Author's note : This fic is inspired by an old song "One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head. Anyone remember this song?? Anyway, this fic is for my friend, Kimberly who is so into yaoi and lemons these days, she keeps pestering me for something to feed her hentai mind. Kim, if you are around, this is for you. Hope this is enough for your hentai cravings. It's your fault that I got a major nosebleed. *snickers*

Warning : This is a lemon fic.

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One Night In L2
By Minky (May 2000)

Alighting from the space shuttle, Heero looked around him, at this unfamiliar place called Lagrange 2. This colony was among the most under-privileged and neglected ones by the Federal government. Stricken by poverty and political unstableness, robberies and fightings were practically daily issues, nothing new and nothing too surprising in this place.

The streets were full of homeless tramps, orphans who stole to fill their empty stomachs as well as prostitutes. Prostitution in L2 had fast becoming a prosperous trade. Teenagers, males and females, dressed to kill, hanging out on the streets, looking out for perspective clients. Men who were on business trips to L2 were always susceptible to the charms of these good-looking boys and girls. They often sought the companies of these young ones, savoring on their young energies and vitalities, satisfying their sexual needs with these teenage prostitutes.

Heero shuddered at that thought. He wouldn’t want to step into this colony if not for that particular business project that his employer had assigned him to. And of all places, L2. Heero’s sighed at his luck as he walked out of the space terminal. Hailing a cab, he went straight for his business appointment, eager to finish up his assignment and go back to L1.


The business discussion went smoothly and Heero closed the deal in less than half a day. Checking into one of the best hotels, Heero had showered, relaxed and took his dinner. With a free evening, he decided to take a walk around the colony instead of cooping up in his hotel room.

L2 by night was like a city of lights, with neon signs flashing everywhere. Advertisement of products and services were practically everywhere. Walking down the street, Heero noticed teenagers hanging out at the pavement, calling out to all the passer-bys, offering their services.

“Teenage prostitutes,” Heero thought grimly as he ignored their tempting calls and walked on.

Rounding the corner, he collided into another person. As they steadied themselves to keep from falling, Heero took a look at that person he bumped into and he felt his breath caught at the back of his throat. The person in question is a teenage boy around his age who was a real knockout beauty.

A pair of sparkling violet eyes set in a heart shaped face, framed by a head of long lustrous hair that was tied neatly into a braid. Heero found himself gazing at his slender body and narrow waist that were fully enhanced by a pair of black jeans tight like a second skin over his hips and a small jacket over a body hugging little red T-shirt that ended just above his navel, revealing his belly-button. The very sight of the boy was enough to make anyone’s pacemaker give out.

Swallowing hard, Heero found his voice. “Are…are you all right?”

The boy smiled at him charmingly and gave a small nod. He twitched his braid with his fingers as he gazed seductively at Heero. Heero felt queasy under the boy’s heavy gaze. The boy strode over to him slowly, rubbing his shoulder against him and whispered in his ear mischievously, “Need some company tonight?”

For a moment, Heero was puzzled by his gesture and question, then it dawned to him. “He is a teen prostitute too,” Heero realized as he looked at the boy again. “And a damn beautiful one.” Heero felt an unusual surge of heat and passion creeping over him and he knew that boy was the cause of it.

The boy continued to smile at him seductively, occasionally caressing his belly button in a sensuous way. Heero knew he was trying to lead him into temptation. Damn! Heero felt himself losing control of his own desire.

Feeling frustrated and overcome by desire, Heero grasped the boy’s wrist and growled out softly, “Come with me.” The boy was pleasantly surprised by his aggressiveness and allowed himself to be pulled along as Heero led him to his hotel room.


Holding the door wide apart, the boy stepped into the room slowly, letting out a low whistle. This was the most luxurious room he had ever been into. Most of his clients took him to some rundown, shabby cheap hotels. Crossing the room, he sat down uninvitedly on the big, comfy bed.

Locking the door behind him, Heero suddenly felt lost, not knowing what to do. He had never done anything like this before and was wondering what came over him to bring this boy into his room. He pulled a chair from the writing table and sat down warily. Sensing his uneasiness, the boy tried to ease his tensions with some conversations.

"How should I address you?”

“My name is Heero.”

