Well, I wrote a fic, and... it's not a very good one. =p It's my very first lemon, and I wanted to practice for a later point in one of my other fics... ^^; I hope it's ok!


Title: Phone Sex
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: Uh, Gundam Wing. Not mine.
Completed: 09/19/01
Pairings: 1x1, 2x2
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, PWP, masturbation, language, exhibitionism
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Er, okay, this is my first lemon, so be nice… ^^; I know it's short, too… *Sigh* Oh well, practice makes perfect. ^^

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


Heero nearly blew his cover when his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. Who the hell would be calling him now? The only people who knew this number were the other Gundam pilots. They all knew he was on a mission, so why would they risk calling him? He sunk back further under the large desk, hiding behind the drawers, leaving enough room for someone to sit down. He pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open. "What?" he whispered.

"Hey there, lover," a voice purred to him on the other side of the phone.

"Duo!" Heero hissed quietly. "I'm on a mission, what do you want?" he asked. Not that he didn't appreciate the call; Heero loved to listen to Duo's sexy voice. He could hear Duo's heavy breathing over the phone. Was he injured? "Duo? Are you alright?"

"No…" Duo moaned lowly into the phone. "I'm so hard, Heero… and you're not here."

Heero was instantly rock hard at Duo's declaration. "Duo…" he whispered. "I'm on a mission…"

"I don't care, Heero… Mmm I want you so bad…" There was a rustling of cloth over the phone, and Heero closed his eyes, imagining his beautiful longhaired lover stripping for him, revealing the long legs, the flat stomach, hard abs, and the slender throat exposed as he unbraided his hair.

Duo's voice brought him out of his fantasy. "Are you touching yourself, lover?" Duo whispered. "Is your strong hand wrapped around that big, hard cock of yours, baby?"

Heero couldn't stop himself; he listened carefully, and once he was sure no one else was in the room, slipped his hand into his spandex to touch himself. He moaned softly into the phone, "Oh, Duo… yes…" He shuddered, wrapping his fingers around his arousal, which was already wet with desire.

"Don't talk, Heero baby… I wouldn't want you to get caught," Duo whispered. Heero moaned; the reality of what he was doing, jerking off under an enemy's desk, listening to his sexy lover talk dirty to him, only served to turn him on even more.

"Stroke yourself faster, Heero… Mmm, yes…" Duo moaned into the phone. "This feels so good, I wish it was you touching me like this… oh yeah…" Heero closed his eyes, squeezing himself roughly, picturing Duo naked on their bed, long hair spread about him, stroking his length with one hand and holding the phone with the other.

Heero pumped himself faster, running his thumb over the tip, using the moisture collected there to ease the strokes. "Heero… oh, God, lover, I wish you were here, I wish you were," Duo gasped, "I wish you were watching me…"

Heero shuddered, panting as he stroked himself. He felt himself getting closer, nearing completion, and he bit his lip, trying not to moan…

He heard the door to the office being opened, the voices of two men talking, and he froze with his hand still in his spandex. He was so hard it almost hurt, and he desperately wanted to come, but he couldn't, he couldn't risk it. If he finished now, he might make too much noise, and then he'd be caught. Fail the mission. He kept the phone up to his ear, listening to Duo moan and talk dirty to him while taking out the mini-recorder from his pocket.

He thanked the Gods that the desk was huge and touched the floor. Heero set up the recorder, his cock throbbing in his spandex. One of the men that came into the room had sat down at the desk; Heero hoped this would be fast. He listened closely to the men as they talked, but only hearing half of what they were saying. He couldn't help averting his attention back to the braided boy talking to him on the phone, and the sexy moans and gasps he was making.

It was a few minutes later that he noticed the men had stopped talking. That was it; he was almost done with the mission. He waited until he heard both men leave the room and shut the door. Heero reached back into his spandex, stroking his aching hardness quickly and roughly. "Aaahh… Heero..! I'm… I'm going to…" He heard Duo gasp over the phone, crying out Heero's name as he climaxed. "Oh! Heero! Yes!"

Just listening to Duo cry out, imagining Duo's beautiful face twisted in pleasure, sent Heero over the edge. He groaned, whispering his lover's name as pleasure shot through him, his body shuddering as he spilled his need. "Duo… I love you," Heero whispered into the phone.

"I love you too, Heero…" Duo sighed sleepily. "I can't wait to see you again…"

"Me too, lover… I'll be there soon, I promise," Heero said, and hung up the phone. He quickly gathered up the recorder and crawled out from under the desk. Looking in the drawers, Heero found the files he needed and quickly escaped out the window. The mission was complete, and now all that was on Heero's mind was his beautiful lover sleeping in bed.

The End


So... what'd you think? Bad? Horrible? Both? ^^;

~ Maxwell's Demon