Now the pre-fic rant: It's bizarre, it's fluff, and I dun really like it. But I wanted to make Amy-admin-sama-person-girl happy and write a monthly challenge fic, and this is what resulted. Anyway, it's kind of like a newscast thing (hence the name) and the indented stuff isn't on the show, it's just sort of what had happened. *sings* Memories, light the corners of my mind.... Misty watercolor memories, of the way we were. Um, in any case, it might be a bit hard to tell who's talking sometimes, but it mostly doesn't matter. Also, just try to imagine all the newscasters speaking with all that weird inflection newscasters speak with ^_^;; It's hard to get that across. Otherwise it's sounds like they're saying weird things with a normal, everyday voice ^_^;;




In Other News


"I do"


"It came as a complete shock to many, when two of the former Gundam Pilots, Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell tied the knot last Saturday."


"I do"


"Present at the private wedding were several of the couple's closest friends, including the rest of the former Gundam team, Quatre Rebarba Winner, head of Winner Corperations, Trowa Barton, and Chang Wufei. Other guests included Relena Dorlian-Peacecraft, Vice Foriegn Minister and former Queen, and Une Khushrenada, head of the Preventers, a group formed at the end of the war to help insure that no others will occur."

"You may kiss the... groom."

"Although, rumor has it, that not all the guests were very supportive of the event."

"If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."
"I object!"
"Shut up and let them get married"
"Relena, please sit down."

"They're not telling though. We should know, we managed to get the young men to speak with us concerning their relationship. Fred?"
"We're here with Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy. Or is it changed now?"
"He means our names are hyphenated now, Duo and Heero Yuy-Maxwell!"


"So now you won't be able to shriek 'MAXWELL!!!' whenever you're pissed at me!"
"YUY-MAXWELL!!! I do not shriek!"
"Did I say you do?"
"Not you, him!"
"Him who?"


"I see. Tell me, do you find that many people think less of you because of the nature of your relationship?"
"Is this a trick question?"


"...In sickness and-"
"I cannot allow this perversion of nature to continue!"
"Who the hell are you?"
"This is supposed to be private"
"This is wrong!"
"Wufei? Would you...?"
"Kisama! You have no honor! Barging in on a private ceremony! You'll ruin the home videos!"
"Not that he's not...."
"Fuck man! Don't use that sword on me! I'm leaving!"
"It's a katana! And don't come back or we'll call the police!"
"Aren't you one?"
"I'm a preventer, Quatre, there's a difference."


"What do you mean?"
"We only had some psyco inturrupt the wedding!"
"Shut up, Duo"
"Really! can you believe the nerve?"
"I thought we weren't going to tell anyone about that."
"Oh yeah! Oops."
"Well, you certainly act married..."
"Nope, Hee-chan's like this with everyone!"
"Omae o korosu! I am not! I mean..."
"Now you're blushing! Kawaii!"


"A toast to the couple, for a long and happy marrige!"
"I'm sure we'll have one, ne, Heero?"
"Wow, they sure can go a long time without breathing"
"If you keep kissing like that, we definitly will."


"I think this would be a good time to back to you, Kathy."
"But I wanted to tell everyone how good Heero is at-"


"So you made the cake?"
"Heero likes to cook, but he won't admit it, and he says he hates it. So I make him cook dinner on days ending with 'y,' but sometimes he tells me it's whatever day in Japanese, where the days don't end with 'y,' so I guess it wasn't as clever as I thought."
"Um, yeah...Well, it's the thought that counts... Hey, why does one side have whipped cream on it, and the other side doesn't? Didn't you have enough to finish it?"
"Well, we did when we started out, but then it got used in... other ways, so I told Heero to leave it that way as sort of a joke."
"What other ways?"
"Lookit that Hilde, isn't that wierd?"
"Yeah... does he...?"
"Yeah, he blushes amazingly easily. Isn't it cute?"
"I still want to know what you possibly could have used about seven cans of whipped cream for. It's a big cake..."
"Ten actually."
"Heero! Don't look so smug"

"In other news..."