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Warning : This is an AU fic with violence that includes gang-rapes. It is very disturbing. Please DO NOT read this if you hate stuff like this.

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Healing Hearts

By Minky (June 2000)


Duo stood before the mirror and stared at the reflection of his bare back. The burned marks were healing. The blisters were gone and the rough skins had dried up and peeled off. New skins were growing. But the blemishes will still be there though not very visibly.

"Damn! That bastard really scarred me for life," Duo cursed as he gently rubbed some ointment over the rough skins. Buttoning up his shirt, he took his hairbrush and ran it through his freshly shampooed hair. He remembered how Heero had run his fingers through his hair that night. He missed his touch, his kisses and mostly, his body lying next to him. Duo sighed dreamily. Three more days, just three more days and Heero would be here to pick him up for a new life.

There was a soft knock at his bedroom door.

"Come in."

The door opened and a boy peeked in.


"Hi, Damon. Come in."

The boy walked in and sat down on the bed as he watched Duo braiding his hair.

"Duo, you are really quitting?"

"Yeah, I promised Heero to stay off the streets."

Damon frowned in concern. "Duo, you really believe that guy? I mean, you only know him for a night. What makes you so sure that he is coming back, that he is going to fulfill that promise he made?"

Duo set down the hairbrush and turned to the boy. Duo understood Damon¡¦s concern for him. Like him, Damon was a war orphan too who was forced into prostitution in order to survive. Both of them were abandoned, unwanted kids who had to fend for themselves. Damon was like a younger brother to Duo. They supported and took care of each other through the bad times and they had shared their joy and laughter, woes and hardships together.

"It's hard for me to explain. I know this is not a rational explanation but it's just a feeling that I have, a sixth sense. And I trust him, I know he will come back." Duo said confidently.

Damon sighed. "I don't mean to throw wet blanket at you, Duo but I find this whole thing too bizarre to believe. I mean, it¡¦s just too good to be true. I don't want to see you hurt."

"Don't worry, Heero is a good guy. He won't hurt me," Duo smiled.

"Well, I'm glad for you then. You can finally lead a normal life," Damon said with much envy.

Duo hugged the boy. "Don't be sad, Damon. One day, you will meet that special someone who will sweep you off your feet and take you off the street, just like Heero."

"You think I will?" Damon queried skeptically.

"Yes, you will."

"Thanks Duo, you are a great pal."

Duo smiled as he released the boy.

"Now, how about doing your pal a favor? Go shopping with me?"


"Yeah, I need something decent to wear. You know how my wardrobe looks like. I can't possibly wear those when I am with Heero."

"I understand. Well, I need a break too. So what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Duo laughed as the boy dragged him out of the apartment.




Dusk was approaching and soon all the streets were lit up with neon lights. The two boys walked down the streets, looking at the window displays of the shops. They went from shop to shop, looking for the suitable clothing for Duo. They had much fun trying on the clothes.

"You hungry, Damon?" Duo asked as they walked out a shop with their shopping bags.

"I'm famished."

Duo grinned. "Let's go have some pizza. My treat."

They were walking towards a pizza restaurant when they encountered three burly, mean-looking men stepping out of a seedy nightclub.

"Oh, who do we have here? My favorite sex toy," one of the men called out to Duo, advancing towards him. "Where are you going, kid? Wanna keep me company tonight?" the man asked, fondling at Duo's butt.

Duo slapped his hand away in disgust. He hated this man. He was the one who burned his back with cigarettes.

"Stay away from me, Julio. I have quit. Go look for someone else."

"Quit? How can you quit? You are my favorite," Julio pulled Duo towards him and held him tightly. "Hey guys, my loverboy here gives the best blowjob. Wanna try him?"

The other two men laughed as they walked over to Julio, eyeing Duo with great interest. Duo kicked and bucked, trying to free himself from the death grip.

"Let me go! I said I have quit. Let go!" Duo yelled angrily, squirming around in Julio's thick arm. Damon dropped the shopping bags and rushed forward to help free Duo.

"Let him go, you monster!" Damon cried out, clawing at Julio¡¦s arm. He swung a punch at the burly man but one of his pals blocked it and shoved Damon away, knocking him to the pavement.

"Let's go somewhere to enjoy yourselves." Julio threw protesting Duo over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and walked towards his battered car. Dumping Duo in the back seat with his pals, the man drove off. Damon got up and ran after the car, only in time to hear Duo screaming away.





They drove along the deserted highway before turning down to a narrow dirt track. Julio stopped the car behind some bushes. His pals dragged Duo out of the car and dumped him onto the sandy ground. Duo tried to scramble away immediately, his heart crying out in fear but was held back by the guys.

