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TITLE: It's a Kinda Magic
PART: Chapter 5
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Magan blinked at the sudden disappearance of the boy he’d come to claim, then turned such a look of ferocity on Mathias that the Arch-mage backed up against the clammy walls of the cell. The Death-mage’s voice was disquietingly calm. “What happened?”

Mathias gulped, suddenly wishing himself anywhere but there. “He… he must have… have…”

“Yes?” prompted Magan softly. “He must have what?”

“He must have doppeled.” Mathias tried to look at any thing but the other man. “He can do that...”

“Your son can double himself at will.” Magan stalked closer till he was nose to nose with the frightened mage. “You knew this, and yet you didn’t inform me, nor did you take proper precautions when you confined him.”

Mathias almost wished the silver-eyed mage would yell at him, the softly sibilant voice was grating on his nerves. “I thought that he was in no condition to do that,” he whined. “He was under watch all the time.”

Rolling his eyes in exasperation Magan turned away from his minion. “Mathias, Mathias, you weary me. I have invested a lot of time and effort on your behalf and this is how you repay me. Your stupidity gave your son the chance he needed to escape. If you’d done your work properly you’d never had needed to confine him in the first place. Instead, your negligence aroused his suspicions and he has no doubt fled the Academy. That means I’ll have to go through the trouble of tracking him down and having him brought to me.” Whirling suddenly around Magan punched Mathias on the jaw, sending the other man sprawling to the floor. “YOU FOOL!!!”

Mathias whimpered uncontrollably, brain frozen in fear as he watched the Death-mage stalk across to him. “I’m sorry…”

“You’re sorry?” asked Magan incredulously. “You’re. Sorry.” He grinned mirthlessly. “Oh Mathias, you’ve not even started being sorry.”


Heero made his way quietly up the stairs to where he’d placed Duo for the healer to work on. He was glad that they’d decided to stop at Hilde’s along the way – in truth she was the only healer he fully trusted when it came to his precious aroha. He kept getting the sneaking suspicion that the Academy healers were under Mathias’ instructions to make sure his son never received pain-free healing whenever he was ill. Mathias was like that… the more pain or humiliation he could inflict upon his only child the better he liked it. Heero shook his head, not understanding what drove the man.

He snorted softly; before he’d come to the Academy he’d thought his home-life was pretty terrible, but compared to Duo’s it was paradise. He knew a lot of his problems lay in his own personality – from an extrovertedly friendly family he’d been a loner by nature, preferring solitude to the cosy gatherings his family liked. It wasn’t until he’d been taken to the Academy and had met Duo and Duo’s friends that he’d started to emerge from his shell.

When he’d brought Duo back with him to meet his family their acceptance of his aroha had been immediate and irrevocable. He chuckled silently at the memory.



Duo peered out of the coach window. “Is it much further to your home Heero?”

“Not much – it’s just around the hill,” Heero replied, reaching out with one hand and pulling Duo back to sit beside him. “You’re not nervous are you?”

“Well, just a little,” admitted Duo nervously, snuggling back against his lover. “What have you told your folks? I mean, do they know that we’re together? Will they accept that? Or will they try and have us separated… like Father did?”

A frown crossed Heero’s face at the memory the Arch-mage’s reaction to their bonding. “He failed in that, Duo, and if he tries again he’ll just fail again. We have the Gods on our side – even your stupid father can’t argue with a God’s Blessed Bonding.” He hugged his slender lover close to him, trying to banish the memories of that stormy confrontation. “No one can take you away from me now… the Pantheon blessed us. No one can challenge that. Not your father… not my family.”

Duo winced at the finality of his bond-mate’s tones. “The fact that they can’t challenge it, doesn’t mean that they have to like or approve of it… and it would be nice to have the blessing of at least one family member.”

Strong arms pulled him into Heero’s lap and he buried his head in Heero’s shoulder, snuggling into the caress.

“I think you’re worrying over nothing aroha,” Heero gently chided. “My family have been waiting for a long time for someone to coax me out of my shell… you certainly succeeded there.”

“Coaxing you out of your shell is one thing love, bedding and wedding you is quite another.” Duo sighed and cuddled closer. “I’ll just have to hope for the best but expect the worst as my parents… foster parents used to say.”

