Title: The Gundam Boys on Drugs
Author: Misty "Saturn" Alexander
Pairings:let me count the ways.. Primarily,1x2x1,3x4x3.On the side,3x2,1x5
Warnings:Drug Usage!,angst,batardizing Heero..and umm...well humor..
Part: 3/?
Genre: humor/angst
Rating: NC-17 over all and NC-17 for this part
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing nor do I claim to own Gundam Wing.I do not own the characters from Gundam Wing (wish I did!) now do I claim to own the characters from Gundam Wing.I am merely borrowing them for my own sick amusement...
Authors note: Well this is a really interesting lil idea I came up with but of course I decided to make it humor and angst...bad misty....enjoy you guys oh and gomen for crossposting..oh and also after i write the basic events i'll be sending out the POV series on this fic! C&C would rock guys!

To refresh the memory
Duo cried out and it only made Heero more angry. The Japanese youth jumped upon the smaller American boy and he started punching him in the jaw and the stomach. He was bruising him up pretty bad. Duo was crying and screaming for Heero to stop, but the drugs were too strong, and Heero didn't even realize what he was doing. At about that time Wufei and Trowa both ran in.

Wufei gasped and ran over prying Heero off of the crying and blubbering American boy. Trowa had moved to Duo as the Chinese boy had gotten the enraged Heero off of Duo. The tall European boy took Duo in his arms and he glanced to Wufei and the struggling Japanese boy. After a moment of trying to make up his mind, he moved to the stairs and went up them quickly.

Heero was yelling the whole time, screaming at Duo. Saying horrible things to the poor braided boy. No wonder Duo was crying so badly, his feelings were much more hurt than his body. Wufei finally slammed Heero against the floor and sat down ontop of him. His knees pinning flailing arms down. He sighed and looked down at Heero. "Heero calm down, you bruised Duo up pretty bad" Heero growled and looked at the Chinese boy, it seemed that the drugs had made him very violent.

Mean while upstairs Trowa held the smaller boy in his arms. Gentle hands rubbed Duo's back as he lay there, feeling much safer. The drugs still made his mind swirl with colors and sensation. After calming down a bit more Duo suddenly started kissing Trowa's neck. The taller boy blinked and gently moved away from Duo. "Duo what are you doing?"

Duo smiled at him in a very cute yet strange way, then he moved toward the boy whispering. "I'm only paying you back for saving me back there" Duo moved to Trowa again and slipped into his lap. The banged boy was confused, but somewhere deep down inside he wanted this to happen. He had always had feelings for the braided boy. To some extent, this was Trowa's fantasy.

Trowa looked at Duo, who was now busy doing a striptease. Nimble little hands had already gotten his shirt unbuttoned, and now he was slinking out of it. The banged boy bit his lip and he whispered. "Duo....I..can't you're on drugs. It just wouldn't be righ-" Before he could say another word those soft lips where pressed to his own. All he could do was close his eyes a moan. Trowa really didn't have a lot of willpower in these types of situations thank's to Quatre.

Oblivious to what was going on upstairs Heero had finally calmed down and had stopped trying to fight the other boy. Wufei finally moved his knees from pinning the boy's arms down. Which to some degree was a mistake, as soon as those arms where released Wufei found himself in them. The Japanese boy was clinging to him, and he had no idea how to react to that. So he just laid there quietly on top of Heero, letting the stronger boy hold him.

After a while of laying like that Wufei felt the strangest thing, soft lips had begun traling their way along his jawbone. He gasped and his eyes went wide, he looked down to find Heero grinning up at him. In a quick motion Heero reached up and grabbed Wufei, then he flipped him over onto his back. He then sat down across his hips and started kissing his chest. "Heero what are you doing! This is injustice!!!! First you attack Duo and now you hit on me while he's upstairs crying!"

If only Wufei had known the truth, at that very moment both Trowa and Duo were enjoying themselves. All it took for Duo to convince Trowa was a simple little white lie. He told the banged boy that the drugs had worn off, and that he was totally sober. Of course that wasn't true at all, but to Duo it didn't matter at the moment. The banged boy was lieing comfortably on his back, with Duo on top of him. One of Trowa's hands was letting the boy's hair down and the other was firmly on his hip.

Normally Duo would have a fit about his hair, he didn't like people touching it, and it was rare if he let Heero take it down at anytime, even during sex. But at the moment he was in a drugged bliss, all that mattered was the fact that Trowa was burried deep inside of him. He had been sitting still for a moment but he became agrivated with being still. Duo raised up gently off of Trowa and then slipped back down, again letting the banged boy sink so deep inside of him.

In mere moments Trowa was grasping the boy's hips forcing him up and down in quick rough motions. Duo was moaning out and shuddering in pleasure and soon Trowa was more or less doing all the work. At that point he gently pulled Duo off of him and pushed the boy gently onto his back. Duo's slender legs were placed up so they rested on Trowa's shoulders, after adjusting to the position it's self Trowa thrust his hips forward forcing his aching arousal into the violet eyed boy below him.

One of Trowa's hands had pushed Duo's arms up above his head, holding his arms down firmly by small wrists. While his other hand swam in the chestnut sea of Duo's fine silky hair. The American's slender little hips were bucking wildly against Trowa as he continued to slam himself deep within the boy's tight slippery entrance. Duo was moaning relatively quietly at the moment, but Trowa was letting out loud grunts and groans of pleasure. The silent boy was being unusally loud and the loud boy was being unusally silent.

"Duo!!! Oh god's Duo! You're so tight!" Trowa was gasping with pleasure, and both the boy's knew that it wouldn't take much more to bring one another to release. Duo's body was writing in a completely helpless manner under Trowa, in an attempt to keep him still the boy tightened his grip on Duo's wrist. Suddenly Trowa's free hand moved up, he let the boy's wrists go then captured them again, pinning him more effectively into the bed. Which each harsh thrust Trowa's hands crushed Duo's small wrists into the bed even more, and sharp fingernails where digging into the soft flesh. The tiny American cried out in pain, oblivious to the fact that the door just flew open.


end part 3

Misty "Saturn" Alexander

How did I do?! Other than the cliche reference to Duo being tight. I'm getting better at writing lemons,let alone the smutty type.I fear I'm much much better at writing the sweet love making stuff which so many people can't get into..maybe i'll try that next time? C&C would rock! And yes 1x2 will come in again really soon! I promise!