"You know what we are going to, pretty boy? We are going to fuck you," Julio said and all three of them laughed menacingly. Duo was filled with fear and terror like he had never felt before. Julio held his face and forced a kiss on Duo's lips. Duo bit at his lips in retaliation, drawing blood.

"How dare you, you son of a bitch!" Julio hit Duo in the face, knocking him to the ground. "You worthless little whore. I'm going to teach you a lesson you will never forget."

Two men grabbed Duo and lay him on his stomach while Julio pulled his pants and boxers off. Duo tried to kick him away but failed. The men spread his legs wide apart and held him firmly on the ground while Julio unzipped his own pants. He positioned himself behind Duo and proceeded to drive his cock deep into Duo without any foreplay or lubrication. Duo screamed out in pain. That penetration had ripped the muscle around his anus, tearing the tissues and skins. He had never felt such pain. Duo struggled; trying to get away, only to receive some punches from the guys and was held firmer. Duo tasted the coppery taste of his blood at the corner of his mouth.

One of the guys moved to the front and kneeled in front of Duo. Grabbing his head up by his hair, the guy tried to force his cock into Duo's mouth.

"Please don't make me do this," Duo begged and he was slapped for resisting. The guy grabbed his head and forced his cock down Duo's throat, commanding him to suck it. Duo sucked it with tears rolling down his cheeks. The man cried out as he came in Duo's mouth, nearly gagging him to death. Duo puked on the ground immediately after he let go.

Meanwhile, Julio was still thrusting into Duo, his pace going faster and more brutal. He fucked Duo for what seemed like forever before he came in Duo. Pulling himself out of Duo, he switched places with another guy. Again Duo was being penetrated forcefully. Each stroke was like a knife cutting into him. The more he cried out, the harder the man thrust into him.

Soon, the third man was thrusting into him as well. By now, the pain had numbed Duo's entire body. The men had callously ignored Duo's cries as they took turn to rape him. Duo had no strength to fight them anymore. He only wished for it to be over soon. He had mentally shutdown his mind over the situation. There was nothing he can do. He knew that if he tried to resist again, it would only unleash more tides of violence from his rapists.

After it was finally over, the men left him lay naked on the ground while they puffed on their cigarettes, discussing over on the sexual satisfaction they got from Duo.

"You are right Julio, that kid is great. Maybe we should keep him for future use, huh?"

Duo listened to their conversation with great distress. "No, I can't let them do this to me again." Duo tried to get up and sneak away. Julio caught him getting away and immediately seized him back, flinging him to the ground.

"Going somewhere? Oh, you are going to the police to snitch on us huh?" Julio growled at him dangerously.

"N .. No... " Duo whimpered.

"I don't believe you, you little whore." Julio seized Duo's throat in his rough hands and squeezed hard. Duo felt choked. He gasped for breath. "Please don't kill me," he pleaded but Julio continued to squeeze harder until Duo went limp.

The men turned paled when they saw Duo's limp body fell to the ground.

"Man, you killed the kid! Oh shit!" one of the men said in horror. Julio went berserk and began to kick viciously at Duo's body. "Whore! You worthless little whore!" His pals pulled him back, restraining him.

"That's enough, Julio, the kid is dead. Let's get out of here fast."

They ran quickly to the car and drove off immediately.




It was quite sometime later before Duo regained consciousness. He lay on the ground in silence, listening for his attackers but heard only the sounds of the crickets in the bushes. Convinced that the men had left, Duo slowly pushed himself onto his knees. He winced in pain. His head was throbbing from the beatings; his chest hurt, his cheeks were swollen, his lips were cracked and worse of all, his butt hurt terribly. Warm blood was trickling down his thighs.

He reached for his boxers that had been flung to the bushes. His pants was nowhere in sight. Gritting his teeth over the pain, he slipped into his boxers with great difficulty. Summoning all his strength, Duo staggered to his feet. His steps wobbly and he collapsed to the ground again. He was too weak to stand.

"I mustn't die. I must get out of here," Duo told himself. "I must wait for Heero to come back." With that in mind, he began to crawl his way out of the bushes and towards the highway. He crawled about 60 feet before he saw the roads. When he finally reached the road, he collapsed and lay right across it. His blurry vision picked up some moving lights some distance away. Rasping painfully, he held up his hand to be seen.

A car suddenly slowed to a stop as the headlights shone over a figure stretched out on the road. Some people leapt out of the car and ran over to Duo. "What happened to you?" someone asked, seeing the injuries on Duo.

"Help ... help me... " Duo gasped. Just before he blacked out, his mind drifted briefly to the one person he longed to see.



~~~End Of Part 1~~~