TITLE: Dreams on Dragon Wings
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GENRE: AU Fantasy
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Heero looked at the remains of the fallen assassins and could only nod mutely. There was no arguing with the fact that the deceptively slender Messenger was more than capable of protecting himself. Despite this, there still remained the fact that he’d been given orders. “That’s as maybe but you’re still coming to the Mont.”

Too tired to protest Duo merely nodded. “To save my ears I agree.”

Surprised by the easy agreement Heero gave Duo a hard look, and then realised for the first time just how tired the smaller youth looked. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah… nothing a long hot bath and about two weeks sleep won’t fix.” Duo leaned back against the nearest wall… his legs seemed incapable of supporting his weight any longer. “Shall we get a move on before more thugs come?”

Heero nodded, already scanning the passages for any further assassins. He gestured for Duo to follow him as he began to march off towards the gardens. He’d gone less than ten steps when he realised that the Messenger hadn’t followed him. “Well come on!”

Wearily pushing himself off the wall Duo began to follow the impatient Flight Leader. He left their safety in Heero’s hands, the fight had taken more out of him than he wished to let on - he still hadn’t recovered from the flight from Neasa, and the events of the last two hours were sapping his remaining strength. “Is it much further?”

“No.” Heero gave Duo an assessing look, taking in his state of complete exhaustion, then dropped back till he was beside the tired youth. “Lean on me, you’re slowing us down.”

“Nice to know you care,” quipped Duo, rolling his eyes. He leant on the ‘Warrior and was able to keep up the gruelling pace the other set. Luckily they weren’t too far from where Heero’s dragon was waiting. “Oh my.”

“He’s something isn’t he?” For a moment a fond smile crossed Heero’s face, changing his whole countenance. “Zeroth, this is Duo, he’ll be coming to the Mont with us.”

The dragon’s head turned to observe Duo through narrowed golden eyes. “He is welcome… and more than welcome.”

Duo blinked, he’d never realised that the dragons could speak. He quickly recovered himself and smiled somewhat tiredly at Zeroth. “Thank you, I am honoured.”

“As you should be,” grunted Heero, pulling Duo over. “We have to get out of here, your grandstanding had cost us precious time and alerted your enemies to your presence.”

“I’m so sorry. Next time I’ll let them murder me as well as everyone else!” Duo was too tired to be polite and Heero’s manner grated upon already frayed nerves. He pulled his arm out of Heero’s grasp. “I never asked for you to give up your precious time, and much as I appreciate your efforts, your methods leave something to be desired!”

Heero grabbed Duo’s arm again, shaking him. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Think of someone else for a change-.”

“Heero! Get a grip on yourself!” Zeroth sent a flicker of flame towards the angry ‘Warrior. “Duo, much as I disagree with Heero’s methods, he is right in this case. You do need to leave here before the Neasean agents manage to kill you. The Mont will protect you.”

Sending a scathing look to the Flight Leader Duo bowed slightly towards the dragon again. “Sorry Zeroth, I didn’t mean to make so much trouble for you. And since you asked,” he stressed the asked, “so politely, then I would be more than happy to get away from here.”

Clenching his hands, Heero fixed his dragon with an angry eye. Why did Zeroth have to take the Messenger’s side? He was the onyx’s Rider, not the longhaired Messenger. “Lets go then,” he grated out. As his rider approached, the Messenger following close behind, Zeroth crouched down slightly to make it easier for the two to mount him. He could sense Duo’s unvoiced awe and it amused him. He stretched his neck and unfurled his ebony wings in preparation for their flight. “Are we all ready?”

Heero checked the straps that fastened them in place, before facing forward and tapping his hand lightly on Zeroth’s muscled shoulder. “Go.”

Behind him Duo admired the smooth skinned beast he was riding. “Oh yes, am I ever ready,” he breathed.