Duo’s first love

warnings- this is a Shonen ai and my first 1+2. This also has hints a rape.

These characters don’t belong to me. I wrote this a long time ago. This was actually a vocab assignment. One last quick warning. This is slight OOC. i hope you enjoy the if. i got an A on this so at least my teacher liked it. ok on to the fic and send comments.



It was over, and the mission had been a failure. All three pilots minus two were injured. Wufei had a few broken ribs and a nasty headache. Quatre had broken his arm and ribs and was being tended to by Trowa, who had a bandage around his head from hitting it against the sides of the cockpit. It was the worst mission they ever had and there was only reason for that. Someone was spying. Somehow OZ knew they were coming and had more than seventy mobile suits waiting. There were all militant soldiers but nothing had prepared them for this. The other down side to the failure of the mission was the capture of Duo. Out of all the pilots, Duo’s capture was taking its toll on Heero. He had been able to keep out of being hurt because of his perfect soldier skills. What surprised the “perfect soldier” was that he was hurting inside. The room was so quiet and his heart screamed for the noise of the Braided boy. ‘Why did you have to make me fall for you? I was taught to leave such emotions how can that surface now. I always thought these feelings would be transitory . . . ’ Heero thought.

“Oi Heero . . . what are we going to do about Duo. We can’t just leave him there,” Quatre said as he peeked his head in the door.

“I know . . . there is no way we can postulate whether or not they still have him at the base,” Heero stated, running his hand through his dark brown hair.

“Heero, we have no choice. Our main incentive is to save Duo.”

Heero nodded and stood. He walked out of the safe house and into his Gundam, hoping that Duo was safe.

* * *

Duo sat in the corner of his cell. His knees crunched close to him. His clothes had been torn and his chestnut hair was coming out of his braid. His whole body trembled from the cold air and what the guards had done to him. One of his hands clutched his cross. Everything was hurting. His body, his heart, even his bluish-purple eyes were hurting from lack of sleep. Suddenly Duo jumped when he heard the door open.

“Well, well pretty boy. I see you’re finally conscious. Lady une wants to ask you some more questions,” The Guard said with a large grin and then continued to say, “PART of me is hoping you decide to be as stubborn as last time.”

The guard emphasized the word part And it made Duo shiver as he was pulled to his feet and dragged out of his cell. ‘Heero, please save me. I have tried to be implacable but I don’t know how much more I can stand . . . ’ He thought as he was thrown into the room.

“Hello 02 . . . ready for some more questioning or do I have to use more persuasion?” Lady Une said, holding up the syringe.

Duo cringed and shivered as he looked around at the four guards who were about ready to pounce on him. He felt like he was encompassed in a world he would never get out of.

“Now first of all what is your name?” Lady Une asked.

“My . . . My name is Maxwell,” Duo answered, determined not to cooperate no matter what was done to him.

“My, you do have a strong will. But of course you are a Gundam Pilot. Don’t worry, with my stringent rules of persuasion you should open up like a scared child.”

With that said, Lady Une empted the continents of the syringe. All that could be heard were Duo’s screams.

* * *

Heero paused as he neared the cells. His hands clenched into fists as he heard the screams and cries from Duo. He swore that the screams transcended anything he’d ever heard. Even the people who he killed in battle never screamed this loud. Soon the screams stopped and Heero heard a woman tell the guards to put the prisoner back in his cell. He saw the guards come closer to where he was hiding and saw the unconscious boy. His dark blue eyes held a burning flame that could have burned the men if they saw him. Without thinking, Heero jumped out of the shadows and wrapped his hands around one of the guard’s neck. He twisted it until there was a snap and the guard fell to the ground limp as a rag doll. The second guard dropped Duo and took out a dagger. He charged at Heero, but the Perfect soldier was two fast and the Guard’s arm was bent backwards and the dagger fell to the ground. Heero picked up the weapon and moved close to the Guard.

“Who is your superior?” he asked in an icy tone.

“I’ll never tell you. But she will kill all of you, just you wait. All the Gundam pilots will feel her wrath!” the guard laughed and looked at Duo. “That Gundam pilot is such a pretty thing. Too bad he’s been wasted. Now he’ll never be good for you.”

The guard continued to laugh but was silenced when Heero glided the blade across his neck. The second guard fell and Heero Walked over him. He picked Duo up in his arms as he regained consciousness.

“Hee . . . Heero . . . you came for me,” He said and winced in pain. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong like you. If you have come to kill me, do it. I’m beyond redemption.”

Heero shook his head and brushed his lips against Duo’s. He smiled and whispered, “Ai shitieru. You are pivotal to me and I promise I will always protect you.”

Duo sighed and cuddled closer to the Japanese Boy. He murmured “Ai shitieru koi" and fell into his first restfully sleep.