Heero tightened his grip on the delicate looking youth. “It’ll be all right, just you wait and see.” He sniggered suddenly, causing Duo to fix him with curious lavender eyes.

“What's so funny?”

“Just thinking it’s usually you, who’s cheering me up, not the other way around,” Heero smiled down, tracing a gentle finger across his lover’s succulent lips. “Don’t worry dearling, my family will love you.”

~_~_~_~_~_~End Flashback~_~_~_~_~_~


He’d been correct there. His family adored Duo from the moment they laid eyes on him, and had welcomed him into the heart of the family without constraint. Their relationship had been immediately accepted, not just by Heero’s family but by the immediate community as well - soul bonding was rare and, as a gift of the God’s themselves, was seen as a blessing on them all. When Heero had informed his parents of Mathias’s reaction they’d been properly shocked, and then furiously angry.

They couldn’t understand how anyone could treat their only son in such a manner – having been accepting of Heero’s introverted nature, never forcing him into situations that he didn’t want, the Yui’s were disgusted with Mathias’s behaviour to Duo, whom they saw as being greatly wronged by his father. Ever after they’d been very protective of their youngest son’s bond mate, trying to make up in some small way for his own father’s shortcomings.

Heero looked down on the still sleeping figure of his lover. Asleep, Duo looked terrifyingly frail and his apparent fragility made Heero’s heart catch in sudden fear. Fear of what would happen should Duo be taken from him. That he would follow soon after was a given – he knew that life without Duo held no attraction for him. From the moment he’d first laid eyes on Duo’s laughing violet eyes he’d fallen hard and fast for the longhaired boy. That Duo had returned his love never failed to amaze him; sometimes he wondered if he was in some kind of dream and dreaded the thought of waking to find out that that’s all it had been – a dream.

He shook his shaggy head and settled beside Duo on the healer’s bed. Idly he stroked his lover’s hair with one hand, marvelling as always at its softness. Silken fire. That’s what it had always seemed to be to him. He chuckled softly; the term could be applied to much about Duo.

“What’s so funny aroha?” Duo’s sleepy voice interrupted his reverie. Drowsy violet eyes peered through chestnut locks at Heero’s smiling face.

“Nothing much beloved,” answered Heero softly. He moved closer to the recumbent figure, ghosting his hands across the slender limbs, drawing a soft moan from his lover. “Just dwelling on how much I love you.”

Shifting slightly to allow Heero better access, Duo smiled up at the other youth. “You say the sweetest things my love.”

“You are the sweetest thing in my life… you are my life!” Heero declared firmly, one hand slipping beneath Duo’s shirt. “I met my destiny the day we met… and I have no intention of ever letting you go.”

As Heero’s hands stroked his sides Duo moaned again, soft sounds of pleasure rippling from his throat. “Oh… Heero… don’t stop… don’t ever stop!”

Another chuckle. “I have no intention of ever stopping.”

Duo arched up toward Heero’s soft strokes, needing more. He felt on fire, the mere touch of his lover’s hand sending thrills of pleasure throughout his body. Helpless to control himself he reached greedily out to his mate. “More!”

“For you my heart, anything,” promised Heero in a husky voice. He delighted in the other’s responsiveness to his lightest touch. Seeing his beloved writhing beneath him was one of his greatest pleasures and never failed to stir up his ardour to greater heights.

Hands, minds and bodies touched and parted, lips joined, and their souls took flight as the rapture of their love rushed through them, as unstoppable as an avalanche and just as breathtaking.


Magan drew back from the quaking Arch-mage, his lips pursed with anger. “You’ve failed me Mathias. I am severely disappointed with you – despite all the aid I gave you, you still failed.”

Flinching more from the deadly quiet voice than from the man himself, Mathias sunk down onto the stone floor of the cell. “How may I make it up to you?”

Drawing in a calming breath the Death-mage stepped back from his cringing minion. “You will continue here in your guise as Arch-mage; you might yet come in useful and I don’t believe in wasting resources needlessly. However, I need to ensure that you behave yourself…” He paused, lost in thought for several moments before a cold smile crept across his cadaverous face. “My daughter will come here to oversee you. Suzu can be trusted to prevent you from making any mistakes that will place my plans in further jeopardy.”

