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Warning: It's limey leaning toward lemony....but it's humor...I hope

Note: I'm starving and trying not to think about it...so I wrote....mistakes abound I'm sure.

Relena knocked softly on Dorothy's door clutching the package tightly to her chest. A muffled come in sounded from the other side. Quickly opening the door, she dashed into the room.

" I got them! I got them!" She squealed in excitement as she laid the package on the desk. Settling herself in front the computer.

Dorothy arched a brow a went to stand over her.

" Well let me see!" She said snatching up the package. Pulling it open quickly both girls eyes widen. " Wow. These are juicy..." Dorothy whispered.

Relena nodded taking one of the pictures from Dorothy's hand. " I told you they were together did I!" She smirked. Holding the ah...er compromising picture of Heero and Duo up to the light. " We have got to write a story about this one."

" Uh-huh..." Dorothy said, eyes twinkling she flicked on her laptop. " So let's get started already! I know you didn't follow Heero and Duo all the way across the world to get that picture just to look at it let's get writing!" She said.

Relena nodded and sat down beside her. Looking at the blank screen.

" Ok how are we going to start this one?"

Both girls lasped into silence...then Relena perked up and began typing.


' Duo's hands wandered down the hard plains of Heero's chest....'

"No no to sudden!"

" You're right...what do you suggest, and Duo was on top in the last one! It's Heero's turn."

" Right. Ok then...how about..."

' Duo's body burned with passion as he looked at the half-naked boy before him, licking his lips Duo rose slowly from the windowsil he'd been sitting on, his long hair unbound and flowing around him in waves as he moved toward his lover. Dirty passion clearly written in his eyes.'

" How was that?"

" Better but how about fiery passion instead of dirty..."

" That does sound better ok Dorothy your turn."

" Alright."

' Duo licked his lips, as Heero's eyes traveled down his body, he could feel the heat of the other boys gaze on his skin just as he would have if Heero had been close enough to touch him. Sliding his hand down his stomach Duo cast Heero a sultry grin...one that clearly stated everything he wanted the other boy to do to him...'

" Ohhh that was good Dorothy!"

" I know ok your turn."

"Hmmm....that's a good set up. Ah ok I got it!"

' " Heero" Duo groaned, the name low in his throat as he sauntered closer to his lover. Duo trailed a finger down his bare chest, a small gasp escaped him when Heero caught his hand and squeeze, pulling Duo hard against his chest. Raising his eyes to meet Heero's searing gaze Duo's eyes twinkled with mischief. " Oh Heero be gentle." He said in sultry tease...'

" That doesn't sound right..." Relena frowned. " What do you think Dorothy?"

Tapping her chin Dorothy frowned as well." How about teasing whisper?"

" That could work. Or oh how about this!"

' He said with a seductive purr...'

" Oh that's gooood! Ok my turn!"

' Heero arched a brow and brought Duo's fingers to his lips, gently pulling one into his mouth...Duo groaned.'

" What's going on in here!"

" Eep quick save it save it!"

" Ok ok!"

" Girls?"

" Nothing Ma'am were fine!"

" Ok then...but you should go to bed soon Relena."

" Hai...I will..."

" Alright goodnight ladies."

" Goodnight Jennifer."

" Goodnight."

" Sheesh that was close...ready to start again?"

" Yep!"

~A half-hour later....~

" His stick of love?"

" No."

" Yeah that is cheesy how about his love rod?"

" Hmm.. Eh eh."

" Oh alright lets just stick with cock and shaft."

" Good idea."

~Fifteen minutes later~

" Hmm his creamy esence?"

" Eh no. cream of love?"

" Ack! Let's go with his seed spilled into his lover's as-"

" Uh-uh...how about his seed spilled into his lover's tight passage...."

" Hmm....oh wait how about this!"

' With a final thrust Heero moaned filling his lover with his essence...Marking Duo as his and his alone...'

" That works."

" Great! Now let's wrap this baby up and get it on the webpage." Relena smiled.

Dorothy nodded.

' Reluctantly Heero slid from Duo's body, pressing light kisses across Duo's damp face.

" Mmmm Heero we have got to do that more often." Duo purred stretching like a contented cat.

Heero just smirked smuggly and pulled Duo against his chest...he had every intention of doing just that...well as soon as Duo woke up.

Heero allowed himself another smug smile before drifting off to sleep Duo cradled against him.'

" And that's a wrap!" Relena smiled.

" Chalk another one up to writing team of One on Two!" Dorothy grinned.

Laughing both girls saved their work and posted it to their ML they'd put it up on their webpage tommorrow.


Somewhere on L2

Quatre hummed to himself as he went through his mail. " Ohhhh One on Two wrote another fic!"

Wufei looked up from his sword and set it down carefully to stand behind Quatre, " Really? What's it called?"

" Moonlight and passion." Quatre mumbled opening the story. It's part of their Heero Duo series."

Wufei's eyes widened slightly and pulled up a chair to so he could see the screen....He didn't know who One on Two were but they did good work.


The next room somewhere on L2

Duo yawned, as he picked through webpages on Heero's laptop...he was so bor-

Duo's eyes widened as he came across a page called' One on Two's Heero and Duo: The True Love Series...' with a sinking stomach Duo opened the page...and whimpered when a picture of Heero and himself hugging came on the screen, the words strange love written across the bottom of the picture.

" H-Heero..."

" What." Heero growled from where he lay on the bed.

Duo scrolled down and looked over the list of stories.

Passion's Fire
Love's Embrace
Of bondage and chocolate
Fun with pink sex toys
Duo let's play school
Naughty nurse Duo
Heero's new handcuffs
Duo's favorite position
Picnic fun
I'll love you forever
Moonlight and passion...

Duo noted that moonlight and passion had a flashing new sign next to it...numb with shock he scrolled down the page, to where a picture of two girls standing back to back looked at him... one of the girl's had short blond hair he noted she looked alot like Heero right down to the glare...while the girl standing back against the glaring girl had a honey wheat blond braid tossed over her shoulder with a wide grin on her face....violet eyes twinkling. A little malbox under the picture said.

Send One on Two feedback or else!

Duo whimpered.

" Duo what's wrong wit- What the hell is that?!"

" I don't know...." Duo replied numbly opening the first story.