“So, Mister Heero, you on business trip here?”

“Just call me Heero, don’t have to go into such formality”.

“Oh, ok. I’m Duo. Welcome to L2.”

Heero just nodded, not knowing what to say.

They remained in silence again. Heaving a sigh, Duo looked at him carefully. “Look, are you going to pay me just for some light-hearted conversations or should we get down to business?”

Heero just stared at him, not comprehending anything.

Then Duo smiled. “Your first time, huh? Then let me show you what to do.”

Duo pulled him out of the chair and pushed him down onto the bed. He took Heero’s shoes off before kicking off his own boots. Climbing onto the bed, Duo placed his hands on his shoulders and leaned down, meshing his mouth over Heero’s.

Caught by surprise, Heero remained still for a while before responding to Duo’s hot lips, kissing him back demandingly. He pushed his tongue at Duo’s lips, forcing them apart and impaling his tongue into that hot mouth. Duo’s tongue wrestled with him playfully. He scraped his teeth lightly over Heero’s tongue and suckled at it. Heero wrapped his arms around his waist. He grabbed at Duo’s ass, squeezing them hard through his denim jeans, as their kiss grew urgent.

Pulling Heero’s shirt from his pants, Duo fumbled at the buttons, releasing them one by one while his lips were still locked onto Heero’s. He ran his hands over Heero’s exposed chest, stroking and pinching his nipples between fingers and thumbs. Heero felt a rush, a change in tension as Duo’s questing hands took him to a new level of desire. His nipples hardened to Duo’s touch. Releasing his mouth from Heero’s, Duo flicked his tongue rapidly against Heero’s nipple, going from one nipple to another. He teased at the hard nubs, licking and sucking at them. Heero grunted as his nipples hardened to Duo’s tongue and his body stiffened at his exploration.

Locking his mouth back onto Heero’s, Duo grabbed Heero’s belt and began freeing his pants. Unzipping his pants, Duo pushed them down and slipped his hands down into Heero’s underwear, peeling them away from him. He ran his fingers over his shaft as Heero kicked his pants off. Heero gasped into his mouth when Duo squeezed his shaft.

Moving away from Heero’s mouth, Duo’s tongue came to his belly button and he gently licked at it. Heero squirmed as the wet tongue drew patterns around his belly button. His breath was slowly turning ragged. Satisfied with the responses he drew from Heero, Duo moved his hand to stroke his thighs. That action brought out another moan from Heero.

Duo slid the tip of his tongue around the head of his shaft. Heero quivered in his grasp. Duo licked him slowly, just with the tip of his tongue, tantalizing him. Slowly he ran his tongue up and down Heero’s shaft. Heero felt the moistness of his tongue play over the head of his shaft. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He closed his eyes as the erotic sensations danced around the tip of his shaft, then felt the stimulation increased as Duo’s lips closed over it.

Duo rolled his head around, moving Heero’s shaft further back on his tongue until his lips surrounded it, then sucked. Slowly he worked him further and further inside, constantly moving his tongue against Heero, stroking and holding his balls. Heero felt as if the whole length of his erection was on fire, rapid waves of heat rolling deep inside him from the steady rubbing of Duo’s tongue and that drove a rush of excitement into Heero’s body as he shuddered at the sensation.
The pressure in Heero’s shaft seemed to keep growing and he had became harder. It continued to swell beyond its limits and Heero was fighting with all his willpower to delay his climax. Duo continued to tease him with the end of his tongue. Occasionally he would barely touch his teeth to Heero’s shaft and Heero would jumped as a spike of arousal drove into him.

Releasing his shaft, Duo saw some small droplets of fluid forming on the tip. Wetting his finger with it, Duo gently stroked it into the head. Then, licking his lips, he lowered his mouth onto Heero’s shaft again and gently sucking, rhythmically stroking him. Duo closed his mouth over his shaft, sucking harder and starting to move his head regularly, not letting up between strokes.

Heero grabbed at the sides of the bed, his knuckles turning white. These sensations were unbearable. He felt himself on fire now, the heat and the lust were taking away all his senses. Duo felt his shaft quivering. He expertly kept Heero from coming by backing away at the crucial moments.

