The reunion, a new war 2/?
pairings: 3+4 right now, hints of future 1+2
extra note: the description of the hotel bedroom is my actual dream room. just to let ya know i have really strange taste in what i want, especially since my choice of clothing is black, blue and red only with the ocasional green. anyway on to the fic and enough stalling ne?


Chapter 2


Relena was very surprised at the automobile that took them to Duo’s hotel, a cab. Even though she didn't agree with the choice, since Duo was rich and cold aford a limo, the queen of the world stayed quiet though, it wasn’t her place to complain, old habits never die, especially for Duo.

“Hey cabbie, are we there yet?” Duo asked continually.

“Listen Kid, you ask this to every cabbie that you get, will you just sit back and let me do my job,” the Cabbie growled, not answering Duo’s questions.

Duo sat back and pouted in the mirror so the cabbie could see him. True, Duo did do this to every cabbie he went with but the cabbies had to admit that it was cute every time.

“Duo, how much farther is to your house?” Relena asked, tired of waiting.

Duo waved his hands and looked out the window. He grinned and pointed to the hotel that was in view. “See the building right there.” The others nodded and Duo continued, “That’s where I live. It’s a bit fancy for my taste but it’s cool. I mean they even have this mini bar.”

Relena shook her head at the thought that Duo was excited over a mini bar. Of course she had to remind herself that he wasn’t use to such fancy things as they.

“Duo, what are you going to do now that you exposed as the ex-gundam pilot Duo Maxwell?” Relena asked with curiosity.

Duo blushed and looked at his friend as he said, “I haven’t thought that far yet. I was thinkin that maybe we could have a reunion. It would be nice to see Wufei again.”

The cab became silent and Quatre noticed that Duo refused to mention Heero’s name. It was strange speaking that Duo was deeply in love with the Silent pilot. He was about to comment but the cab stopped and the cabbie said, “Alright kiddies, we’re here. Hey kid,” Duo looked at the cabbie with a smile. “Stay strong and I’ll tell the others that you said hi.”

“Thanks Herman, you’re a pal and don’t forget to tell kisha to tell his daughter I said hi and I miss her.”

The cabbie, Herman, nodded and watched the four travelers get out and walk into the hotel. “That’s one hell of a kid,” Herman thought as he drove off.

* * *

The inside of the hotel was beautiful. Quatre had to agree with Duo that it was very fancy. In fact, he had stayed here when he was younger, before he became a pilot. The group walked to the elevator and stood quietly as the door close. As usual, Duo started to make conversation.

“Hey Hans, how’s Bertha and little Kerrin and Ann?” Duo asked the elevator operator.

Hans smiled and answered, “Their find. Ann is going into middle school soon. And my pretty Kerrin is just finishing 4th grade.”

“Wow, that’s so cool.” The door opened and Duo said as he worked out, “Give my love to everyone, ok?”

Hans nodded as the elevator door closed and disappeared. Quatre, Trowa and Relena followed Duo to his room and Relena gasped when they walked in. The room was huge. Not only that but somehow Duo was able to get the decorators to repaint the walls black and the ceiling a stormy gray. The lights had two different colors, white and red. It looked as if the room was bleeding in the night. Duo gave a tour of the place and the only place that had white was the bathroom. He claimed he needed some color in the room. The others laughed and followed Duo as he showed him the rooms. Duo’s room was black with a red florescent light as well as an extra switch for white light. The bed was cover with red satin sheets and a black quilt was scrunched at the bottom of the bed.

“Very interesting Duo. How did you ever get the hotel to do this?” Trowa asked.

Duo grinned as he said, “I have my connections. Besides you have to admit it’s really cool lookin huh?”

Trowa nodded and asked where they would be staying. Duo tapped his finger again his chin. He had not counted on guests but he knew that the room next to his was empty and suggested that the three share that room. He knew for a fact that it was a two- bedroom so Quatre and Trowa would be able to share a room and Relena would have her own room. Duo told the other three would be right back and ran out of the room and down the steps. Once he got to the front desk he called out in a cheery voice, “Mr. Smith!”

The man at the front desk jumped and covered his heart as he said, “Mr. Maxfield, would you please reframe from giving me a heart attack. What do you want?”

