TITLE: Hold Me Close
PART: 1/1
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GENRE: Songfic / Au / Fantasy
PAIRINGS: 1x2, Wufei & Sally & Meiran;
WARNINGS: Angst,Yaoi, Sap, Het,
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own GundamWing and am using the characters from that anime series without permission - all other characters and locations are the intellectual copyright of this author. Hold Me Close – written by R. Gower, performed by Racey 1980 RAK Records Ltd.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is a prequal to It’s a Kinda Magic. One of my readers asked for some background detail of Wufei’s relationship with Sally and Meiran… I waited until I found a suitable song to write it to (like I did for ‘It Must Be Love’; I like writing background stories as songfics for some reason). Anyway, here is my little offering. It would have been out earlier but my monitor died… Murphy, curse his name, decided to pay a visit.


//song lyrics//


//Hold me close
Hold me tight
Keep me warm
Right through the night
I don’t want to be
All on my own
I can’t stand the thought
Of being alone//

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo and pulled the slender youth against him. “Stay the night, aroha. Don’t go back.”

Laughing violet eyes glimmered in the twilight as Duo snuggled closer to his lover. “Mmmm, that sounds like a wonderful idea love. Wufei is… entertaining the twins tonight and I think he’d appreciate my absence.” Duo shrugged one shoulder. “I know I would if I was in his situation.”

//Won’t you stay the night?
Won’t you maybe tonight
Let me love you//

“Good.” Heero drew Duo close, loving the feeling of having this wonderful boy in his arms, in his life. “You’re mine, you know that?”

“Always knew that… right from the start.” Duo sighed, closing his eyes. “Goddess know what He will say when He finally notices.”

“Does that worry you?” Heero began gently rubbing Duo’s back, watching as the tension slowly disappeared from his lover’s face. He only wished all their problems were so easily taken care of.

//Won’t you stay a while?
Give me that ‘come on’ smile
Let me love you//

With another sigh Duo nestled contentedly against the larger boy. “No, not any more. With you by my side I can face anything my loving father throws my way.”

Heero snorted, his opinion of the Arch-Mage of the Khorasan Academy had suffered a rapid reversal soon after meeting the man’s son. Seeing the way Mathias treated Duo made Heero want to knock some sense into the man’s head, only Duo’s entreaties had thus far prevented it. “What if he tries to have us separated? He could you know.”

Burying his face against Heero’s chest Duo wished that they had never started this conversation. “I know… truth is that’s the one thing I truly dread. I don’t think I could handle being taken away from you… I’m sure this… this feeling between us is a soul-bond.”

//Take my love blind offering
Take my everything
Oooh babe let me love you//

Heero looked down at his lover consideringly. “You too? I thought I was imaging things.”

Instead of verbally replying Duo looked up at his lover and frowned in concentration. His violet eyes darkened until they were almost black.

Watching in consternation Heero almost missed the first fleeting contact between their souls. When the faint touch was repeated he gasped. “Duo!”

Smiling in satisfaction Duo repeated the action. ~ Aroha? ~

~ It’s… I only thought… ~ Heero was too confused to realise that he’d answered Duo in the same fashion… soul to soul. ~ It’s real… ~

“Yes,” replied Duo, his voice tired. “I can’t keep it up for long but it seems that the tales were true… and we really are soul-bound. Unless…” his voice suddenly grew faint. “Unless you don’t want it?”

After a moment’s shocked silence Heero gently kissed his lover, hoping to soothe away his fears. “Duo, aroha, my heart, my soul… how could I not want it… want you?”

Duo smiled softly and drew the taller boy down. “I’m yours… always… forever.”

Two souls combined as the two boys shared their love and strengthened the fledgling bond that had formed between them.

//Hold me close
Don’t turn away
The night’s still young
I beg you stay
So hold me close
You make it right
Please don’t go
Please stay tonight//

Two girls sat together on the severely neat bed. From looking at them one would find it difficult to believe them twins. Pushing back locks of strawberry blonde, the tallest of the pair winked at her sister. Onyx eyes danced in reply. “This is a… nice room Wufei… but nice as it is I think you want to do more than just exchange decorating tips?”