“Suzu?” Mathias swallowed nervously; he’d heard stories about the Death-mage’s only child. None of them were pleasant. “Is that really necessary?”

Rolling his eyes in frustration Magan kicked Mathias hard. “Yes, Suzu’s presence is as necessary as that was. You have fouled up my plans too many times for me to leave you unmonitored. She will keep you under control. Strict control.” He smiled grimly remembering some of his daughters more engaging habits. “You might even like it.”

Gasping in pain Mathias curled in a ball on the cold floor, wishing he’d never been such a fool as to get involved with this man.

“But of course he’ll like it.” Framed in the doorway Suzu de Morte took in the scene with an interested eye. Her leather-clad voluptuous body oozed a dangerous sensuality. “Everyone likes me.”

“Of course they do my dear.” Magan smiled affectionately at his daughter, pride evident in his voice. “No one could possible hate you after spending even a few moments in your pleasurable presence.”

“No, I won’t let them.” A self-satisfied smile broke across her flawless face. Eyes as silver as her father’s lingered appraisingly on Mathias. Turning away from him she looked at her father. “He’s my new toy?”

“Yes darling.” Magan nodded happy with his daughter’s reaction.

Prowling closer to the huddled figure Suzu again smiled. “This is going to be such fun.”


Magan smiled at his daughter. “I know it will be – for you at least dear – but before I can let you play with Mathias we need to find his son. After I’ve got the boy you can do as you please with him.”

Cringing away from the silver-eyed pair in front of him Mathias wished he’d never got involved with the de Morte’s. It has seemed such a good idea at the start… why had things gone wrong. Why was it him that would have to pay for his son’s wrongdoing? He frowned, forgetting momentarily where he was. “Gods take that brat!”

“I’m sorry?” Magan looked curiously at the Arch-mage who had risen from his crouch and was headed determinedly towards the exit. “Just where do you think you’re going?”

“Out!” Mathias snarled, his mind firmly on teaching his son a well deserved lesson. “Get out of my way!”

“I think not,” purred Suzu. Raising one delicate hand she sent a ball of white-light at Mathias, knocking him to the ground. Before he could rise again she clasped something around his wrist. To his horror he realised that it was the restraining bracelet he’d put on Duo’s doppel.

“You can’t do that to me! I’m the Arch-Mage!” Again he rose indignantly to his feet, rage overcoming common sense. “I will not-”

“Oh be quiet will you!” Losing all patience Magan struck the other man across the face. “You’re going nowhere unless and until we tell you. You belong to me remember?”

The slap restoring his senses Mathias gulped audibly as he realised what he’d done. “I’m… I’m sorry Master.”

“Don’t forget me.” Suzu prowled around the Arch-Mage, trailing one long nailed finger gently around his neck. The skin she touched bubbled and blistered as the poison-coated needle beneath her nail broke his skin. She smirked at his sudden gasp of pain. “Daddy gave you to me to play with… you’d better remember that from now on!”

Mathias tried to summon up his powers to protect himself, but the constraining bracelet worked all too well. He shivered in fear, realising that he was now completely helpless and at the mercy of the not-so-mercifully-inclined de Mortes. “Y-yes Mistress.”

“Take him away somewhere and teach him some manners Suzu,” suggested Magan, waving a hand vaguely. “I’ve got to find his son before the precious boy gets too far away. I doubt that he’ll have remained in the Academy after what his dim-wit father did.”

“Where would he go?” prompted Suzu, dividing her attention between her father and her new pet. “What allies has he that will take him in?”

“Good question.” Magan glared at the trembling Arch-Mage. “Well?”

Gulping Mathias tried to make his terror-numbed mind focus. “Well… any of his friend’s families would protect him… the Yui’s especially as he is soul-bonded to their son, but-”

“SOUL-BONDED!!” Magan rolled his eyes in exasperation. “And this you failed to tell me because…?”

“It didn’t seem important.” Mathias had the sinking feeling he’d made another major mistake. From the look of things Magan’s patience with his mistakes was wearing terribly thin. “I thought it was just a fling.”

