Yami no Gundam
Author: Miss Conception
Archive: Tejina's realm <http://tejinas.0catch.com/>
Genre: semi-fusion/romance
Pairings: various
Rating: PG-13 for now
Series: Gundam Wing/Yami no Matsuei
Warnings: semi-fusion, yaoi, lemony scenes, sap, AU, OOC, bastard Zechs *ducks away from punches from Milliard fans*, supernatural, vampires?? (but not really), blood, violence, major angst, death of minor, nameless, insignificant characters that just happen to help contribute to the storyline *finally breathes*, possible het (who knows!)

**Disclaimer: I don't own either series...I'm just gonna use 'em a little bit, okay??**

^Author's Note: This is a fusion of sorts. It takes place in YnM universe, with GW characters. Characters are as follows:

Hisoka/ Heero
Tsuzuki/ Duo
Muraki / Zechs (Milliard)
Watari/ Quatre
Tatsumi/ Wufei
Konoe/ Lady Une
Hakushana/ Treize


These are the main characters, and other minor ones will soon be added. And I swear I will find a way to get poor Trowa in here too!! Any deviations from the original storyline are mine and mine alone, and are merely to add effect to the yaoi warning. I am not an expert on either shows, but I hope to provide a fairly accurate and entertaining attempt at a fusion here. Thanks so much!!


In the land of the dead known as Hades, there is an organization in charge of dealing with the dead and their past deeds. This a place where those who have died are assembled, where souls who wander lost in the afterlife are drawn. This is JuOhCho. And in that, there is EnmaCho, a division in which one particular young man, Duo Maxwell, just so happens to be working. He and the people he works with are called "Shinigamis", as they often are called on to be bringers of death. Each has supernatural powers and many other different abilities that distinguish them from the living. It is in this division, and with this character, that our story begins.

Part 1: Nagasaki Arc One: The Lost Souls


The young woman walked down the street nervously. She’d been down this way many times, and she couldn’t quite place why she was so nervous. She glanced at her watch: 9:30. It tried to shrug it off and walk forward. She barely noticed, as she was so distracted with her nervousness, the strange girl who stood just up the road from her.

“Excuse me,” she said as she walked past. Suddenly, her arm was grabbed and she was slung around to face the other woman. Her white hair and red eyes were almost enough to make her nervous, but it was the fangs that eventually got her. Her arms were twisted behind her and she saw the beautiful creature bend her mouth toward her neck. She felt the first shock of pain, as wave after wave, growing in intensity, wracked her body. She felt the blood spilling down her neck and rolling down her body, dampening her clothes. Her last coherent thought, which was to yell “help!” came out as only a blood-curling scream as she felt consciousness and her life slip away.

* * * * * *

Wufei, Quatre, and Une gathered around the table, viewing pictures of dead victims. “These are the pictures of the victims in this case. Each one was found with puncture marks on their necks, and the blood drained from their body,” Une explained.

“I can’t believe this!” Quatre exclaimed, wondering why someone would do such a thing. “I didn’t even know such creatures existed outside of myths.”

“This one appears to be very real,” Une replied. “This needs to be put to an end, and we must find the person that is doing this. Duo?”

Hearing no response, all three turned and scanned the room for the presence of their other member. Wufei walked up to the information board, angered by the message left by his other member. “Stake-out on Earth?”

Quatre and Une shook their heads. Even after 72 years, Duo was still the same Duo.

* * * * * *

Duo stood on the street corner, trying his best to look inconspicuous in his black trench coat. “She’s late,” he told himself aloud, trying his best to wait patiently for her return. If she didn’t get back soon, he would be late for the meeting for his next assignment.

He felt a tap on the shoulder and whirled around. Wakaba smiled and handed him the small box. “YAY!!” he exclaimed, whirling around in a pleased fashion. “You got my cinnamon roll for me!” He pulled the smaller girl into his arms.

“Duo, let me go! I have work to do,” she said in a joking manner. “And don’t you have to return soon?”

