Chapter 2


The moon spilled through the room of the boy who tossed and turned. He had tried so hard to forget but the memories wouldn’t fade. It was always the same. A boy watched his adopted home burn to the ground. Everyone he loved and cared about stuck inside. It was too much for the boy of 7 and he broke down crying. Through his tears the boy saw a man with long platinum blonde hair. He could see the man well but he could tell he was grinning. The voice of the man was low and harsh as it called out to the dead, “There goes one of the main building the sector L2… stupid orphanage. Soon all the scrum will be gone and the place will become rich with business just like the other three sectors of the city.”

The boy realized what the man was doing and started to sneak away. It was too late through. The man had spotted the boy and pulled out a gun. “Hey street brat get back here!”

The boy started running even as the evil man was chasing him. He didn’t stop when the shot rang out and pain ripped through his side.

* * *

Duo sat up quickly in bed. His breathing was erratic and his hand went to his scarred side. Eight years… it had been eight years since that dream had haunted him. He felt as if he would never be free. He couldn’t go to anyone for help because the man had put a warrant for his arrest. Even the kind family who helped his wound had betrayed him for a couple of million dollars. Thankfully he had gotten away and took safety in a nearby alley. Duo felt as if he would never be free. As his breathing slowed, Duo brushed the sweat from his forehead.

“Damn… why won’t it let me be?” Duo whispered to himself and got out of bed.

He decided there was no way he was going to return to a fitful sleep. The braided boy tiptoed down the hall and stopped at the steps. There he saw a light on. Suddenly he heard the dreaded voice.

“Have you seen a young boy with a long braid? Miss Noin claims she saw him hide in your maple tree.”

“What has he does to have you searching for him Milliardo?” Heero asked.

“That…sweeting… I can’t tell you. But if you tell me where he is I might give you a pleasant reward.”

Duo heard the moan Heero let out. Oh man I am in such deep shit! Duo thought and ran back to his borrowed room. Looking around Duo squeezed into the closet and closed the door. He couldn’t stop shaking as he heard footsteps enter the room. Then he heard Heero’s voice. “Duo? Duo where are you?”

Duo was to scared to answer he heard Heero’s voice again, “We are alone I promise. My…friend left.”

Slowly Duo opened the closet door and peeked his head out. Indeed, the older boy was alone. The braided boy walked out of the closet shakily and saw the look on Heero’s face. It was a look of relief and confusion. Heero grabbed Duo and pulled him into a tight hug. Duo though about struggling but the embrace felt so comfortable.

“Why is Milliardo after you?” Heero asked as he pulled the boys body closer to him.

Through a couple of sniffles, Duo explained, “I saw him burn down the Maxwell orphanage. I was the only one livin’ ‘cause It was my turn ta steal dinner for the other. Outta 499 kids I was the only one… I shoulda died wit them.”

By this time Duo was crying in Heero’s arms. The older boy held him as if his life depended on this young boy. Duo had his head buried in Heero’s chest as his hands clutched at the material of his shirt. Though tears, Duo asked, “What’s the Oz guy to ya and are ya goin’ to turn me in?”

The question made Heero still. After Milliardo had left no one talked about the relationship. Now this boy who was directly linked with his ex-boyfriend felt as if Heero was going to betray him.

“I dated Milliardo a long time ago, before he joined OZ and no I will NOT hand you over. I would never betray you,” Heero lifted Duo’s chin and then caressed the boys cheek. “Do you understand?”

Duo nodded. He believe the cobalt-eyed older boy and nuzzled his faced against Heero’s hand. The endearment made Heero stiffen but quickly relaxed and kissed the top of the young boy’s head. Duo smiled slightly and slowly closed his eyes. The older boy knew what Duo wanted and had to restrain himself from giving in to what his body yearned for. The boy was to young and he was going through a tough time. Duo opened his eyes and saw the inner struggle Heero was going though. He shook his head and took the lead. Slowly he moved his face close to Heero’s and softly kissed the older boy. Heero growled and pulled his face away. He pushed Duo the to the floor, restraining his arms above him and kissed the boy again with all the passion he could muster. Duo moaned as he felt Heero’s tongue caressing his lips and then the inside of his mouth. He could feel the older boy’s hips grinding into his, making sure that their awakening erections met. Another moan escaped Duo’s lips and was swallowed but Heero’s exploring mouth. Gently, Heero moved to the bed and lay the young boy down. Heero moved back to admire the flush cheeks and bruised lips of his angel before moving back and to Duo and kissing his way down the boy’s neck. Duo moved his head back and arched, making both their erections grind into each other. This time Heero groaned and lifted Duo’s shirt, taking it off completely. Heero leaned down to Duo’s right nipple and brushed his fingers over it. Duo gasped and arched and moaned when he felt Heero’s tongue. The older boy’s other hand pinched Duo’s left nipple before exploring further. The exploring hands slowly slipped into Duo’s black sweatpants, making the boy under him stiffen. Duo hadn’t expected to go this far and he knew he wasn’t ready. Guiltily, Duo pushed the older boy off him and sighed.