“No one has ordered room 341 right?”

“The one next to yours…” Mr. Smith checked the book. “No not yet but—”

“That’s great! I have a couple of friends here that will be staying here for a while.”

“Mr. Maxfield, I am not sure I can do that. You see—”

“Come one Mr. Smith, maybe if I tell you who they are…Quatre and Trowa Barton-Winner, and Relena Peacecraft-johnson. Do those names ring a bell?”

Mr. Smith’s eyes widened and he gasped, “You are friends with the peacecrafts and Winners. Sir I will have 341 ready for in a couple of minutes tell your friends not to worry.”

Duo thanked Mr. Smith and ran back the three flights of stairs, to hyper to use the elevator. He slammed the door open and bounced inside.

“Hey guys guess what!” The three guests looked at Duo confused. “I got you a room. It’s right next to mine in fact…” Duo walked over and opened the door to show another door. “Your room goes into mine. Oh yeah it’s also a two-bed room so you won’t be scrunched up together.”

Relena thanked Duo and her smiled widened when the door on the other side of Duo’s opened and the bellboys motioned for the three guests to enter their new room.

When everything was settled, Trowa borrowed Duo’s laptop and started searching for the other two-gundam pilots. Wufei was easy to find since he married Mei.

To: Justiceboy28@aol.com
From: clown04@yahoo.com

Dear Wufei and Mei Chang,

We invite you to a reunion of the gundam pilots. Trowa and I would be very happy for you to join us on L4, at the costacristo hotel, room 340 and 341. thank you very much and hope to see you soon.

Your great friend Quatre Winner-Barton

* * *

Wufei stared at the e-mail. He read it over a second time and said to himself, “why now?”

He knew that Quatre would want a reunion someday but why did he wait so long. Then it came to him. Duo and Heero had disappeared. I wonder if they ever got together? Wufei thought to himself.

“Darling, are we going to this reunion? I would very much like to meet your friends who fought with you during the war,” Mei said in a soft voice.

Wufei looked at his wife and then back at the e-mail. He nodded slowly and told Mei to start packing. The woman nodded and ran into her room with excitement. Wufei watched Mei and then sat down at the computer and pressed Reply.

* * *

Heero pressed reply and stilled his hands over the keyboard. His eyes narrowed and he said aloud, “Why would they want a reunion now. It’s been so long…”

Heero shook his head and started typing:

To: clown04@yahoo.com
From: wing01@hotmail.com

I will attend your reunion but I have one question. Why would you choose to have a get together now? It has been to long and I thought we decided never to see each other after the war? Also how did you find me?

Heero Yuy

Heero pressed send and moved away from his laptop. After standing, the stotic ex-pilot went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. His clothes, which were covered in blood, had been thrown out and some of the gore had soaked through to stain his skin. Even now he was calling himself a baka for not hitting his target on the first shot. I have to get better… I must get better he thought to himself as he washed his blood stained body. His mind went back to the conversation with Doctor J.

// “Heero we need your assassin skills,” Doctor J said with a grim look on his face.

Heero’s eyes narrowed and looked at the five inventors facing him. He looked at Doctor J and asked, “Naze?”

“There is someone trying to restart a war of the colonies. Someone on Earth wants the colonies destroyed although we are not quite sure why yet?” Heero nodded and asked whom he need to kill first. The inventors smiled and gave Heero the name of an old Oz soldier named Shiki Kyrosawa. //

As the memory ended, the water turned off and Heero walked out wearing a towel around his waist. There was a beeping at his computer and he pressed a button showing that he had a new message. He pressed “read” and found out it was Quatre’s reply.

To: wing01@hotmail.com
From: clown04@yahoo.com


I am very happy to hear you will be coming to our reunion and to answer your question. We have a surprise that might be interesting to the others. To answer the other question… Relena. I hope to see you soon.


Heero shook his head and sighed. He couldn’t believe Relena still could find him wherever he was. It was rather disturbing that someone like her could find him wherever he was hiding. Heero shook the thoughts out of his mind and began packing. It didn’t take very long and when he finished he hacked into the airport files and got himself a first class ticket for a flight to L4. Unknown to him, Wufei who lived in the same country as Heero called to get a first class ticket for two for a flight to L4.