Title: Shiver
Author: Melcena (melcena@hotmail.com)
Warnings: Not much, yaoi and vampires... weird.
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Notes: Well, I've figured out what I want to do with this... The little teaser part is reposted with minor revision, etc. This is completly AU (duh), probably a bit OOC and rotating POV... or at least it will be when / if I get it done.


//...// = lyrics. The song is "Nile's Edge" by Vast.


Too easy. This was always too easy.

He kissed her, gently, not so much asking as tasting. Slowly, he let himself wander... from lips... to ear... to neck... Moving back slightly, he turned so he could see her eyes. They were wide, vulnerable. Her mouth was trembling.

Shhhhh. Don't worry. Everything will be all right.

No one would find her body until the next morning.


//My name spells joy
I can't remember darkness
Except for a dream//

It is dark, in the safe house. Curtains are drawn tightly and no lights are on. No one minds.

It is not chance that we five were chosen to pilot these new, elite machines called Gundams. Nothing that happens to us is ever chance. We are family, oddly, though all born in different times in different places. We are the children of the same darkness, bound to each other in a way no mortal could ever understand.

There have, of course, been times when were have been separated - but not long, by our terms, and never often. Alone we each are weak. Only as a whole are we strong.

We had not planned to become involved in this conflict. War is an old beast, never still. Many have passed before our eyes and one is much like another. But war is, however old, a crafty beast. We have been drawn into this vortex against our wills.

I raise my head slowly, rousing myself from half-sleep. My eyes have no problem in the dimness. My brethern are scattered languidly about the room. How long has it been? My gaze moves to the digital clock seated on the table. A few hours. No doubt there would be a new mission soon.

My lover is sprawled against me, still. I know he is not asleep. He calls himself Duo now. Names do not matter between us, between any of us. Our true names were forgotten long ago. Sometimes I don't even remember my own.

Accross the room I can see two slender forms interwined. My mouth smiles; they are still asleep. I've never been able to figure out how those two - Trowa and Quatre, for now - manage to pull off the charades we play in daylight. Though both older than I[1], they both seem to have less resistance to the sun. Of course, their daily langor could have nothing to do with solar power at all...

A small sound alerts me to the Wufei's exit. Wufei is the only one of us who has kept his name; he has his reasons and we respect them. Of we five, he is eldest[1].

He is back in a moment, deliberately making enough noise to wake Trowa and Quatre.

"There is a mission," he states simply. He must have heard the computer beep when no one else had.

Duo stretches, rises up beside me. "Whose?"

Wufei shrugs. "It's very general." His smile is a white slash. "I think they have finally learned that whoever they assign a mission to, we will send whichever of us wants to go."

My lover stands. "I'll go," he says casually. He feels dangerous today. I can see it in the way he moves.

A tinkling laugh echoes from the other side of the room. "Surprising, Duo." Quatre seems to be in a good mood despite being roused. "Maybe you should take Heero with you this time, yes?"

Duo scowls. The last mission he was on, he'd been captured - of course he escaped quickly and easily but it's always a sore point when one of us is caught. He opens his mouth to retort - and is cut off my our most tactiturn member.

"I think," Trowa murmurs quietly, "we've all been inside too long."


The porch is small and rickety, much as the rest of the house, but we are grateful that there is one. Duo has left for the mission - something about a supply convoy - and there is even less noise than usual.

Despite the many superstitions about our kind, very few are true. Though naturally nocturnal, sunlight does not affect us any differently than it would a mortal - save that we do not burn. Garlic is distasteful, yes, but it would be to humans as well if they could smell as well as we. Running water, holy water, silver, crosses - in the past century Duo has taken up wearing one - has no effect whatsoever.

Also untrue is that we cannot feel pain - or emotion. Vampires cannot be killed as humans can, by bullets and knives, but it still hurts. And as to emotions... Well, all of us don't always get along but there is affection in this group. We all care for one another in someway. We can feel love as surely as anyone.

Being immortal is relative. It does not mean that we 'live' forever, simply that we 'live,' for lack of a better term, until we tire of doing so. A Vampire has a choice of when he wishes to die.

Quatre is tuning his violin. I do not now how long he has had it; it must be worth a fortune by now. Trowa is next to him as always, assembling an equally ancient silver flute. They begin to play quietly, with no music and with no pattern.

I find myself wondering how many times I have heard them improvise together, always creating a new melody, a new song. Time is not an important thing to one whom it has no power over. It is nothing more, as I have heard mortals put it, than an endless dawn[2].

I feel reflective today. My mind wanders to places it has not visited for a long time. My childhood. My family. My Change.

//You saved my life
Do you wonder what you saw
Floating soft at the Nile's edge//

I don't remember much of my Change, actually. I did not have nightmares about as the others have spoken of. Perhaps because I am youngest, the last to be Changed before our Mother decided to let go of this world.

It is odd, to remember her. My second mother. She was not, as some of our kind are, prolific, changing each and every victim. I remember her as a tall, quiet presence. Always a part of the shadows yet exuding power. It was a loss for all of us when she left, though none of us ever tried to dissuade her. We did not question her decisions.

Perhaps it is simply myself, but I find the piece Quatre and Trowa are playing now reflects our Mother somehow. Perhaps they mourn for her each time they play. Each of use does it in some way. Except for Wufei - as long as we have been a group I have never seen him mourn.

As long as we have been a group. After my Change Mother had taken me to what was her lair at that time. There I was introduced to my brethren and we have been so since. As the next youngest Duo befriended me quickly and things progressed from there. The relationships we hold between us formed slowly over the years but they are strong - we protect each other.

He has told me of his own past, and I have told him of mine. We remember for each other so we cannot forget. It is strange for me, to think of the time before the Change. I have been as I am for so long that I can barely remember what it feels like to be anything other. I would be lost with out Duo now, without that part of myself. We would be lost without each other.

Wufei has told me I think too much. I do not agree with him; sometimes I do not understand him. Perhaps it is because he does not have someone to hold onto, as I hold to Duo, as Trowa holds to Quatre. And before any of us were changed he was alone with Mother for a long time.

I shake my head, banishing such thoughts. It is a nice day and Duo will be home soon. For now, I am content.


His eyes shone silver for a brief moment as the sun rose. Absently he licked the last vestiges of blood from his lips as he watched from a slit between the curtains. The others would be about soon.

Closing his eyes he settled into his chair. It will be a while before he hunts again.

[1] Yep, youngest to oldest is 1-5. Why? I don't know....
[2] That's not a direct quote but "endless dawn" is from Jewel.

Once again, the bits at the begining and end are NOT Heero... and you don't get to find out who it is until the end, heheh. Unless you figure it out before then, which shouldn't be too hard.

Soooo what'd you think? ^_^;;;; <hides under desk>


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