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forbidden 3/?
same pairings as before 1x2, 3x4, 13+5
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Chapter 3


The ride to Quatre’s palace was a very quiet one. Heero knew he didn’t want to leave his angel but he had no choice. It was the only way to save him from Milliardo, who had put a warrant out on Duo. Heero glanced at Duo, who was currently fiddling with his braid. He watched the boy lift his braid and chew on the end.

“Duo, you do know that you will destroy your hair if you keep chewing on it,” Heero commented to break the silence.

The comment made Duo giggled and he answered, “There is no way I destroy my hair. All I have to do is cut the split ends that I’m chewing on an it will be as good as new, ne?”

Heero chuckled and shook his head. Duo smiled at Heero and then leaned over, snuggling close to the dark haired boy. Heero leaned closer and was about to kiss Duo when the car stopped and Pagen opened the door.

“We have arrived at the Winner-Barton Palace Master Heero,” Pagen announced.

“Thank you Pagen,” Heero said harshly and got out of the limo.

He held his hand out for Duo who took it and exited the black limo. As soon as Duo saw the palace, he almost fainted.

“Winner-san lives here?” he asked and when Heero nodded he asked, “And I will be living here?”

Again Heero nodded and walked the young boy to the door of the Winner palace. He knocked on the door and waited. When the door open, a tall bulky man with an orange-brown beard blocked the way.

“Master Yuy, it is good to see you again,” The man said and smiled.

“Hello Rasid, I believe Quatre is waiting for us,” Heero stated.

Rasid nodded and moved away from the door. He smiled at Duo before saying, “You must be Duo. Welcome to the palace of Quatre Winner and Trowa Barton. I hope you will enjoy your stay young master.”

Duo nodded and said, “I thought Heero’s House was big… wow this is huger.”

Rasid laughed and patted the boy on the head.

“What an entertaining young man, I am sure you will fit nicely in the Winner home.

Rasid walked down the hall followed by Heero and Duo. They entered the library, Quatre and Trowa were. The two men were drinking tea and chatting. They quieted when they saw Heero and then they looked at Duo.

“Oh Heero, your description of Duo did not do him justice. He is beautiful, Trowa come here!” Quatre hollered.

Duo saw the tall man walk up behind Quatre and his hands on the blond boy’s shoulders. Trowa smiled at Duo and slid his arm over Quatre shoulder as an extension of invitation.

“Welcome Duo. I am Trowa and as you already know this is my husband, Quatre. Wufei should be down with our daughter so please sit and make yourself comfortable.”

Duo smiled and took Trowa’s hand. Quatre moved away from Trowa and went to the couch. He motioned for the others to sit while Abdul made lunch. They stayed and talked until Rashid called them.

Duo and the other walked into the dining room and took their respected seats. Duo noticed that even though the dining room was big, the table was fairly small. It was long enough so that everyone would be close enough to see each other and talk unlike Heero’s table where you would have to yell at each other. Trowa sat at the head of the table with Quatre to his right. Duo sat next to Quatre and across from Heero. There was an empty chair to the left of Trowa and to the right of Heero.

“Rashid, would you please call Wufei and Mary down,” Quatre ordered.

Rashid nodded and left the room. The room was silent before there was a small thumping sound running into the dining room. A young girl about 6 with long sparkling light brown hair and sea green eyes raced into the room and hid behind Quatre.

“Papa, Uncle Wufei was threatening me again to not move his stuff. All I did was look at some of his books,” the girl whined.

“Mary, you know that Wufei doesn’t like anyone touching his reading material. Besides how did he threaten you?”

“Mary how many times have I told you it is unjustiful to touch other peoples stuff!” Wufei Yelled.

“Mary, that is not a threat, that is Wufei administering “justice.” Heero said with a smirk.

“Uncle Heero! You finally came by!” Mary exclaimed and ran into the boy’s arms.

Heero hugged her and said, “I would like you to meet someone he will be staying here for a while.” Heero nodded to the boy across from him.

“Hi…” Duo said with a small blush. “My names Duo Maxwell. It’s nice ta meetcha.”

Mary cocked her head to the side and declared, “You talk strange. Are you from the streets?”

Duo blushed deeper and nodded slowly. He heard the warning that Wufei gave her but didn’t say anything. It had been a long time since he was asked if he was a street rat.

“Maxwell-san, you are the new room mate that I was told about. You will be staying in the guestroom with me until I move somewhere else. Let me give you the rules. First you don’t touch anything that is not yours. Second, you don’t steal anything that is not yours, and third…”

“Shut up Wufei, he doesn’t need your rules and he isn’t going to steal anything,” Heero interrupted.

Wufei nodded curtly and sat in the chair right of Heero. Mary sat next to Trowa and stared at Duo. Lunch was a quiet event and Mary examined Duo’s posture, looks and his personality of what she’s seen so far. When she was done she wondered if he still played children’s games. Unable to resist, she asked, “Do you know how to play hopscotch? I tried to get Papa and Father to play but their always busy and Uncle Wufei said he’s to old to play and Uncle Heero can’t because Aunt Relena won’t let him.”

