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And the Way It Leaves Them


The young teacher still stared at the night sky, fascinated and horrified at the same time. It was dark, but it wasn't. He had never seen anything like it. There was no experience he had had that he could possible compare this to. It was light, but it wasn't. It was a dark onyx black, but it was brighter than he could bear to look at directly. A whitish black, but by no means gray. A voice screamed in frustration and terror and confusion, but it took Heero a long time to realize that it was his own.

One of the lights he found himself unable to tear his gaze towards suddenly dropped out of the sky, then the next, and finally the third, which got larger and larger as it neared him, seeming to come directly at him. But he was unconcerned with it, instead trying to get himself to stop screaming and calm down, but it was like he was out of his own body, and there was nothing he could do to stop his vocal cords.

The fourth unknown was nearly swallowing Heero's vision, but he could still see the horrible blackness of the bright light of the first through the white light of the other. He couldn't think of anything else, even if it meant his death by the giant fireball that seemed to be descending on him.

A huge splash and sizzling noise came from behind him in the ocean, when the light hit it, but Heero still took no notice even as he was drenched from the massive wave created by the crash. He felt as though he were losing his mind while he was still sane, able to realize it, but not being able to do a thing to stop it.

More splashes came from behind Heero. Small splashes, but not like waves, and panting breaths and short, weak gasps, but Heero could not tear his eyes away from the unknown.

"Chanor!" A small, weak voice cried out. Finally, Heero was able to whip his head around to stare at the tiny body lying face down on the sand. He scrambled to his feet, resisting the nearly overpowering urge to stare again up at the sky, and ran to the slight form.

An eleven or twelve year old boy lay there, trying unsuccessfully to breathe the water. He kept choking, and long, long, strands of chestnut hair rippled like snakes through the shallow water every time the frail body shuddered with coughing.


Wufei Chang climbed up the hill with his girlfriend, Sally Po. His plan was to stay the whole night with her, watching the meteor shower, and giving her a nice time before he had to say goodbye. It wasn't that he didn't like her, but his family disapproved, saying that she was too old, and that he should get a nice girl from his own generation. Sally was only six years older than he was, and he didn't find it bad at all, but he couldn't afford for his family to disown him.

As soon as they were gone, he could take whatever money they gave him and do whatever he wanted with it. Maybe he'd come back to Sally then, but it all depended on whether or not he found someone he liked better.

He spread a blanket out on the ground and sat down with the girl. No words were spoken; they simply sat in each other's company and watched the bright points of light flash by. He heard Sally laugh a few times and smiled to himself.

Sitting there in contentment, Wufei felt sleep creeping up behind his eyelids and eventually fell asleep on his girlfriend's shoulder. She didn't mind. His eyes moved back and forth behind his eyelids in the middle of a dream about a group of people, about seven, of different ages and both genders. He was there, but he didn't see Sally anywhere. Just a few girls he didn't know.

One of the girls was speaking to him, and in the middle of her sentence, her voice changed and became urgent. "Wufei! Wufei!"

"What? I'm right here," he mumbled back at her.

"Wake up!" A hand was shaking his shoulder, and he opened his eyes to find himself with Sally, on a grassy hill in a city park.


"Look at the sky! Look! What are they?"

Wufei followed her advice and stared up at the darkness. There were three strange lights in the sky. Not too much larger or brighter than the stars around them, but they called his attention immediately, and kept his eyes there. "I don't know..." he replied to his girlfriend's question. "Are you scared?" He wasn't somehow, but he expected Sally to be.

"No..." and she wasn't lying. "They won't hurt us..." she thought for a moment. "It's strange."

"Yes..." They weren't acting like themselves. "Do you think they're aliens?"

"I don't know. I don't think so."

"What else could they be?" Wufei asked softly, and took Sally's hand.

She didn't speak. She just kept on staring up at the lights. Wufei's eyes began to feel heavy again, even though he wondered what the things in the sky could be. He lay his head down against Sally's shoulder again, and was nearly asleep when they heard the first screaming.

It was distant, but loud. Like many many people were screaming at once, desperately terrified.

Wufei's head snapped back up. "What is it?"

"Screaming," the girl next to him informed him.

"I know!" he snapped, feeling more like himself. "But what are they screaming about?"

"I don't know. Maybe those things in the sky. Though I can't imagine anyone wanting to scream about them."

Wufei hoped that the lights weren't designed to bring them a false sense of peace with their secure feeling presence, only to attack the when least expected. Or, at least, he hoped this before he saw the fourth light. It wasn't like the others. It was dark, and huge. Yes, it was dark and light at the same time. He couldn't explain it.

He looked over to Sally to ask if she had seen it, but saw her to be simply staring, open-mouthed, at the newest light. She seemed to be letting out a silent scream.

"Sally?" he asked of her. She didn't respond. "Sally? What's wrong?" Still no response. "Sally!!" he cried, shaking her back and forth.

She started whispering as he shook her.

"Sally!" Wufei was yelling now.

She continued whispering, and the young man strained to hear her.

"Horrible... No... What... No... Terrible... What..."

"Sally!" he cried out at her, "What happened? What's wrong?! Sally!"

She didn't speak in return, instead continuing to whisper nonsense. So he covered her eyes to shield her from whatever was affecting her so. But Sally only grabbed his arm and wrenched it out of the way in an effort to keep seeing.

Wufei rubbed his aching arm and stared at the sky once again, following Sally's gaze to the light-dark thing there, but he didn't know why it would affect her like this. It wasn't peaceful like the others, but... He looked towards the others.

One light was now noticeably bigger the other two around it, and growing steadily against the stars. It took Wufei some time before he realized that it wasn't getting bigger, it was just coming nearer. Nearer and nearer and nearer. He forgot about Sally for a moment as he stood up and ran halfway down the hill. Then he abruptly turned around and ran back up to her.

"Sally! It's coming over here! We've gotta go!"

She simply kept whispering and staring. A wind from above began whipping her hair around, getting in her eyes and mouth, but she just stared unblinkingly at the light in the sky.

"Sally!!" He yelled once more before grabbing her around the wrist and tugging her away, the unnatural wind nearly picking them off their feet. "Sally! Run!" He pulled her with him, even as she tripped and he had to nearly drag her the rest of the way.

Halfway down the hill, a tremor shook from behind them at the summit of the hill. An explosion of light and sound threw Wufei and Sally off the ground and sent them spiraling through the air to the base of the hill, where they lay, unmoving.



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