Title: The Gundam Boys on Drugs
Author: Misty "Saturn" Alexander
Pairings: let me count the ways.. Primarily, 1x2x1, 3x4x3. On the side, 3x2, 1x5
Warnings: Lemon, humor, daddy fetish (calling seme daddy during sex...)dirty talk and a bit of langauge, Drug Usage!
Parts: 1/?
Genre: humor
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing nor do I claim to own Gundam Wing. I do not own the characters from Gundam Wing (wish I did!) now do I claim to own the characters from Gundam Wing. I am merely borrowing them for my own sick amusement...
Authors note: Well this is a really interesting lil idea I came up with but of course I decided to make it humor.... This is also my first lemon.. by the way the drug use comes a bit later.... enjoy!!!


The Gundam Boys on Drugs


Duo skipped in merrily from school, he had a very mischievous look in his eyes. Heero noticed this as soon as his American school mate walked through the door. A small smirk was on his lips as he whispered softly. "What's with you Maxwell?" Duo squeaked happily and moved over to Heero. "Some guys at school gave me some stuff today. I've been wanting to try it for a while" That smirk faded a bit as he looked at Duo.

"What kind of stuff?" Heero asked quietly, dark Prussian blue eyes staring into those amethyst orbs."Acid... you know.. the drug that is supposed to make you hallucinate?" The Japanese boy froze as he stood there, he was in shock more or less, hardly believing what Duo had said.

"Hee-chan it'll be fun, we can all do it. You, me, Trowa, Quatre, even Wu-chan!" Heero growled a bit and he looked away from Duo "No chance in hell." Duo bit his lip and then he gently pressed against Heero. His lips gently touching along his neck, and his arms wrapping around his waist. "You're so sexy when your mad Hee-chan."

Heero growled even more and he pushed Duo up against the closest wall. His knee was placed between the braided baka's legs ever so gently. In mere seconds they were both locked into a passionate kiss. //Damn him! He knows exactly how to weaken me!// Heero thought as he grunted into the kiss.

After a moment of heavy kissing it seemed the Heero had snapped out of it. He pulled away and looked at Duo whispering softly. "Wait... they gave you acid... just out of the blue?" Duo looked at Heero sheepishly then he glanced down. "Well... no.. I kind of.. bought it.. But I have plenty so all of us can try it!!!" Heero growled again and whispered softly. "I don't think it's a good idea Duo, I really don't"

After a moment those violet eyes glanced back at Heero, then in a whiny voice Duo began babbling. "But Heeeee-chan!!!!!!! Please?! I've wanted to try it forever I hear its reallly fun!" A small "hn" came from Heero as he rolled his eyes and turned away from Duo. But before he even had time to react Duo pounced him and started up with the kissing again. Heero struggled for a moment then relented, giving into his beautiful braided baka.

Duo wrapped his arms and legs tightly around the Japanese boy, as he continued on his lustful assault. After a moment Heero picked himself and Duo up off of the floor, then he carried the braided baka off to his room. Once inside the bedroom he gently lay Duo down on the bed, then he started stripping the violet eyed boy.

All of this lustful carrying on had aroused Duo quite a bit, and it had affected Heero the same way. After he finished stripping the other boy, he quickly took his own clothes off. Heero was very eager and there would be no foreplay today it seemed, nope none at all really. A deep purr rose from his throat as he pounced the other boy, leaving small kisses on his neck.

After a few moments of kissing and caressing Duo was whimpering for his koibito to take him. "Heero! mm please... please take me!" And of course this made Heero mad with lust, in mere seconds a small bottle of lube had been taken from under the bed. Duo was whining and watching Heero, he purred and moaned out as the Japanese youth started rubbing his entrance with the tip of one of those coated fingers.

The braided boy moaned and whined in protest, he had no wish to be prepared it seemed he was in the mood for pain today. "Hee-chan just take me.... I want to hurt." he said in a soft purring voice. Heero blinked and looked up at Duo, after a moment he squirted more lube in his hand and he started stroking his throbbing member with the cool gel. He moaned softly and looked at his lover who was contentedly watching him.

Heero bit his lip and grabbed Duo's legs forcing them up to rest on his shoulders and chest. He shivered and positioned the swollen tip at his koi's puckered entrance. Duo looked up and gave him that look, the look that said please give it to me now. And Heero did just that, those strong hips pushed forward gently pressing his thick member into his lovers body. A whimper came from Duo, which of course Heero knew was a sign of pain.

He finally pushed the rest of his aching shaft into his awaiting lover, who was biting his lip in pain. Heero purred and gently grasped his lover's shaft and started stroking it as if to ease that pain. He hated taking Duo like this, he hated seeing Duo in pain but of course Duo loved this a lot. He sat very still for a few moments, giving his angel some time to get used to the intrusion now inside his body. But the one below him was growing impatient.

After a few more seconds Heero let out a deep breath and he started to pull out, then gently thrust back in. His lover started to moan after a few moments of this, it seemed Heero was finally hitting just the right spot. Those thrusts became quicker and much more harsh than before. And it was only a matter of time before Duo's voice rang out "Mnn! Daddy!!!". Heero shuddered and gasped a bit, he always was the more silent type.

Duo on the other hand was totally vocal, and sex was no exception. He would yell, scream, talk dirty, whatever it would take to get Heero to cum for him. And today was on exception to that either. The braided baka was moaning like crazy, usually everyone in the house knew when they were having fun.

"Ohh Daddy! mm Don't stop it feels so good!"


It seemed at this point both of the boys were very close to orgasm. Duo was clawing at Heero's chest and Heero was grasping Duo's braid tightly in his free hand. All it took to drive them both over the edge was Duo's big mouth.

"Hee-chan! mm Daddy!!! I'm so close! Fuck me harder! Nnn DADDY!"

"Hnnnnnnnnnn Duo!!!!!!"*

After that brief exchange in words Heero was totally pushed over the edge, he came deep inside of the moaning foul mouthed boy beneath him. Duo trembled and cried out even more as his hot fluid covered Heero's hand and stomach. Heero gently pulled out and collapsed next to his lover, shivering and putting his arms around him. Duo then nuzzled him affectionatly. After this it didn't take long for them to fall asleep.



* ok...the hnnnnnnn thing... I could totally imagine Heero doing that.. since it is his favorite thing to say... as for Duo being foul mouthed and naughty in bed I could picture that too... the daddy thing... why not? ::grins and giggles::