Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13+5, hinted 1+5, 6+1

Miyu-chan: wow that’s a lot of pairings huh Duo-chan
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Chapter 1


A young boy laughed as he ran through the woods. A piece of bread was in his hand. His braid swinging behind him as he ducked under branches and jumped over roots. Chasing behind him was an older woman who was yelling “Thief stop!” the boy didn’t listen. He jumped into a maple tree and watched the woman run past. “He he I win again. Noin- 0, Duo- 3.”

* * *

Another boy sat in his mansion. The shade to the window was opened letting the older boy watch what was going on.

“Master Heero do you want lunch in the dining room or the library?” the butler asked.

“I’ll take it here. There is something interesting…” Heero trailed off and stared at the back of a kid chewing on a piece of bread. Heero raised a dark brown eyebrow wondering if it was a male or female. He was about to ask his butler to find out but was interrupted by a voice.

“Heero, what are you looking at?” Relena asked

“A child… do you know who she is?”

Relena looked out the window and frowned. “That’s the thief who keeps stealing from Miss Noin’s bakery. I forget his name.”

Heero’s eyes widened. The child in the tree was a male. The boy looked thin as he finished the small piece of bread he had stolen. This was when Heero decided he would help this child and gain a new champion.

“Pagen! I want you to get that boy and bring him to me,” Heero commanded.

The old butler nodded and left the room. Heero’s lips twitched when he saw Relena’s face.

“Be careful Relena. Your face may get stuck like that.”

“But… you… you are letting that grungy boy live in my house! If he steals anything I will have my brother after him!”

Heero waved off his friend’s comment he even decided not to remind her that he paid half of the house so it was theirs. He stood and walked to the door to see what was taking Pagen so long. When he opened the door he saw Pagen trying to get near the braided boy a second time. A smile played on his lips and he wondered how the boy was reacting to the butler’s advances. He couldn’t wait to see this. An unmanly scream tore through the air, which startled Heero, and he stared in disbelief. The young boy who sat on the tree now guarded himself from Pagen. Heero noticed how beautiful the boy was. He had a heart shape face with long chestnut colored bangs covering his eyes. The boy looked about 15 or so with a slight muscled body, which proved, he worked out. He waited with expectation and wasn’t disappointed when he heard the boy speak.

“Get away from me old man. I don’t know who you are but if you take one-step closer I’ll…I’ll hurt you!” the boy yelled.

Heero chuckled at the anger in the boy’s voice and the distress in Pagen’s. He was trying so hard to be nice. Who would have thought his angel was a devil in disguise.

“Heero will you help Pagen put that heathen under control!” Relena screeched.

Heero had to cringe at the voice and nodded. If it would shut Relena up, he would help Pagen. Heero walked out the door and down the path to the maple tree. Pagen was greatly distressed as he tried to talk to the boy. Heero snuck around behind the boy and grabbed his arms. The boy struggled until Heero had him pinned against his body. Heero never expected the boy to feel so soft and he did wonders to his body. The older boy had to shake his thoughts from what he would like to be doing and focus on the issue at hand.

“State your name kid and maybe I won’t give you to OZ,” Heero said in his mock cold voice just to satisfy Relena.

The boy stiffened and then answered in a weak voice of surrender, “Duo… Duo Maxwell.”

Heero smiled and whispered Duo’s name. He felt Duo shivered and bow his head. This made Heero frown and he moved one of his hands around to lift Duo’s chin.

“Do not fear me young one. My name is Heero Yuy. I am in need of a champion. My current champion, the girl over there bores me and you seem so exotic, so interesting. I promise you will be treated well. Will you come home with me?”

Duo stopped shivering and weakly nodded. He moved his face from Heero’s comforting hand to face Pagen and said in an almost inaudible voice, “I’m sorry for causin’ so much trouble.”

The butler smiled and nodded. “It’s quite alright Master Duo.”

Heero chuckled as he saw Duo’s eyes sparkle. He could tell that Duo liked being called “master”. Heero let go of Duo’s arms and led the young boy to his mansion. As they entered Heero noticed Duo’s face.

“Wau… I’ve never been in a real big house b’fore… huh… Heero who’s the lady fumin’ at me?”

Heero suppressed a laugh and answered, “This is Relena Peacecraft. Relena this is Duo Maxwell.”

Relena nodded curtly and walked away. Duo watched her and then tapped his finger against his chin, thinking out loud, “Peacecraft… I’ve heard the name…jus’ forgot where.”

“Relena is the sister of Milliardo Peacecraft. He’s the second in command officer of the OZ police force.”

“Ara un! Duo said and smiled, which made Heero almost, melts. Duo’s smile made him look more gorgeous then he already was. Duo stared at Heero as he was studying him. After looking up and down with his eyes, Duo asked, “How old are ya? Ya look ‘bout 19 or sometin’.”