Duo’s eyes brightened at the invitation to play a game. He remembered when Lucy would draw a hopscotch and 5 of them would play until dark.

“Sure, I’d love to play. I haven’t played hopscotch since I was 6, and me and the others would get stones. We’d play for hours till darkness when Father Maxwell yelled at us to go to sleep, and even then we’d snunk out and play till dawn when we’d be to tired ta go ta school so we skipped. Those were the good ol’ days.”

Quatre and other boy’s eyes widened at the length at which Duo spoke. They weren’t sure how Duo could say all that and only take two breaths in-between. Mary giggled and pulled at Duo’s hand. Duo stood up and followed the little girl out of the dining room. When he was gone Quatre laid his napkin down and suggested that they move to the library. The others nodded and left the dining and into the fireplace lit library. When they had sat down Wufei stared at Heero.

“Where did you find that piece of trash?” Wufei asked coldly.

It took Heero all this strength not to punch Wufei. Instead he answered just as coldly, “I found him hiding from the baker. He was eating a piece of bread and I thought he was too beautiful to be wasted in the street so I invited him in.”

“Why is he here?”

“Milliardo is after him. I need to hide him.”

Wufei smiled and leaned close, “How do you know I won’t turn him in. You do know I am dating—”

“You’re sleeping with him. You’re pretty much married to him.”

“Yes, well anyway Treize is the leader of OZ and I could tell him about your little street rat.”

This time Heero didn’t hold back. He punched Wufei in the nose, smiling when he heard the crack. He hissed into his face, “Never say that about Duo. He is a sweet, loving, and beautiful boy. In case you haven’t notice kano yaro I am in love with that street trash!”

Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa’s eyes widened at the news. Wufei was speechless, he had to admit that he still liked Heero but he wasn’t ever going to tell him. He knew that he and Treize were serious but there were still those nights were he would have those dreams. The Chinese boy started to say something but before he could Quatre piped up.

“Oh Heero, Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Duo is such a sweet boy and he is great with kids just look how much fun he is having with Mary.”

The group of men looked out the window and watched as the two children played hopscotch. Mary went first by throwing a stone after she went; it was Duo’s turn. By the middle of the game both were laughing. Mary said something to Duo that couldn’t be heard. Heero was now glad he took courses at military school, he had learned to read lips.

‘What are you to Uncle Heero?’

Heero saw Duo blush as he said slowly, ‘I like Heero, he’s a real nice guy…’

Mary cocked her head to the side and asked, ‘Are you going to marry Uncle Heero?’

Duo choked when Mary asked and shades of red from pink to tomato red. He stuttered, ‘I… I um…. Well I don’t know what I want to do.’

Heero tried to hide his grin as he watched Duo try to control his embarrassment. He would have watched all day but he was interrupted by Wufei’s voice, “Yuy, are you going to stare all day or are you going to join our conversation.”

Heero looked over at Wufei with a guilt look and sighed. Heero knew he still had feelings for the Chinese man but since hey broke up, he couldn’t say anything since Wufei was dating Treize.

“Hey Yuy, will you get your head out of the clouds!” Wufei yelled and grinned when he saw Heero jump.

“You are a real asshole you know that right Wufei?” Heero said and paid attention to the conversation at hand, which happened to be about Duo.

“Wufei, we have a spare bedroom next to Mary’s and next to yours. The reason we didn’t put Duo there is that the room is a bit large and there might be too much space for Duo,” Quatre said.

“What about the one next to Mary’s?”

“It looks just like Mary’s I had to stay there when Quatre and I had out first fight,” Trowa explained.

Wufei looked as if he was in deep thought and finally said, “ I’ll take the one next to Duo’s.”

Quatre smiled warmly and called to Abdul to get the guestroom ready for Wufei. Abdul nodded and left the library.

“Thanks again for letting Duo stay here Quatre,” Heero said with a slight bow of his head.

This time it was Trowa who smiled and answered, “You know Quatre can’t help but pick up strays.” He looked at Wufei, who gave Trowa a mean glance.

Heero and Quatre started laughed but stopped when a little voice said, “Papa, what’s so funny?”

Quatre shook his head and told his daughter it was nothing. Heero smiled at Duo apologetically and stood up. He looked at Quatre and said, “I must be off. I will see you when I get a chance and remember…” Heero’s voice softened so only Quatre could hear him. “Don’t let Milliardo know Duo is here.”

Quatre nodded and watched Heero walk away. A noise interrupted him and he turned to see Trowa holding a struggling Duo, who was hoping to leave with Heero. Once Heero was gone and the limousine could be heard leaving, Trowa let Duo go. The young boy fell to the ground with a soft thump and he let out a sniffle. Quatre’s heart went out to the boy nad he help him stand.

“Come now Duo, let me take you to your room. You must be exhausted from playing with Mary.”

Duo nodded as he looked at the clock that said 6: 50 p.m. He couldn’t believe they were there for so long.

Quatre walked in upstairs and into the medium sized room. As soon as Duo lay on the bed, he wanted to die. He already missed Heero’s warm body next to his and he doubted if he would ever sleep again. Thinking this he fell into a fitful and unsatisfying sleep.