The reunion, A New War
Rating: G
Pairings: 3+4 (eventually 1+2)
Warnings: AU, OOC, and nice Relena. Also these characters are not mine except for a couple. oh yeah almost forgot, my grammer sucks.




In the Year Ac 201 all war was stopped by the Gundam pilots and the world became silent. Relena had married a rich member of the Alliance and was happy with her new life in peacekeeping. Trowa and Quatre stayed on L4 after they were married and when the circus came by they always had free tickets to see Catharine and sometimes Trowa joined in. Heero stayed on Earth unknown to anyone. Unlike the others He was able to stay hidden and almost never left the house or his laptop. Wufei stayed slightly hidden on Earth but became known when he married Mei Yang. He claimed that she looked and acted just like his dead wife Miriam. It seemed as if everyone was busy and their popularity as Gundam pilots died down for all but one…

* * *

“Duvet Maxfield are you ready?” Jenkins Young called out to the man with short chestnut brown and contact dark blue eyes.

Duvet nodded and finished putting on his leather jacket. The 20-year-old wore leather black pants that fit like a second skin and a fishnet black shirt. The outfit was topped off with a black leather jacket. Duvet Maxfield was the rockstar with his band Orie. Today they were performing on L4 and for some reason Duvet was more depressed then he usually got. His best friend and bass player David had seen him looking at a picture of a group of people. There was a short blonde who had his arms wrapped around a taller boy with bangs that covered half his face. Next to the two boys were Duvet and another boy. One with brown hair that looked wind blown. Duvet had one of his arms around that boy and was grinning. The other boy had a scowl at this fact but his eyes were soft as he looked at Duvet.

“Hey Duv, are you ok?” David asked.

The question knocked Duvet out of his thoughts. He nodded, put the picture down and yelled, “Randy, Amber, Nick, David everyone set?”

The five other members nodded and they walked out of the room and onto the dark stage to get into position. David was on bass guitar, Randy on Electric Guitar, Amber on acoustic and backup along with Randy. Nick was on Drums and Duvet was the beautiful vocal that made up Orie. Everything was set as the curtain started to rise.