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//Day after day,
Time pass away,
And I just can't get you off my mind.
Nobody knows,
I hide it inside,
I keep on searching but I can't find...//

The entire room was silent, save for the soft typing of the keys on the laptop. Perfect. That is, until the door suddenly flew open, energetic footsteps marking the entrance of the other young man that stayed in the room.

Heero growled as he felt the soft chestnut braid brush against the side of his face as Duo leaned over his chair, peering at the screen.

"Ne, Heero, whatcha doin?"

The Perfect Soldier didn't even glance back at his partner, continuing his work on the computer. He answered stonily, his voice betraying no emotion. "Deleting the school records."

"Aa.." Duo leaned farther against the chair to get a better look at the screen, nearly resting against the other pilot's shoulders.

Heero almost blushed, Duo's cheek only inches away from his own. Instead he scowled, lightly pushing the braided boy away. "I'll delete your own records later. Go away." He tried to ignore the slightly hurt look on the other's usually smiling face.

Duo, however, quickly flashed one of his trademark grins, though the cheeriness in his voice was strained. "Arigatou, Heero. I'm gonna go take a shower. Ja!" He turned, heading towards the bathroom. The slight bounce that had been in his step moments before was gone.

Heero's scowl remained, though he knew that it was now directed at himself. Why did he have to be so damn heartless around the other pilot? Was it because he was nervous, felt Duo as a threat?

Oh, if only the chestnut haired boy knew...

Ch', Heero berated himself. It was nothing but hormones. Emotions like love had no place in war. They only left a soldier at a disadvantage.


//The courage to show, to letting you know,
I've never felt so much love before.
And once again I'm thinking about taking the easy way out.//

Duo toweled at his now soaking wet hair, the long, honey brown strands clinging to his skin wildly. He sighed, stopping for a moment to look into the mirror, brilliant violet-blue eyes staring back at him. Every time he got close to Heero... even a friendly gesture, he was pushed away... Of course. He couldn't really expect the other boy to feel the same.

He was beginning to think that Heero didn't feel much of anything by means of emotions.

The self proclaimed Shinigami began to inspect his reflection in the mirror. Was it something about him? Nah..

He had to come to terms. Heero Like-A-Rock Yuy just didn't care about him. And that was that.

Wrapping a towel firmly around his waist, he stepped out of the bathroom, and was surprised to see Heero standing there before him. He quickly grinned.

"Oi, gomen Heero, I think I used all the hot water. You might have to wait to take a shower.." He stopped, seeing.. disappointment? flashing across the short haired boy's features. About not having any hot water? Did he miss something?

Duo quickly dismissed the thought as a figment of his imagination as Heero grunted, brushing past him.. so close.. and walking into the bathroom. The door shut behind him with a slight slam.

Duo let his grin fade.


//But if I let you go,
I will never know,
What my life would be, holding you close to me.
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
(Oh yeah) How will I know if I let you go?//

Heero let himself lie in bed, thinking to himself. It was late at night, and Duo had long since been asleep, snoring softly at his side. He rolled over onto his back, prussian blue eyes piercing the darkness of the night.

What was this feeling? He didn't understand it.

Duo's cheerful smile, his laugh.. those stunning violet eyes.. so carefree, despite everything they had seen... the perfect opposite of his own...

Duo called himself Death, but he was the very image of life itself. And somehow, it pained even the stone cold Perfect Soldier to see that happy smile fade, replaced by one that was fake and strained.

It hurt even more to think that it was because of him.

What was this feeling?!



Make it stop!

Duo stirred slightly in his sleep, rolling over, in the process slinging one arm over Heero's chest. The stoic pilot looked down at his team mate, about to toss him clear off the bed.. but something stopped him. Perhaps it was Duo's sleeping face, twisted in the pained expression of a nightmare. Heero felt the braided boy squeezing him in a light, unknowing embrace, his face relaxing, peaceful again.

Heero closed his eyes, putting his arm around Duo.

No... I never want it to end...

//Night after night,
I hear myself say
Why can't this feeling just fade away?
There's no one like you
(No one like you)
You speak to my heart
(Speak to my heart)

Its such a shame we're worlds apart.//

Heero's dreams were horrid. That of a dying Duo. He woke in the night, sweat dripping from his face.

He smiled slightly, seeing that Duo was safe from harm. Sound asleep with a grin on his face, holding some unkown secret in his dream.

I wish I knew what this was. We're so different from each other, yet there's this unspoken connection. Should I ease up and let this feeling show through?

What would the other boy think?

