Title: Silence (1/?)
Author: Misty
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Pairings: 1x2, implied 3x4, 6x5, NxH
Warnings: yaoi, shounen ai, shoujo ai, angst, lemon/lime, language, maybe OOC Heero, probably more warnings as fic goes on.
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Notes:This is set a few years after the war, and Heero and Duo are an already established couple. This gets pretty angsty, but it?s not a death fic, I promise.

Also, sometimes Heero might say something in Japanese, and Duo will reply in English, which is actually something my lover and I do, so sorry if that confuses anyone. And the small amount of Japanese Duo does use is mmostly what he picked up from Heero.

Disclaimer: I belong to the secret society really in charge of Bandai and Sunrise, so yes, the boys are MINE! Er? great, now I have to kill ya??^.^


Silence. Before me is the most beautiful man ever created, having his brains fucked out, and all I can hear is silence. Time seems to slow down. It's the part of sex right before orgasm, when suddenly your mind is clear and you can reach an epiphany.

I can still feel it, of course. The pleasure sweeps through me like a tidal wave. In my mind I know the sounds he's making, as I've had them memorized for years. By now I've learned how to trick myself into believing that I can actually hear him, that the sounds aren't just memories from before.

Not tonight. Tonight I give myself no illusions. It's spiritual, in a way, making love in complete silence. I can feel the vibrations of his heart and mine, sense the slight tensing of his body seconds before it occurs. Yet I know I'm missing so much more.

He comes, and I give myself up to climax, following him. I gently pull out, knowing the whimper he's giving off without even checking. I smile, thinking that maybe I know him too well. Of course, that's better than not knowing him at all.

I pull him against me, his back to my chest, and whisper words that he alone can hear, hoping they come out right. He nods, as per the ritual, and I smile, lapsing into a light sleep as we spoon the night away.


/Heero Yuy, a music lover. Wouldnt ya know it?/

Duo contemplated this information as he walked down the isles of the newest music store in town, searching for an old album from the 1980's. It was almost Valentine's Day, and he knew he had to buy a present. After grilling Heero for almost three hours, he had finally found out about his lover's obsession with what he called 'classic rock.'

The braided American had already found Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Blue Oyster Cult, amazingly enough, and now he was looking for the last on his list, Def Leppard. He knew his Japanese lover wasn't expecting much, and certainly not this, but that's why he felt he had to. After all, it was their third Valentine's day together. It was his turn to be romantic and surprising for once.

After about an hour, Duo bounced out of the shop, carrying a black shopping bag. Smiling, he put on his sunglasses and hopped on his motorcycle, hoping he'd make it home before the Perfect Soldier. He had to have time to wrap his gifts, you know.


An opened box of chocolates, it's contents half eaten, sat on the coffee table, wrappers strewn about. Next to it sat two cards. And behind those sat two unopened presents, one in a Christmas bag, the other wrapped in brightly colored paper proclaiming "Happy Birthday."

"Ai shiteru, Du-chan." The bag was picked up and placed gently in an American baka's lap. The braided one let out an exclamation of excitement before quickly tearing open the package and looking inside, finding an ornate glass rose. Violet eyes widened in surprise and wonder before the affectionately named 'Du-chan' glomped his lover.

"Thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou, Hee-chan!" Overwhelmed, the Japanese man simply wrapped his arms around the bundle of joy that had placed itself in his lap.

"You're welcome, Duo, I figured it was about time to add to your collection." Answered with a nod, the former perfect soldier watched as the second package was dropped almost unceremoniously in his lap, an excited Duo looking on with impatience. With a quirk of the eyebrow at the wrapping, long-fingered hands began slowly yet efficiently unwrapping the paper, taking as much time as possible while violet depths fought with the urge to rip the package out of his hands. As the paper came undone, a smile spread up to his cobalt eyes, and he looked at his lover with adoration.

"I love you, Heero." The American baka was pulled into a fierce hug as the perfect soldier fought tears.

"Arigatou, Duo."

"You're welcome."


Hours later, after a few long, satisfying bouts of Valentine's celebration, both parties were lying on the couch watching old love stories. Audrey Hepburn danced onstage, singing about the new love of her life. Duo, snuggled deep in Heero?s arms, softly sang along.

As the actress finished her song, the American's stomach growled. "Hee-chan, have we got any popcorn?"

"No, we ate the last of it a few days ago, remember?" Duo nodded, blushing slightly as he remembered precisely how they had used that particular batch. "If you want some, I can go get it."

