Title: The Gundam Boys on Drugs
Author: Misty "Saturn" Alexander
Pairings: let me count the ways.. Primarily,1x2x1,3x4x3.On the side,3x2,1x5
Warnings: Drug Usage!, angst, bastardizing Heero.. and umm... well humor..
Part: 2/?
Genre: humor/angst
Rating: NC-17 over all R for this part
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing nor do I claim to own Gundam Wing. I do not own the characters from Gundam Wing (wish I did!) now do I claim to own the characters from Gundam Wing. I am merely borrowing them for my own sick amusement...
Authors note: Well this is a really interesting lil idea I came up with but of course I decided to make it humor and angst... bad misty.... enjoy you guys oh and gomen for crossposting.. oh and also after i write the basic events i'll be sending out the POV series on this fic! C&C would rock guys!


The Gundam Boys on Drugs 2/?

After a long day of school and missions for some of the pilots the sun finally went down. And with the sun going down it brought all the pilots home. Except Trowa who had a circus preformance that night. Heero and Duo finally emerged from their rooms and out into the large living room, where they saw Quatre and Wufei sitting. After a moment they went over to join them.

Duo smiled sweetly to them all then he spoke. "Hey guys.. I got some stuff for us to try I hear it'll do great things for us.. It's called acid." Wufei and Quatre looked at Duo oddly and then over to Heero. After a moment the braided baka pulled out a little bag containing 5 perfect looking little tabs of acid.

Quatre gasped and he looked at Duo quite shocked. "Duo, that stuff isn't healthy its bad for you. Heero you aren't going to let him are you?" Heero just kind of shrugged at this really. What could he do after all? Duo pipped up and moved over to Quatre handing him a tab. "Come on Quatre it'll be fun I hear it makes a lot of things really fun..." And with that Quatre took the tablet in hand examining it.

Next Duo skipped over to Wufei, he tried to hand him a tab but he pushed his hand away. "No way Maxwell, it's not good for your body, the very fact Heero is letting you take it is total injustice!" Heero snorted and then he actually threw his own two cents in. "He's his own person Wufei." Before Heero could say another word Duo shoved a tab in his mouth. Heero blinked and looked at the violet eyed boy questioningly.

Duo smirked down to Heero and then he grabbed another tab popping it in his mouth and under his tongue,letting it disolve away.Quatre was still examining his tab and Wufei rolled his eyes and grumbled. "Weaklings" Heero shrugged and Duo sat down in the Japanese boy's lap ever so gently. After a moment Quatre's curiosity got to him.

"Is it dangerous?" Quatre asked this question very nervously, and only to get a smart assed reply from Duo. "Isn't waking up in the mornings?" With that Quatre popped the tab in his mouth and let it disolve under his tongue. "Promise you won't tell Trowa" Wufei merely got up and walked out of the room, but Heero and Duo agreed not to tell Trowa.


About twenty minuets had past since they first took the acid, now they were all in a drugged daze. Heero was just staring at the window and Duo was starting at something on the floor, as he tried to think back to earlier when Heero yelled at him about the acid. Quatre had a strange smile on his face, and he was staring at a vase of roses. Which for him were turning into water colors and sliding down the vase. He laughed and poked the vase gently.


Finally the first hour past, and at this point they were all in their own little intricate worlds. Duo still staring at the floor, actually no it was a spider. After a few moments he started backing away from the thing. "Hee-chan! Hee-chan!!!!! You're a spider!" Indeed in Duo's eyes yes the spider had grown Heero's head. It seemed the little blonde Arabian was now staring at the flowers on the wall. Of course that was until Trowa walked in the front door still in his clown gear.

Duo was freaking out and smacking Heero's shoulder gently. "It has your head! I swear look Heero it has your head!" And about the time Heero finally looked at Duo, they heard an ear piercing scream from Quatre. When they looked over he lay there limp, obviously past out. Poor Trowa sitting there simply trying to hand Quatre a gorgeous red rose. But Quatre had seen this as a clown coming at him with a dripping bloody knife.

"What's wrong with Quatre Duo?" Trowa asked worriedly. "He took acid with us!" Duo laughed out and shook his head from side to side, that was too funny in his mind. Trowa growled and picked Quatre up, taking him upstairs and putting him into bed. As Trowa did that Heero stood up and growled down at Duo. "You promised Quatre that you wouldn't tell! And you told!!!!!!!!!!!" And about that time Heero's first met with Duo's pretty little face.

Duo cried out and it only made Heero more angry. The Japanese youth jumped upon the smaller American boy and he started punching him in the jaw and the stomach. He was bruising him up pretty bad. Duo was crying and screaming for Heero to stop, but the drugs were too strong, and Heero didn't even realize what he was doing. At about that time Wufei and Trowa both ran in.