Duo sighed in his sleep, as if telling Heero to accept everything. The room was silent, letting only the ticking of the clock pierce the still.

Heero lie down on the bed again, wrapping Duo's arms around him. Maybe it will work itself out.


Would it?

//I'm too shy to ask,
I'm too proud to lose,
But sooner or later I gotta choose.

And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out//

Duo awoke the next morning, face down on an otherwise empty pillow. Opening one cobalt blue eye, he glanced around the room. Granted, Heero usually woke up before him.. but he could have sworn he felt the other pilot's arms around him....

So nice...

Must have been a dream.

Once again he found himself concluding that it was just a figment of his imagination, as he heard a suitcase roughly slamming down at the foot of the bed.

"Wake up, baka. We're leaving."

Duo rolled over at the sound of the Wing pilot's voice, stretching. "I'm awake, I'm awake. Just lemme get changed, then I'll pack up-"

"You're already packed up."

"Ne, Heero? You did that for me?"

Something flashed across Japanese boy's eyes, but Heero turned away before Duo could recognize it. He had suddenly found something about his own suitcase, lying on the chair next to the bed, interesting. "I didn't want to wake you up."

Duo blinked, his eyes displaying a mix of puzzlement and curiousity. "Why?"

Heero turned towards Duo, his look a mix of everything that he had always tried to cover. Innocence, confusion... the emotions, small as they were, soon hardened into a stony glare. He didn't answer.

Duo just grinned.

Ai shiteiru, Heero. You may not know it, but ai shiteiru. And I'm not going to give up on you.

Not just yet.

//But if I let you go,
I will never know,
What my life would be, holding you close to me.
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
(Oh yeah) How will I know if I let you go?

If I let you go...//

The carrier plane was unusally small, so the two were cramped in the miniscule cockpit. Tension hung in the air, thickly like a rain cloud. They were headed for Russia, a great distance from the England school they had boarded in for the last few weeks.

Maybe I should say something. We have privacy. I could see what he thinks. Heero's face was still. No expression, simply hiding his true feelings. No. That would just complicate the...

"Heero?" Duo's strained voice broke the train of the thought. "Do you want me to take over? You've been flying straight for the last day and a half! You need to rest."

I am tired, Heero thought, then dispersed the idea. "No, I'm fine." That's good. Stay strong. "Duo?"


"Um... oh, never mind."

Duo felt saddened at Heero's inability to open up to him.

The plane shook. "It's just turbulance," Heero reassured. He was then jolted from his seat.. tumbling onto Duo.

//Oooh baby...
Once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

But if I let you go,
I will never know,
What my life would be, holding you close to me.
(Close to me, yeah)
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
(Oh yeah)
How will I know
If I let you go?//

Duo backed up against his seat, Heero perched precariously on top of him. The braided pilot drew in a sharp breath, looking straight up into those piercing prussian blue eyes. His heart raced.


Heero's face was only inches away from the American's. He made no move to get up from where he was. In fact, Duo could have sworn the Wing pilot had leaned over slightly.

The plane shook again, less violently, as it flew itself out of the turbulent area. It was enough to shake the two Gundam pilots, however, and Heero felt Duo's lips brush across his own.

It was an unintentional contact that lasted longer then it shoud have. Heero could feel the other boy practically melting against him, as his own Perfect Soldier mask began to slip away...

That's when Duo backed up farther, pushing away.

"Heero.. what about Relena?"

Heero stopped himself from looking hurt. Was Duo rejecting him? Were his worst fears coming true?

His voice was almost pleading. "I have to protect Relena. I don't love her."

Duo's expressive violet eyes filled with uncertain hope. He reached up, nuzzling against Heero's shoulder. The Japanese boy relaxed, until Duo pulled away again.

"Heero, what about the *plane* -"

Duo was cut off as Heero's hand covered his mouth, his other hand reaching over and programming in... autopilot?

Heero's hand slowly moved away from Duo's mouth. "Now shut up. You talk too much." His voice was near monotonous as always, but there was a hint of something else in it.

"But I -" Duo started, once more cut off. But this time it was by Heero's lips over his own, much better then a hand, Duo concluded. He closed his eyes.

//But if I let you go
(If I let you go)
I will never know
(Oh baby)

Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
(Smiling back at me)
(Oh yeah) How will I know if I let you go?//

"Heero, do you love me?"


"Do you? Ne?"

"Don't be stupid."

"Does that mean you do?"

Duo was greeted by one of Heero's rare smiles. And he was content with that answer.

"Ai shiteiru, Heero. Zutto."


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