumbled, closing his eyes again.

"No!" He looked down at Heero's arms and the bandages were not drenched with red. "I should get you to a hospital."

He whispered, knowing that it was probably too late. "No, just let me go." He whispered, eyes still closed.

"How can I? You're all I've got! You have to be strong."

"Please.just." He rolled his head down, exhausted from trying to let Duo hear him out.

"Heero, just listen," Duo said trying to control himself, "Just try and stay with me, okay? You don't have to say anything.

Just stay with me." He twitched his head and Duo moved himself away from the headboard laid his head down on the pillow, facing Heero. His sweat drenched head showed a little more relief this time, then before. The bandages were also drenched with a mixture of blood and sweat that were coming from his arms. Duo quickly reapplied some more white bandages and carefully laid Heero on his back so that his arms were at his sides, and his head was still facing him. Duo slid his hand around Heero's head and kissed it softly. "Goodnight." He whispered, knowing he wouldn't get an answerback.