"Enjoy that?" he asked in amusement as Heero groaned in frustration at the loss. Duo smirked triumphantly. His mouth had never failed to work wonders. None of his customers had been able to resist the miracles he performed with his mouth and tongue.

Duo eyed the Japanese boy with great interest. This boy was by far his most intriguing client. He was so unlike his other clients who were really rough, who always tore his clothes away, stripped him bare and rammed themselves into him mercilessly.

“Now for the real thing,” Duo announced as he pushed himself away from the bed. Lifting his T-shirt over his head, he dropped it onto the floor before unfastening his jeans. He wriggled slightly out of it and it settled in a heap about his feet. Slowly he pushed down his boxers, inch by inch in an erotic movement of a striptease. Grabbing his braid from behind, Duo removed the elastic band and shook his head vigorously, freeing the locks and locks of hair from the braid.

Heero's eyes took in Duo’s nudity as he removed his opened shirt. The sight of the naked boy with hair that flowed down his back like a cloak draping over his shoulders, left him breathless. His heartbeats were going faster by seconds. Duo fished out a small tube of lube from the back of his jeans pocket. Unscrewing the cap, he squeezed the sticky gel onto his palm. Tossing the tube carelessly onto the floor, he took Heero’s shaft in his hands and began to spread the gel evenly and smoothly over Heero’s impressive member, alternating this smooth motion between hands. His movements stretched Heero’s shaft, strengthening and lengthening his erection. Heero groaned at Duo’s administering hands and at the tingling coldness of the gel.

Crouching over Heero, Duo lowered himself and guided Heero’s harden erection inside him. It entered Duo as he eased himself down. Both of them gasped in aroused joy as Duo slowly took his whole length inside him, pressing himself down around him. Duo started moving gently against Heero, his hips rocking against Heero’s.

Heero moaned against the sensations Duo was inducing in him. Judging from the noises he made, Duo knew he was very, very aroused. He moved Heero’s hands to his own shaft. As Heero caressed and stroke his shaft, Duo started moving, slowly, gently against his shaft. He thrust against him, sliding up and down his shaft. Both moaned as they drove each other into ecstasy. Still moaning and groaning, Heero put his arms around Duo’s lower back and pulled the boy against him, driving into him as fast as he could. Duo tightened himself around Heero’s shaft and rocked his pelvis against him. Both cried out as their movements became frenzied and they bounced together against the springy mattress. Duo felt Heero’s shaft throbbed powerfully inside him as he released his seed into him.

Duo waited until the last moments of their climax were over before sliding off Heero, slumping onto the bed. Duo lay back on the mattress and closed his eyes, snuggling up against Heero. Heero held him close and pressed a kiss onto his lips, gently stroking his cheek. Heero was feeling light-headed. This unusual lovemaking sensation was unbelievable and he enjoyed what Duo was doing to him. Then he realized that Duo hadn’t come yet. Looking at his arousal, Heero decided to take charge. He released his hold on Duo and pushed himself up from the bed.


Duo felt Heero moving around on the bed. He opened his eyes and saw that he had crouched at the end of the bed with his head between his legs. Puzzled, Duo was about to question when Heero suddenly lifted his legs over his shoulders and took his still harden shaft into his mouth. Duo hissed loudly when Heero began to suck at his shaft.

“Ohhhhh…….ahhhhhhhh……..” he cried out. He had never felt such a thrilling sensation before. He was always the one doing it, never been at the receiving end before. Repeating what Duo was doing to him earlier, Heero quickened his pace, sucking him harder and faster. Duo writhed against him, crying out for release. As he twitched and came, Heero kept his mouth over him, letting the fluid trickled from his lips. Swallowing it, Heero wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before locking his mouth to Duo’s. Duo tasted himself on Heero’s lips. He lapped at his lips, licking them, deepening the kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Heero lifted his legs again and positioned himself behind him. Guiding his now aroused shaft to Duo’s anal, Heero slowly pressed forward. Duo squeezed his eyes shut as Heero entered him, pushing up his thighs until he had penetrated deep within. Heero held him tightly, thrusting into him, ramming their bodies together. Duo yelped, rocking his head from side to side as he grabbed tightly at the blankets on the bed.

