TITLE: It must be love (side fic to It’s a Kinda Magic)
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GENRE: Songfic. AU, Fantasy
WARNING: serious sap warnings ahead… have dental insurance on hand please
DISCLAIMER: GundamWing and the characters thereof do not belong to me… neither does the song “It Must Be Love” which was written by L. Siffre, and performed by Madness (they’re soooo goood)
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Every time I heard this song played it reminded me of Duo and Heero and their love for each other as I perceived it. So I indulged. Forgive me. ^_^


// Song lyrics //
~ Duo’s thoughts ~
- Heero’s thoughts -



//I never thought I’d miss you
Half as much as I do//


~ Heero, my heart, my soul, we’ve only been parted for a day and already it feels like a lifetime ~ Duo looked out at the city beyond the sealed window of the cell where his father had ordered him to be placed. ~ Why can’t he just accept us? Is it so difficult to do? ~ A tear slipped down his pale face. ~ Heero, where are you – what has he done to you? ~


//And I never thought I’d feel this way
The way I feel about you//


“You can’t keep him from me!” Heero glared up at the Arch-mage, his blue eyes darkened in anger. “We are soul-bound, does this mean nothing to you?”

Mathias sneered at the furious boy in front of him. “What ever delusion you and my son share about your relationship has no effect on my decision. Duo has been placed in seclusion prior to his acceptance in the Temple of Sendam. You will not interfere in this arrangement.”

Clenching his fists in an effort to control his rage Heero scowled. “Duo and I have no delusions, as you refer to them, about our relationship. We are soul-bound – bound together heart, soul and mind. You mustn’t keep us apart!”

“Never presume to tell me what I must or mustn’t do when it come to my son.” Mathias levelled a formidable glare of his own at the bumptious Outlander before him. “You are an unsuitable companion for Duo. If I have to send my son to the Temple for his own good in order to suppress this relationship then so be it. I am keeping you on at the Academy because you are, after all, a paying student. Duo isn’t,” Mathias smirked. “And that is the deciding factor.”

“No, Arch-mage,” said Heero in a deadly quiet voice. “The deciding factor has yet to be found.”

“Get out of here!” Mathias lost all patience. “Now! Duo goes into the Temple tomorrow and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“That’s what you think.” Heero turned on his heel and stamped out of the Arch-mage’s study, barely restraining from slamming the door behind him. – How dare he do this! Duo is mine… and no one is going to keep us apart. No one! – his thoughts roiling Heero went back to the room where his friends were waiting.


//As soon as I wake up
Every night every day
I know that its you I need
To take the blues away//


After passing a sleepless night in the cell, Duo emerged hollow-eyed and pale, yet undaunted in spirit. ~ Heero, if you can hear me, please, please come and get me out of here! ~

The novices attending him were taken aback by his appearance; not having been told why the boy was being given to the temple they could not understand his reluctance.

“Today you will be joined in spirit to the Goddess Sendam, Mother of all. You should be happy,” they chided gently. “It is an honour to be so selected.”

“I don’t want to be joined, spiritually or otherwise to anyone but Heero!” Duo glared at the constraining bracelets his father had clamped on his wrists. They suppressed his magic to the point of intense pain. They also blocked his bond with Heero and that was what upset him the most.

“Mortal encounters of the sexual kind are nothing compared to the great wholeness you will feel when you become one with the Goddess,” rebuked the Priestess that appeared suddenly before him in the hallway. “Why is it that you fight so?”

“Lady,” began Duo respectfully. “The bond I have with Heero, my lover, is a soul-bond. This I am willing to swear to, in front of the Alter itself.”

The Priestess frowned. “If you speak the truth, then to commit you to the Goddess would be an evil of great magnitude. We need to confirm this.” She gestured to the novices to escort the boy to a nearby room. “I’ll have someone fetch your lover.”

“He’s at the Academy.” Duo looked hopefully at the white-clad priestess. “You believe me?”

The priestess smiled at the worried boy. “It isn’t up to me to believe or disbelieve you… the Goddess will pass judgement on you. If this is indeed a soul-bond all will be well; if, on the other hand, you have spoken false – then you will be punished.”

Duo shuddered.


//It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more nothing less
Love is the best//


After passing a restless night, formulating and discarding plans Heero felt half dead. Looking into the faces of his friends he could see that they too were at a loss. – Damn the man, why does Mathias hate us so much? –

Meiran and her blonde twin Sally exchanged worried glances as they clung to Wufei for support. To see their best friends suffering in this way was terrible. For Mathias to disregard Duo and Heero’s relationship, and moreover to punish them so heavily shocked them. It had been Duo who’d been the main factor behind their marriage to Wufei being accepted. Now, seeing that Duo was being punished for his love, was hard for them to take.

With a reassuring arm around each of his wives Wufei watched their friend pace restlessly around the room. “Are you going to go to the temple?”

Trowa looked up from where he’d be conducting an in-depth study of his hands. “Heero?”

With a final glare at the wall Heero looked up at the group. “I’m going. I refuse to have Duo taken away from me. If they won’t accept that, then we’re going to my people. They’ll accept us, accept our love.”

“We’ll come with you.” Trowa and the girls nodded agreement to Wufei’s statement. “We support you all the way, you know that?”

“Noted and appreciated.” Heero smiled, somewhat grimly, before turning on his heel and striding to the door. “Let’s go.”

“You’re going no where!” Mathias pushed open the door, flanked by a couple of proctors. “I will not have you and your ragtag band of friends disrupting my son’s ceremony.”

“There’s no way you can stop us!” Heero’s temper flared and he stalked towards Mathias, murder on his mind.