“There is something I have to tell you,” Duo said with a slight shiver.

He was afraid Heero would hate him and call him what everyone else called him. Heero cocked his head in confusion and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

“I… I’m a whore,” Duo said and closed his eyes, waiting for the anger.

Nothing came though and Duo peeked one eye open to see if what he said had any effect on Heero.

“How long?” was all Heero asked.

“Seven years,” Duo answered with a sigh.

Heero saw the disgrace one the young boy’s face and lifted his chin.

“Understand me Duo, what you have told me changes nothing about how I feel about you. Just answer one question cause I knew that when I touched you, you liked it until I got bolder why would you stiffen about being stroked?”

“I… I was handled badly by one of my customers. He took what was not his and left me in the cold….


// At 10 years old, Duo stood on the corner as he saw a man walking towards him.

“Hey mister, you lookin’ for some comp’ny?”

The man grinned and took Duo by the arm. Duo let out a squeal of startlement but the hand that slapped his face quickly stopped it.

“How much for a quick fuck?” the man asked.

“75 bucks mister. Where’s ya car?”

The man grinned again and pushed Duo into the alley. The man then threw Duo so that he was facing the wall and pulled his pants down.

“Nice… real nice. This should be worth 75. Are you a virgin kid?”

Duo nodded and stated meekly, “I usually do blowjobs or I’m the seme. I’ve never been uke.”

The man’s grin widened and he unzipped his pants before saying, “Well kid, here’s a new lesson, bein’ fucked!”

The word fucked was stressed as he rammed inside the unprepared boy. Duo screamed in pain as the man thrusted into him, quickly. He could hear the heavy breathing as the man whispered, “Your so tight whore. I’m so…hnnn…glad I get your tight ass first.”

Duo cried as the man fucked him. He felt as if he would break in two because the man was so big. He kept begging for it to stop but his beggings only seemed to arouse the man even more until he was being thrusted into, hard and rough. The man roughly handled his member until it felt numb. After what seemed like hours of torture, the man let out a grunt and came inside the raw anus. He slid out and watched the boy side to the ground, whimpering in pain.

“Here I’ll give you an extra 15 bucks since you were such a good fuck. I like young virgins.” The man said and laughed as he threw 90 dollars next to Duo and walked away.

Duo wrapped himself in a ball and lying on his side so he wouldn’t have to put any pressure on his ass, which throbbed with pain. //


Heero, who had been listening quietly, was now holding the boy who was weeping. He stroked the boy’s braid listening as Duo whimpered, “Please don’t hate me. I didn’ do nothing wrong. It wasn’ my choice.”

“Shh… I don’t hate you baby.” Heero said, soothing the crying burden in his arms. “Try to get some sleep ok.”

Duo nodded and curled up into a little ball. Heero lay beside him, wrapping the boy in his arms. He wanted to be with Duo tonight, because he knew he would lose his angel by tomorrow.


The morning sun shined through the window and the rays accented the sleeping boy in Heero’s arms. Heero had wakened up early and was watching Duo, who was resting peacefully. He gently ran his hand over the braid of the boy who lay beside him, trying not to waken his koi. When did I start thinking him as mine? Heero thought as he saw Duo move and peek his eyes open.

“What time is it? I don’ wanna wake up for classes father Maxwell.”

Heero laughed and whispered in Duo’s ear, “It’s early, about 8 o’clock. You can go back to sleep if you want.”

Duo smiled and yawned before cuddling closer to Heero.

“I don’ wanna go back to sleep. I wanna look into your eyes, they’re so strange…”

“I could say the same for yours. I’ve never seen violet eyes.”

Duo smiled and moved away from Heero, jumping out of the warm bed.

“Let’s go eat, I’m starved,” Duo said and ran out of the room, bumping into Relena. “Ohayo Peacecraft-sama! Genki desu ka?”

Relena nodded and answered, “Genki desu. Has Heero told you about where you are going today?”

Duo looked at Relena in confusion and whispered “Izuko?”

Heero walked out just as Duo asked where and glared at Relena. He knew she did something but what he had no idea.

“Izuko Heero? Where am I going?”

Duo’s violet eyes were big and looked as if he was going to cry.

“You can’t stay with me Duo. I wish you could but with Milli after you we can’t.”

Heero thought Duo was going to cry and beg but the braided boy just nodded and bowed to Relena.”

“Peacecraft-sama, thanks for lettin me sleep in the warm bed. it’s nicer than where other people make me sleep”

Relena smiled and nodded in return before turning to Heero. Softly she whispered that he should take Duo over now before she got attached to the braided boy. Heero nodded and took the boy’s hand, leading out of the mansion and into the limousine.