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June 2000


One Chance

by Murasaki



The mission went the same way as all the others; move in, take out some Leos, blow up a building or two, and move out. Nimru Kanryou.

And it had ended the same way, much to Duo's consternation.

He re-entered the room he shared with Heero, one arm folded protectively over his stomach in an effort to keep the first-aid supplies he'd just liberated from the infirmary hidden under his coat. After nudging the door shut with his foot, he turned to the narrow bed Heero occupied and found it empty. The Japanese boy was sitting up at his desk, typing as best he could with one good hand and one injured one.

Duo dropped his bundle of bandages, aspirin and antiseptic on the end of Heero's bed and cast a cold glance in his direction. "I thought I told you to stay in bed."

"And I told you that I was fine," Heero answered softly, never looking away from the screen.

Duo walked around the bed, and stood next to him, leaning against the desk. "Yes, I can see you are. I mean, blood's trickling down your cheek and you're wincing everytime you move your right hand."


Duo sighed and watched the oblivious boy next to him. There was only one thing to do, and he did it. He turned off the computer.

Heero was out of his chair in a blink, his gun pointed directly at Duo. "What did I tell you about messing with my laptop?"

"Yeah, yeah," Duo muttered as he grabbed the end of the barrel and pressed it against his chest over his heart. "So go ahead, Heero. Kill me. Teach me a lesson," he demanded, his violet eyes calmly meeting the other's enraged Prussian blue ones.

Time seemed to have stopped, for neither boy moved. Then Duo felt the gun waver in his grasp, and saw Heero's eyes glaze over. The gun clattered to the ground when Duo released it and he caught Heero as he slumped forward, falling heavily against the braided pilot. "Maybe now you'll listen to me."


Duo tightened his grip on Heero and the two wobbled over to the bed. He stretched the nearly unconscious boy out on the bed, and retrieved the gun out from under the desk where it had fallen. Duo smirked when he noticed Heero hadn't bothered to release the safety latch on it. "Baka."

A rustle of sheets alerted him, and he turned around to see Heero struggling to sit up. He quickly placed the weapon on the desk and scrambled onto the bed. "No, Heero," he commanded as he pressed against his chest to keep him down. "You are going to stay in bed."

He was too weak to resist, and he leaned against the pillows piled up against the headboard. He closed his eyes as Duo began to gently clean the shallow cut on his forehead with some of the antiseptic. His gaze swept over the other's handsome face; the long lashes against tanned skin, the curve of his lips. For months, Duo had been in love with his roommate. Everytime they were close like this, Duo would spend many nights afterward in the grip of the most erotic dreams he had ever had.

His attention fell on the ever-spreading blood stain on the white shirt Heero wore, and Duo tugged at its collar. "Ne, Heero. I want to take a look at your arm." He unbuttoned the white shirt and slid it off, dropping it to the floor. The gash on his right shoulder caused Duo some concern at first, but it wasn't as deep as it looked. He figured a good dose of antiseptic and bandages would take care of it. He could always take Heero to Quatre's doctor if it got worse.

Duo took his time examining and dressing the wound, because it gave him a chance to feed his fantasies. Apart from the new cuts and old scars, the Wing pilot's skin was velvety and warm under his hands. As much as he hated to see Heero injured, he relished the opportunity to touch him.

Duo eyes raked along the firm planes of his muscled chest and stomach, and his hands longed to trace their contours. He raised his eyes to the boy's face once more, and found himself staring Heero's assessing gaze. Heero's voice fell quietly on his ears. "What are you doing?"

The braided boy bit his lip as his mind raced. Couldn't tell him the truth, not yet anyway. "I...was wondering why you constantly risk your life that way. This is the fourth time in six months I've had to patch you up."

Heero looked away. "Why does it matter to you?"

"Why doesn't it matter to *you*?"

Their eyes met, and Duo slowly lowered himself closer and desperately kissed his yielding mouth, teasing it, coaxing it until his lips parted for him. He swept his tongue inside, the ache within him intensifying when Heero twined his own tongue around Duo's. Finally he pulled away, breathless. To his satisfaction, he noticed Heero was flushed and breathless as well.

He decided to press his advantage, and placed more soft kisses over the curve of his jaw, across his throat and collarbones. Tentatively, he slid his hands down the sleek chest, only to have a hand clutch fiercely at his shoulder. He looked up into the other's face, and frowned at the uncertain expression he saw there. He wrapped one hand around the back of Heero's neck. "Let me, please," he begged softly.