“Indeed.” Mathias sneered. “Do you think that the priests would allow you into the temple?”


All heads turned to look at the newcomer. A young woman with the trappings of a Sister of Tolerance of Sendam stood behind Mathias. “If you are the one called Heero, then your presence is required at the Temple.”

Heero smiled. – I don’t know what you’ve done my love, but it seems we’ve got a chance to be together – “I am Heero. May my friends accompany me?”

The young Sister smiled. “Of course.”

Mathias grimaced, knowing he couldn’t question the Sister. He followed the small group after dismissing the bemused proctors. There had to be some way that he could salvage this situation and keep his son isolated.


//How can it be that we say so much without words?
Bless you and bless me
Bless the bees and the birds//


Duo looked up from his study of the tiles as the door to his room opened. Since being conducted in there by the novices he’d been left alone. ~ Could it be? ~ “Heero?”

Ignoring everyone Heero swept past and snatched Duo into his arms. Inhaling the unique fragrance that was Duo, he opened his eyes and smiled down at his lover. – Mine! - “Are you all right aroha?”

Clinging tightly to the reassuring warmth of his lover Duo simply nodded, unable to speak for fear of crying.

“Enough of this foolishness!” Mathias snarled. “Duo is to be given over to the Goddess, not mauled about by some Outlander. This is my wish and I will have it obeyed!”

Wufei looked from the irate mage to the impassive priestess. “Wrong move,” he said softly. The others nodded in agreement.

“We will take this before the Great Mother herself.” Decided the most senior of the gathered Priestess’s. “This is not something we are fit to judge.”

She motioned for the Arch-mage to precede her out of the room, then swept imperiously after him. The reunited lovers and their friends followed, flanked by more priestesses. It was but a short walk from Duo’s room to the main temple and one made in a silence that no one felt the need to break. Duo and Heero were simply content to be together, even with the tension around them, and their friend were happy for them to be so.

They stopped before the Alter to Sendam; the priestesses prostrating themselves reverently as the others made the sign of the Great Cycle on their chests. Finally the priestesses rose and separated, the High Priestess coming to the fore.

“Duo, son of Mathias, you claim that you and Heero of Yui are soul-bound. Is this correct?”

Before either boy could answer Mathias interrupted. “That’s nothing but a load of teenage hormones and hope talking your Reverence. Neither boy is capable of making such a decision at this age.”

The High Priestess frowned upon the Arch Mage. “Be silent. This is not for you to decide, it is for the Goddess.”

Mathias hmmphed but stepped back.

Duo and Heero to moved forward, hand in hand. “Yes,” Duo answered his voice clear. “We believe strongly that the feelings we share in our love, is a soul-bond.” Beside him Heero nodded.

The High Priestess looked both boys over carefully before she invoked the Goddess to judge them. “Oh Great Goddess Sendam, we approach thee today as your humblest of servants. Before you in judgement stand two who claim to be soul-bound… would you in your might and majesty confirm or deny their claim?”

As she ceased speaking a darkness descended from the Alter and surrounded the two boys, hiding them from sight. The gathered gasped, even the Priestesses – they had not expected this.

Inside the Darkness Duo loosened his death-grip on his lover. Somehow he felt that the Darkness was more protecting than threatening. ~ The blackness of the womb? ~ He wondered briefly, to be shocked out of his musings by a Voice entering his mind.


Heero and Duo tightened their clasp on each other.


Both boys felt a presence gently slip inside their minds, sifting swiftly and unobtrusively through their thoughts and feelings about and for each other. What should have been a mental rape felt comforting to both and they relaxed.


The Darkness shimmered and dissipated suddenly, leaving the two boys exposed to the eyes of their friends, the priestesses and the glowering Arch-Mage. The boys’ hands remained clasped together, though no longer in a death grip, as they turned to face their audience. As they turned, the constrained bracelets fell from Duo’s wrists and shattered on the ground.

“What!” Mathias couldn’t tear his eyes from the shards of the shattered bracelets. “What did that?”

“I DID.” No longer was the voice calming and reassuring, now it was angry. “YOUR TREATMENT OF YOUR SON WAS UNJUST AND UNCALLED FOR. THE ATTACHMENT HE SHARES WITH HIS LOVER IS INDEED A SOUL-BOND, MORE THAN A SOUL-BOND,” the voice seemed to pause gloatingly as Mathias’s expression turned to shocked disbelief with a tad of frustration thrown in for good measure. “I HAVE BLESSED THEIR UNION. WHAT I HAVE BLESSED NO MORTAL MAN MAY SUNDER – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!”

Before the voice of the Goddess had ceased Mathias had collapsed to the floor in a dead faint. His son turned dispassionate eyes on him. “Well, he wasn’t expecting that, was he?”

“Does Duo have to remain here?” Heero wasn’t interested in Mathias – as far as he was concerned the man could rot. All he cared about was his lover, the boy that held his heart – and always would.

“No,” the High Priestess smiled beatifically at the pair. “You may both leave – but please feel free to come here if ever you are in need – with the Goddess’s blessing on you, you will always be more than welcome.”

“Thank you,” managed Duo before Heero claimed his mouth in a passionate kiss that merely foreshadowed what would follow once they were alone. He leant into the kiss, twining his arms around his lover, never wanting to be parted again. ~ This is what we are… together… for all time… all ways…~


//I’ve got to be near you
Every night every day
I couldn’t be happy any other way

It must be love, love, love.
It must be love, love, love.
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best

As soon as I wake up
Every night every day
I know that its you I need
To take the blues away

It must be love, love, love,
It must be love, love, love,

It must be love, love, love,
It must be love, love, love.//