Wufei, scion of the famed Dragon Clan of Senroc, was lost. Completely and totally helpless. It had seemed like a good idea to invite the Ranpo twins here for a private talk when he’d first mentioned it to his roommate. He was thankful for Duo’s assistance thus far but now wished he’d begged the longhaired boy to remain. He had no idea what to do next.

//Won’t you stay the night?
Make you feel all right
Let me love you//

“Decorating tips…” he fumbled for the words that wouldn’t come. His usually glib tongue refused to obey and all he could do was stare at the twins and blush. Teenage hormones are hell.

Stifling a giggle Mei winked at her sister. “Maybe we should leave?”

“No!” Wufei lunged forward, one hand held out to prevent her leaving. “I mean… please stay… I… oh damn! This seemed so easy when I was talking to Duo…” He groaned and closed his eyes, infuriated at himself.

//If you would give it to me
I’m sure I’d make you see
I can love you//

Gentle hands stroked his face. “Calm down Fei.”

He looked up, surprised to see that both girls were now flanking him. “I apologise… I meant to ask… to… well…” Closing his eyes again he tried to fashion his thoughts into some semblance of order. “Salena Ranpo, Meiran Ranpo my apologies, my intentions tonight were less than honourable… I find you both very attractive and it was my intention to court you both… but…”

“But why didn’t you?” Mei didn’t need to look at Sally to know that she was in full agreement. The twins were both very sure of what they felt for Wufei. And if he was going to waste their time then it was time for them to take control.

//Whatever it takes
To make you stay
Anything in anyway
Oooh babe let me love you//

“What!” Onyx eyes shot wide open as he stared at the smug sisters. Wufei couldn’t believe his ears. “You… you’d agree… I mean… well...”

Sally rolled her eyes, she hadn’t thought the man’d be so dense. “Wufei Chang, we are not idiots. We’ve both felt this attraction to you for sometime – since we first met in fact. My sister and I have no qualms about sharing you.”

“Sharing me?” Wufei blushed. Suddenly he’d lost all control of the evening and the way the twins were looking at him made him nervous. “Do I get a say in this?”

Two pairs of eyes twinkled at him and two pairs of arms grabbed him. “NO!”

As the twins bodily carried him off towards the bed Wufei felt a weight shift from his chest… maybe he’d made the right decision after all… though he wasn’t going to let them be in control all the time… but once in a while… He started to smirk as they collapsed back onto the bed. “Life is good!”

//I’d hold you close
I’d hold you tight
(I’ll make you feel all right)//

Trowa sat outside the Academy watching the white moonlight wash across the grounds. The cold beauty entranced him and helped him to ignore the emptiness inside him. He knew that inside his friends were together, together in every way possible and he wished that he had someone he could share his soul with.

//I’d hold you close
I’d make it right
(I’ll make you feel all right)
(I’ll make you feel all right)//

Curled up on the bare floor of his cell-like room Quatre sobbed silently. The pain from the latest beating was finally starting to ebb but the pain in his heart was only growing stronger… why did his father treat him like this? What was he doing wrong?

He wished there was someone to talk to; someone who could hold him through the long night and soothe the pain away. Maybe one day…

//Won’t you stay the night?
Won’t you maybe tonight
Let me love you//

Heero wrapped strong arms around his lover’s slender waist, holding him close in the afterglow of their loving. It felt so right to him to be like this, wrapped around the sweetest person he’d ever met in his life. “Mine… mine forever.”

//Won’t you stay a while?
Give me that ‘Come on’ smile
Let me love you//

“Yes, forever and always.” Duo replied, snuggling closer. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Heero’s chest feeling content and safe.

//Won’t you stay the night?
Won’t you give it tonight?
Let me love you//

Wufei sighed and rested back against the pillows. Without looking he could feel the twins; their arms wrapped around his chest, their heads tucked beneath his chin and it felt so right to him. “Does life get any better than this?”

//It’s been a long while
Give me that ‘Come on’ smile
Let me love you//

In the Academy the lovers lay sated and happy. Outside one boy was quietly contemplating his solitary state and wishing on the brilliant stars above him for a soulmate the likes of his companions.

Miles away a spirit, beaten but not broken, made a similar wish on the same stars.