“You thought… Mathias that’s always a dangerous thing for you to do.” Magan gritted his teeth and paced to and fro angrily. “A soul-bonding. I don’t suppose it occurred to you to check whether it was Gods blessed or not?” At Mathias’ timid nod the Death-mage clenched his fists and strode over to him. “You have once again neglected to inform me of vital information, in fact you’ve done nothing in the entire time of our acquaintance but foul my carefully laid plans. You are nothing but a liability to me. Your son, the only reason why I undertook your patronage, had fled. And thanks to your fumbling ineptitude he now has a head-start and no doubt, being more intelligent than you, not a difficult thing, has some idea of what I had in store for him.”

“You’re not going to kill him are you Daddy?” Suzu pouted prettily, having already thought of several uses for her new toy. “You gave him to me!”

Magan smiled gently at his beloved daughter and patted her reassuringly on the arm. “No dear-heart, I promised you him and you know I never renege on my promised to you. But I suggest you discipline him as soon as possible. His stupidity has cost me dear, and he must pay for that.”

“Certainly Daddy, I’ll teach him not to make mistakes like that again.” Suzu ran assessing eyes over her new ‘pet’. “He needs training.”

“Meanwhile, we need to trace his son.” Magan began pacing the cell again then stopped and gestured to his daughter. “Bring your pet along, we’ll go somewhere more suitable.”

Suzu nodded and gripping Mathias’ arm jerked him along after her father. “Where to Daddy?”

“His study.” Magan led the way through the corridors towards the Arch-mages quarters. In his haste he almost walked over two female students who were also headed towards the study.

“Arch-Mage! We want to lay a complaint! Those dreadful Outlanders have been wandering around the servant’s passages again!” Relena ignored the two strangers with Mathias in her haste to complain. “Can’t you control them? They should be expelled!”

Dorothy stood by the Princess’s side, her eyes taking in the two strangers… something about them rang warning bells in her head. “We can come back later if we are interrupting something sir.”

“What!” Relena screeched, turning a look of contempt on her companion. “This needs to be dealt with immediately!”

“Your Highness,” Magan smiled disarmingly at the agitated Princess. “These Outlanders – would they be friends of the Arch-Mage’s son?”

Relena simpered at the Death-mage, delighted that someone was paying her attention. “Yes - they are. And they are just as uncouth and unmannerly as Duo.”

“Really,” drawled Suzu, her silver eyes contemptuous. “I do believe that wasn’t your first impression of the Arch-Mage’s son. Funny how one’s opinion can change after being passed over for one of those Outlanders.”

The Princess hissed, her blue eyes flashing. “How dare you! You slut!” Relena drew her hand back to hit the silver-eyed girl but frowned as her hand was restrained. “Dorothy!”

“Don’t be stupid Relena,” cautioned Dorothy, eyes never leaving Suzu’s. “This is Suzu de Morte. You don’t want to offend her… believe me.”

Suzu smiled at the taller of the two blondes. “How sweet of you Dorothy to remember.”

“It’s not something that I would forget.” Dorothy shuddered, remembering when she’d met Suzu for the first time. “I am sure Relena is distraught and not fully aware of her actions, please forgive her.”

Relena frowned at her friend, confused. “Dorothy?”

“Later Lena,” hissed Dorothy. “If you will excuse us?”

“One moment ladies,” interrupted Magan, amused at the confrontation. “Which ways do you thing the Outlanders were headed?”

“I don’t know-”

“Out of the Academy grounds – that’s the way that passage leads – it comes out near the Healers section.” Dorothy spoke over Relena’s declaration of ignorance. She felt that helping rather than hindering these people would be in her interest. “That’s as much as I know.”

Magan graced her with a smile. “Thank you m’dear, your assistance won’t be forgotten.”

Shivering with some instinctive fear, Dorothy managed to smile back, and then dragged Relena, complaining bitterly, off down the corridor.

“Well, well, well.” Magan shared a predatory smile with his daughter, both of them ignoring the silent Arch-Mage. “Now we have something to go on. No doubt our missing boy is in the protective company of his friends. All we have to do is find them.”

“Will that be difficult Daddy?” Suzu ran an idle hand along Mathias’ flinching body, as she watched her father’s face.

“Not at all, dear-heart.” Magan smirked, pleased with himself despite the earlier disappointments. “Not at all.”