Excitement must have caused his muscle to contract for Duo was tighter than earlier. Heero continued rocking against him. He started moving more forcefully as he felt his own passion building up. He knew he would be reaching his peak soon. He thrust into the boy urgently. Duo felt his shaft pulsing rapidly within him and moments later, spasms shook his body. Duo’s panting cries filled the room as Heero came with a throbbing release. Duo felt hot fluid spurting into him again.

They stayed locked together, panting and gasping for breath. As his erection slowly waned, Heero withdrew himself from Duo reluctantly. They lay facing each other, spent as the air-con in the room cooled their heated bodies.

"Wow, you…you are incredible, considering this is your first time," Duo remarked, still catching his breath.

Heero rained kisses on his face before locking their tongues together.

“Never underestimate a first timer,” Heero replied before turning his attention at the glorious sight of Duo’s pale, naked and sweaty body. He ran a hand gently across his back when he encountered something that looked like burned marks on Duo’s back.

“What are these?” Heero asked, fingering the dark patches.

Duo went silent before answering quietly, “Cigarette burned marks.”

“What happened?”

“A couple of days ago, a sadomasochist tied me up and demanded a blowjob. While I was at it, he lit up a cigarette and turned my back into an ashtray,” Duo said in a bitter tone.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault. Besides, not everyone is as gentle as you are. I’m already used to it. No big deal, it’s my job anyway.”

That nonchalant remark aroused an anger in Heero. He cursed silently at Duo’s tormentors. How could anyone hurt such a beautiful boy like him?

The exhausted boy fell asleep, curled up against Heero whose arms encircled him in a tight embrace. Heero came to a decision. He was going to do something about this boy in his arms. He wasn’t going to let something like that happened to him again. With that resolved in his mind, he pulled the blankets over their bodies and succumbed into a slumber.


When Heero woke, he was indistinctly aware of a fleeing erotic fantasy. He sat up and found himself alone in the bed. “Was last night just a dream?” he wondered. The bathroom door opened and his dream lover walked out, dressed and was tying an elastic band to his braid.

“Good morning,” Duo said as Heero pulled him down for a kiss. The brief kiss lingered as they meshed their mouths together. Pulling apart for air, Duo said softly, “I should leave now.”

Heero nodded and reached for his wallet on the nightstand. He handed Duo a thick wad of notes. Eyeing the notes curiously, Duo took them and counted. “This is too much for a night,” Duo said, returning the balance to Heero.

Heero shook his head and said, “Keep it, that’s for a week.”

“A week? You mean you are reserving me for a week?” Duo’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Yeah. I still have a few business trips to make but I promise I will be back next week.”

“But…but why reserve me when you are not around?”

“I don’t want those men to touch you. When I come back next week, you are coming with me to L1, where I am from. Meanwhile, I want you to stay off the streets.”

“To L1?”

“Yes, you are coming to stay with me.”

Duo was totally taken aback by his offer. Why would he be so kind to him? He was just a prostitute. Was there an ulterior motive behind this?

“You want me to stay with you? For good? You want me to be your personal sex toy or what?” Duo mocked, unable to believe his words.

Heero grasped his shoulders and held him firmly. Seriousness written over his face.

“Listen Duo. I am serious about wanting you to stay with me in L1. I don’t want you to sell your body again. I don’t want you to be tortured by those sadists again. Do you understand?”

“I…..I….why?” Duo stammered, totally confused. Heero pulled him into his arms and held him tightly.

“Honestly, I don’t know the answer. I just feel that I should do this. I like the feeling you give me. Duo, just stay with me, please?”

Duo was at a loss for words. Was Heero his Good Samaritan who had come to rescue him? He found it hard to accept the kindness that was bestowing on him.

“Duo, will you?” Heero pressed for his answer again. Duo nodded mutely, resting his head against Heero’s shoulder.

“Promise me that you will stay off the streets. Just wait for me to come back, ok?”

Duo nodded again. He felt a sudden happiness glowing in him. Maybe his future wasn’t that bleak at all. Not when there was someone like Heero to take care of him.

Heero stood by the window and watched as the energetic boy bounced onto the pavement. He looked up and waved happily at Heero. Blowing him a kiss, the boy disappeared into the crowd on the street.

“Wait for me, Duo. I will come back for you. Stay safe and wait for my return.”

~~~ The End ~~~