“I’m 22 actually. Its nice to know someone thinks I’m younger then I look,” Heero commented with a blush.

Duo blushed also and grinned. He was about to say he was hungry but his stomach beat him to it. The growl made both boys laugh and Heero said, “Come on Duo, let’s get you some lunch.”

Duo nodded vigorously and followed Heero into the dining room.

The dining room was a large room with a table that was almost as long as the room. When Duo started to sit at the end of the table Relena screeched and told Duo to sit in the kitchen with the other grungy kids. Heero growled softly at Relena and told the young boy to sit next to him. This made Relena screech again. Duo bounced next to Heero and sat to the left of him. The smile Duo gave Heero almost melted the older boy. The butler, Pagen, walked in with the maids and put out soup, turkey and cranberry sauce.

“KAKKOII! I never sawed so much food in my whole entire life!”

The young boy started reaching for the turkey but Relena’s voice stopped him.

“Stop acting like a heathen! Eat like a normal human being!”

When Heero growled again, Relena shrank in her seat.

“Duo, take as much as you like,” Heero said with a polite smile.

“SUGOI!” Duo yelped and helped himself to a load of turkey, a small bowl of Cranberry sauce and a big bowl of soup. The boy started eating like he was afraid someone would steal it. Because of this, Duo started to choke a little on his soup and started coughing. Heero patted the boy’s back.

“Don’t eat so fast. When was the last time you had a good meal?”

“Duo shrugged and answered, “When I was 5 b’fore the Maxwell orphanage was burn down.”

The word “Maxwell orphanage” was said Relena stiffened.

“You are the sole survivor of that massacre?”

Duo nodded and looked at Relena in confusion. Relena shook her head and said not to worry about it. Duo still looked confused but let it go.

“Heero-sama, I’m tired. Where’s the place I’ll be sleeping?” Duo asked as if he though he was going to sleep on the floor in the stables he saw outside.

Heero stood and held out his hand. Duo took it and let the older boy pull him from the dining room. Heero was amazed at how thin and soft Duo’s hand was. Not only that, it felt fragile as if he might break it if he squeezed to hard. The boys stopped in front of a room next to Heero’s. Heero opened the door and watched Duo walk into the room.

“Whoa… this room… it’s so big!” Duo exclaimed and jumped on the soft bed.

“Not use ta soft things… ‘sually sleep on da floor.” Duo melted into the bed and instantly fell asleep, curling into a ball. Heero smiled and covered the boy with a blanket. He watched as Duo grabbed the blanket and snuggled the blanket closer to him. Heero let a warm smile spread across his lips as he brushed his fingers against Duo’s pale cheek.

“Heero… can I talk to you?” Relena asked in a whisper.

Heero nodded and followed his friend into the library.

“What do you want Relena-san?”

Relena flinched as the ending she was given and then said, “The boy has to go. He can’t stay.”

“Why? He’s good company and I…”

“You don’t understand! My brother is partly responsible for the Maxwell orphanage disaster! He decided to find a way to reduce the number of young kids running around the streets. He targeted the orphanage.” Relena saw the anger but continued. “If Milliardo found Duo then….”

Heero’s hand cut off the last sentence. He couldn’t believe his friend’s brother and his ex-boyfriend was responsible for so many innocent deaths.

“Where would I put Duo? Who would take care of him?”

“Quatre… he will take care of any one without a home.”

Heero nodded and went to the telephone. He dialed and waited till someone picked up. It took 5 rings.

“Hello!” a low angry and husky voice asked.

“Hi Trowa, did I interrupt something?” Heero questioned with an amused voice.

“If I said yes would you go away… no darling it’s just Heero…fine but don’t talk to long … mmmm…”

Trowa’s voice disappeared and a soft equally husky voice said, “Hi Heero can I help you…nnnhhh…Tro-chan stop not while…. Ahhhhh…I’m on the…uhhhh… phone,” Quatre moaned.

Heero blushed and tried not to think about what was happening on the other line. He cleared his voice and asked, “I…uh… need you to help this boy I found… he’s 15 and the only survivor of the Maxwell Orphanage.”

Heero heard complete silence followed by muffled talking. Then Quatre said in an angel’s voice, “Of course I’ll help this child. Bring him over tomorrow and I will personally give him a tour of my palace.”

Heero gave Quatre a description of Duo and hung up. He looked at Relena and nodded. It upset him though; tomorrow he would lose his hyperactive angel. It would be the second thing he would lose after he found it. First was Wufei. No one, not even Wufei himself, knew how much he loved the Chinese boy… now Wufei was with Treize. Treize was the leader of the OZ police force. Wufei was with preventers, a corporation plotting against the corruption of the police. Wufei…what do I do now? I think I am starting to like this braided angel.