He glanced down at his watch. “Oh shit! I’m late!” he yelled as he quickly bolted away to return to Hades. He waved a quick good-bye to his partner-in-crime.

He ran as quickly as he could, getting to the room where he was supposed to be meeting. He burst through the doors, seeing the angry faces of his peer. I’m in for an earful, he thought as he walked up to the table. “Sorry I’m late,” he said, trying to act as serious as possible.

“You’re 20 minutes late, Duo!” Une said in a calm voice. “I hope that you have a good excuse.”

Duo laughed nervously, trying to quickly think of an excuse. “Well...you see...it’s just that...well...--”

Une walked up to where he was standing, looking at the small box in his hand. “Is THIS the reason why you were late?” She pulled the box from Duo’s hand.

“Hey!” he said, trying to retrieve the box from Une. “That’s my lunch!” He almost had it in his hand when she tossed it to Quatre. “C’mon, Quatre. Let me have it back.”

“Sure, Duo,” he said, letting the boy get close before tossing it to Wufei.

“Guys!” he whined, walking over to where Wufei stood.

“Here,” Wufei stated, holding out the box. As Duo walked closer, he added, “We can all share it!”

Duo sighed loudly and bent over pouting. Well, at least some is better than none. However, by the time it was divided up between the four of them, only one big bite was left. “The arduous trek to Earth, and all I get is this lousy one bite,” he said, mostly to himself since no one else seemed to be paying attention.

Une turned to him after finishing her portion. “Now, Duo, report to Nagasaki at once. If you don’t, we’ll have your job for REAL this time!”

Duo pouted again. “But---”

“No buts! You’re the one who gets to investigate the mysterious deaths that have been occurring within the area.” She took out the pictures, showing them to him. A look of sadness passed over his eves as he examined the pictures of the victims. He couldn’t believe that someone had done this. It seemed to be a horrifying act. “We’re calling this case the Vampire case. It seemed to be a fitting name.”

Duo nodded and spoke again. “And who is my partner for this case?” he asked, curious to know who would be helping him with this case.

“You’ll meet your partner there,” Une said. “We’ve chosen someone that we think will be able to successfully keep you in line on the job. For now, take Gushoshin with you until you have a chance to meet up with him.”

“A new partner?” he asked. “How will I know how to find him?”

“Gushoshin knows. Gushoshin?”

A large bird flew in through the door, perching on the table next to Quatre. “Are we ready?” he asked.

“I believe so,” Une answered. “Oh Duo, and another thing?” She pulled out a twenty dollar bill and held it out to him.

Duo smiled and exclaimed happily, “Is this a present for me?”

Une shook her head in exasperation. “No, this is for something personal. I need you to get me one of Nagasaki’s famous sponge cakes. You know they’re the best in all of Japan.”

Duo sighed and walked toward the door. Wufei stood beside it, ready to give him his allowance card. “And by the way,” he said in a matter-of-fact voice, “keep your food bill to under $30 a day.”

“Thirty dollars?? Do you expect me to starve?”

“No, I expect you not to order too many deserts, Mr. Sugar-Glutton-of-Hades.”

Duo sulked as he walked out the door.

* * * * * *

A small, decrepit body trembled as he placed a cup on the large table. “Here you are, Master Treize,” she said, bowing as she left the room.

“Thank you,” he said, turning toward his guest.

Une sat across from him in the large room. It still amazed her to see the room with it’s millions of candles lined up along the walls. And to think this is only for Japan, she thought, knowing that the candles represented the souls of those who still walked the Earth. She noted the servant who sat in front of a huge book, marking down the names of the people who have died as he carefully watched the candles go out. It was mysterious how this worked. She also knew that somewhere, another set of servants watched for the lost souls that ran rampant throughout Hades. Her observations were interrupted by Treize’s smooth voice. “I hope the tea is to your liking, milady.”

“It’s perfect as always, Master Treize,” she replied, taking a sip of her tea.

“So, Duo has another new partner, huh? How do you think he will fare with this one?” he asked.

“Well, I hope it fares better than it did with his first partner. And I want to thank you again for moving Trowa to a different section. I don’t think our building could have stood yet another fight between them.”