"Don't worry about it, Hee-chan. We'll go shopping tomorrow." Snuggling closer, violet eyes fell partially closed.

"Du-chan, it's Valentine's day. I want to get you popcorn. We live in a 24-hour city, and there's a 7-11 just a few blocks away." Cobalt eyes looked so confident and loving, Duo couldn't say no.

"Come back soon, lover."

"Don't worry, koi, I will."


Three hours later, a bleary-eyed Duo awakened, finding himself stretched out on the couch, snow on the tv screen, soft static buzzing. Slowly realizing where he was and why he was there, he also drew the conclusion that Heero wasn't beside him, and should've been.

Sitting up and stretching after rubbing his eyes, the braided one pushed himself up and began methodically searching the house. Calling out his lover's name as he walked from room to room Duo began to suspect something was wrong. The house felt empty.

"Heero? Hee-chan, if you're here, this really isn't funny? In fact, you don't even play jokes like this?" Feeling a cold shiver run down his spine, he quickly shut up and grabbed his gun from its hiding place. Checking to make sure the door was locked, he re-checked every room, this time searching all the closets and hiding places. Finding no one, the American lowered his gun and sighed with relief, although still worried.

He thought about calling his friends, then decided against the idea, in case something was wrong - he didn't want to worry them. Instead he spent the better part of an hour thinking of all the possible places his Japanese lover could be, the scenarios getting stranger and more unlikely as time went on.

The chestnut-haired man was so wound up that he actually jumped when the phone rang. Recovering quickly, he answered the phone in haste, trying to make his voice calm enough to speak.


The voice on the other end was very professional with a hint of sadness. "Is Mr. Duo Maxwell home?"

"Yes, this is he." The former pilot waited with almost baited breath, unsure weather to hope for news of Heero or a telemarketer.

"This is the police. We have a Mr. Heero Yuy in the hospital right now, and you were first on the contact list," the voice said, almost apologetically.

"What? Heero's in the- Where is he? What happened?" Duo was frantic now, dealing with his shock incredibly well.

"Please Mr. Maxwell-"

"Yuy-Maxwell," the American corrected, his violet eyes filled with fire.

"Right, Mr. Yuy-Maxwell, if you'll stay calm, we'll tell you everything." The voice seemed almost weary, as if tired of dealing with nervous wrecks.

"Just tell me where the hospital is." The threat in his voice was unspoken yet well heard. The voice on the other end faltered.

"Y-yes? On the corner of fifth and Maple." The braided one was already out the door.

Sunglasses on to help keep his mask in place, Duo hopped on his motorcycle and sped off.


A mere thirty minutes later, all the former gundam pilots sat gathered in the waiting room, along with Zechs, Noin, and Hilde. They had all been kind enough not to notify Relena, deciding it would be best to wait at least until the next day, if not the next month. After seeing Duo's condition, the choice had been completely unanimous.

The violet-eyed American sat grimly in a chair, not a note of humor touching his features. He hadn?t spoken since the phone call to Quatre, the blond having called the others. Although his demeanor was calm, former pilot 02's outward appearance was haggard.

Sunglasses still in place, hair in a loose braid that threatened to come undone, fingers toying almost unnoticeably with the hem of his shirt; Duo Maxwell was a complete mask. Well, except to those who knew him.

As the doctor walked into the waiting room, Shinigami moved with lightning speed to meet him, giving the poor man a withering glare. The doctor faltered for a moment before regaining his composure.

"Mr. Yuy-Maxwell, I presume?" The others sighed in relief, glad to know the doctor wasn't stupid, or maybe he was just unprejudiced.

"Yes. Can I see him now?" The dangerous light had not faded from violet eyes. The doctor sighed softly.

"I need to speak with you privately, sir."

"No. We will talk here, now." He privately admitted to himself that he was being weak for needing his friends there, but he couldn't bear the thought of having to re-tell the news. The doctor nodded slowly. "Can I see him now?"

"I'm afraid not, sir. He's going into surgery in the next few minutes; he broke a rib. He will come out of it alright, no reason to worry about that."

"What is it?" Duo knew there had to be more. The doctor never would have come out and asked to talk to him privately if everything was okay.

"Well, I do have some bad news, are you sure you don't want to talk privately?"

Looking around at all those who had come to wait with him for Heero, the braided one knew he needed them to hear it too. "No," he responded, shaking his head.

"Please feel free to visit our hospital's counselor, all of you. I am sad to report that Mr. Heero Yuy-Maxwell is deaf."

~End Part 1~