TITLE: Dear Relena
PART: 1/1
AUTHOR: AJ from NZ / MoonCatBlue (I’m in the process of changing my name)
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GENRE: ficlet, parody, humour
PAIRINGS: none actually mentioned - its up to you…
WARNINGS: Relena bashing; Heero singing; parody of an ad; AU setting
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own GundamWing and am using the characters from that anime series without permission - all other characters and locations are the intellectual copyright of this author.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is based off an extremely old ad jingle that for some reason keeps looping through my mind. I couldn’t resist. The original jingle is below.

Dear John…
You know I hate to write
Dear John…
I must let you know tonight
That my love for you has gone
So I’m sending you this song
Tonight I’m with another
You’ll like him John - he’s your brother
My love to you forever
Dear John…


The Dear John Letter…

Relena came dashing into the mess hall, signalling for her friends to join her.

“What's up Lena?” queried Dorothy, one eyebrow quirked curiously. “Why the fuss?”

“It’s a tape!” The blonde girl smiled fatuously. “From Heero!”

“Go on, play it!” urged her friends.

Eagerly Relena hit the play button on her tape recorder, and as the others gathered close, they were assaulted by a nasal voice intoning the following lyrics:

You know I hate to write
I must let you know tonight
That my love for you has gone
So, I’m sending you this song
Tonight I’m with another
But he’s not your brother
My love’s to him forever

Dorothy smirked as the expression on Relena’s face changed from delight to bewilderment. As tears began to trickled slowly down the other girl’s face Dorothy sniggered. “Play it again, Lena.”


The end.