Warnings- crossover (sort of), shounen-ai, yaoi?, shoujo-ai, weirdness

Disclaimers- What belongs to me belongs to me. What doesn't, doesn't. I never claimed it did. Wished? Certainly. But never claimed.

Pairings- 1+2/1x2x1, 3+4, R+D, 5+S, 5xM (am I traditional or what? though I actually prefer R+H to R+D)

This is a crossover/fusion. But it's allllll mine!! whahaha!! Well, actually, my best friend and mine's, but the original story concept was mine, all mine. We're doing a manga similar to, but not exactly like this. She draws, (cause she's better ><) and I write and motivate. A regular two-person CLAMP, ne? Not exactly. But it's nice to dream. In any case, it's about the only semi-interesting thing I've ever come up with, so I figure, what the hey, I might as well recycle it. ^_^ And to make it even better, it's Shi-chan's! Cause it's her birthday soon!

And the title, well, it doesn't belong to me. I got it from somewhere. Do you know where? If you do, I'll write you a fic or draw you something. Whichever terrifies you less. But if you choose the pic, it might take a while, since (as I'm sure everyone that talks to me over AIM knows all too well) my scanner's brokie. It no work no more. *sniffle* but as soon as it is fixed, an influx of piccies from me will be coming your poor, unsuspecting way. Yes. Anyway...

Happy B-day Lil*Shinigami!



And the Way It Leaves Them

Heero Yuy stopped swimming for a minute and treaded the salty water, staring up at the silver-speckled night sky. He wouldn't normally be out this late at night, swimming in only his dark blue trunks, but there was a meteor shower tonight that he simply couldn't miss. Particularly as an astronomy teacher for the summer in a program for gifted students. Half his students probably wouldn't watch, but he was certainly expected to, and certainly wanted to. It was supposed to be absolutely spectacular; most of his friends would be staying up to watch it.

After a while of lazily swimming and bobbing up and down in the medium-sized waves of brine, a small, quiet flash of light showed in the sky, then another, another, and another. When this happened, the first few meteors appearing briefly, only to wink out high above his head, Heero swam back to shore and stretched out on his back over a huge towel he had lain out on his private stretch of beach.

The young man stared up at the sky for nearly an hour, the salt water drying and crusting to his shaggy hair. He was completely breath-taken at the hundreds of bright hunks of rock burning in the atmosphere. There was still a half-hour of this left, and he planned to sit through the whole thing. It was so amazing and beautiful.

Long moments passed, and at an undefined point in time, his eyes, still reflecting the streaked sky, began to train on something other than the meteorites. It took his attention away and focused it on its own self as it slowly came into definition. But it never quite was in definition, and Heero had to blink over and over, trying to see and understand. Distractedly, he still saw the meteor shower, and noticed three other somethings in the sky that he could not explain, but his eyes were firmly riveted on the first.

He slowly sat up, still staring, not believing, not understanding. He didn't want to understand. His mouth opened slightly. His eyes widened and teared, and his heart hammered high in his chest in a terror he couldn't comprehend why he felt.