“Well, Lady Une, I couldn’t very well have let it end as tragically as that time. Or even his time with Wufei, for that matter.”

“Luckily, Wufei has moved past his failed partnership with Duo. However, I wonder if Duo will be able to get along with Heero. They are total opposites.”

“Perhaps they will balance one another out.”

“I hope so, Master Treize. For his sake especially.”

* * * * * *

Duo stood in a back alley. He had been waiting there for 10 minutes, and there was no sign of his new partner. “Shouldn’t he be here by now?” he asked the bird beside him.

“We still have some before he gets here. After all, we DID get here early,” Gushoshin replied.

“We-elll...time to get some lunch then before he gets here. I know of this great place...” Duo said as he started to walk out by the street.

“Duo, be serious! Is food all you can think of? We’re SUPPOSED to be on the job!”

He turned to face the bird, still walking toward the street. “Yeah, yeah...but how am I supposed to concentrate and work on an empty stomach?” Unfortunately, he walked right into a strange women before he could turn back around.

“Sorry,” he said as he got a look at the poor woman. Long, white hair flowed around her, and her eyes were red. She quickly walked away, barely acknowledging his presence.

That was odd, thought as he continued to watch her walk down the alley. He heard a groan from behind him and saw a man slumped against the wall. Blood ran down his neck and he fought hard to keep breathing. By the time Duo got over to examine him, he was dead. However, he noticed that he had similar puncture marks to the victims he saw in the pictures. That meant the strange woman must have been the vampire they were looked for. “Shit!” he yelled as he took off after her.

“Wait for me!” Gushoshin cried out after him. Unfortunately, he got caught in a bag between two men and lost sight of Duo as he continued running.

He ran down the streets, occasionally catching glances of her as he tried to follow. After a while, he ended up in front of a church. He was sure that she had gone this way, as he’d seen her walk toward here from the plaza. He decided to go inside the church, just to make sure she wasn’t there.

The inside of the church was bright and beautiful, with stain-glass windows that allowed the light to flow in freely. He saw no sign of the woman, but instead saw a man kneeling in front of the altar. He was reluctant to ask the stranger, but he knew he had to take any chance in order to find the woman. The man stood up and looked back at him, tears flowing down his face. He was one of the most beautiful creatures that Duo had ever seen, with flowing platinum-blonde hair and mysterious blue eyes. “I am so sorry you had to see me like this,” he said in a deep, melodious voice, wiping the tears from his eyes. “Did you want something?”

“Uh - did a blonde woman pass through here?” he asked nervously. He felt bad about interrupting the man in his apparent time of sadness. His cobalt eyes locked with the other man’s pale blue ones for a moment, until he looked away.

“No, no one came in here,” he replied.

“Well, thanks anyway,” Duo said as he hurried out the door. He never even noticed that the man continued to watch him until he was out of sight.

Once out in the plaza again, he looked around for another glimpse of the woman. He scanned everywhere, and didn’t see a trace of her anywhere. Damn, I lost her, he yelled at himself. He was so busy scanning the crowd that it took a minute to register the gun pointed at his back and the young voice telling him, “Don’t move.”

He turned his head to try to see his assailant. Damn, there’s too many people and I can’t use my magic, he thought as he slowly craned his neck. A boy of about the same age with messy brown hair looked at him. “I said don’t move, vampire,” as he pressed the gun harder into his back. “Come with me now and I won’t shoot you.”

“You’re making a mistake,” Duo said quietly, so they wouldn’t startle the people around them. “I’m not a vampire! You’ve got the wrong guy!”

“Do you take me for a fool?” the strange boy asked. “I can sense that you’re not human.”

What the hell? Duo thought.

“Hold it!” Gushoshin cried out as he flew quickly toward them. “Heero! This is not the vampire you’re after!”

“He’s not?” the strange boy said, with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Of course not! This is Duo, your new partner!”

Duo was in shock. “This is my new-”

“-partner?” Heero finished for him, his eyes widening in shock as the two started each other down for the first time.