His confession slipped hesitantly from his lips. "You...you're all think about. All I dream about. We don't have to do anything you don't want to do, just please, let me." He lingered above him, hopeful.

After a long pause, Heero nodded briefly, and Duo in smiled response. He straddled Heero's hips, and tugged off the black t-shirt he wore, carelessly tossing it away. Duo watched his reaction, his grin deepening. The uncertainty in Heero's face had melted into desire, and Duo's heart started to race. He caught the end of his braid and began to work his hair free, draping the unbound honey-colored mass over his right shoulder. As he had expected, Heero gathered a handful of it up and let it slip through his fingers before tangling them further within it.

Duo leaned over him again, and snagged one nipple between his teeth, gently biting and sucking at it as he palmed the other. Then he switched sides, sucking harder when he heard the series of little gasps Heero made. His skin was bittersweet, and Duo couldn't get enough of its taste. He leisurely made his way down the slim stomach, nibbling and licking the tender flesh until he reached the waistline of Heero's jeans. He could feel
his erection pressing against his chest, and he experimentally nuzzled the warm bulge. Heero moaned and clenched his hand tighter in Duo's hair.

Deftly Duo unfastened the buttons of Heero's jeans, and slid the coarse fabric down his thighs, freeing his straining erection from its prison. He pressed his face against the soft skin of his hip, deeply inhaling the metallic scent of the flesh where his gun usually rested. His hair covered Heero, and as he moved the fine strands tickled him. Heero
twitched, trying to get away from the torment. "Duo," he groaned.

The braided boy came out of his reverie and sat back between Heero's legs to look at him. "Tell me what you want, Heero," he murmured as he lightly toyed with the tip of his hard length. "Do you like this?" Those oh-so-talented fingers spread feathery caresses down to the root and back, over and over, keeping time with Heero's breathing.
The dark-haired boy thrust helplessly against Duo's palm. "More, please," he whispered.

His lips twisted into a seductive grin as he gripped him tighter, the caresses roughening. "Is this better?" Heero cried out as he slammed harder against the sheath of Duo's hand, tension thrumming through him. When he was close to the edge, Duo replaced his hand with his mouth, taking him all the way, delighting in Heero's shocked gasp when he felt himself surrounded by that hot wetness. Heero moaned Duo's name like a mantra as he came.

Duo sat back again, wiping at his mouth with his fingers. "Damn! You taste so good, Heero. I don't think I'd ever get tired of it," he sighed dreamily as he slid his jeans off before removing the rest of his own. As he fumbled through the various medical supplies still perched on the end of the bed, Heero fixed him with dazed eyes. "Wh-what are you doing now?"

Duo's features lit up as his hand closed over the tube of ointment he had pilfered during his search. "I'm just getting something I need," he said as he turned back to the prone
boy under him. "I want more, Heero, and I only want it from you," he breathed. "Will you give it to me?"

"Anything," he sighed as he lay back, exhausted.

With trembling hands, Duo throughly coated two fingers and eased them inside Heero, making the dark-blue eyes widen. Duo could feel him tense around his digits, and he stopped moving. "Relax, okay. This will feel so good."

Gradually the muscles released their grip on Duo's fingers and he nudged them further in, moving around until he found what he was searching for. Heero's hips came off the bed, and he could feel the blood rushing to his groin as Duo continued to stroke deep inside him. "Ahhh, Duo. Don't stop."

"Oh, I won't," he said slyly as he replaced his slim fingers with his erection, crying out as he plunged into the lubricated passage. He paused long enough to allow Heero to get used to the sensation. Then he slid back, only to re-enter him with long strokes. He could feel the hardness thumping gently against his stomach with every thrust and he gripped Heero once more, jerking his hand over the sensitive organ in time with his movements. The two came simultaneously, their shouts and moans mingling together in the otherwise quiet room.

Duo pulled out when he was spent, and crushed Heero to him for one more kiss before laying down next to him. He turned to gaze at the still-panting boy. "How was that?"

The tousled-haired pilot faced him. "Searching for compliments?"

Duo shrugged. "Maybe."

Heero, forgetting about his wounded shoulder, rolled over and bestowed a bruising kiss
on Duo's already swollen mouth. Duo blinked in bewilderment and he found himself being regarded with unusually gentle eyes.

"There's your compliment," Heero said softly, a smile playing over his features.