Title: Perfect Selection
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: I… I… *Lip trembles* I don't own the Gundam Wing people! *Sobs*
Pairings: 1x2 (Oi, oi! What'd you except other then Heero and Duo?)
Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Cursing, AU, OOC-ness, Angst, Attempted suicide, Violence
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Yeah, I know. Noin, of all people, is in this. But, she's my favorite female Gundam Wing character! I wanted to include some girl, but I didn't want to add one of my own, so I decided to just use her. Don't worry, her and Duo aren't in love, and never will be, in this fanfic. =p

"…" = Speech
/…/ = Thought


Chapter 3: New Restrictions



He was running, and he couldn't stop. It didn't matter where he was going, or where he came from. But he couldn't stop. He just had to keep running… running… a black shadow was cast upon him, and he stopped, blue eyes wide with fear, and began to turn around. A black stained blade stopped him from running again, pressing against his throat. "Why do you run from me, Heero?" Heero swallowed, the blade barely slicing against his throat. Hot breath tickled the back of his neck, and whispered to him. "Don't you want me… Heero..?" Feathered black wings surrounded him, encasing him from escaping. The body of the voice plastered himself against Heero's back, keeping the curved weapon armed, and slipped an arm around his waist. The body behind him growled, "Too bad… because I want you…" With that, the black stained scythe was raised, and brought to his throat sharply. It passed through his neck, and Heero couldn't breathe. The blade had passed through his neck, but there was no blood. No detached limbs. Nothing.

Except that he could no longer breathe.

His throat was on fire, and his vision was hazy. He clasped his hands around his throat, choking, willing himself to take in fresh air as he fell to his knees. A lone, winged figure stepped before him, smirking down at his helplessness. The figure was silhouetted by the glare of the sun, but one could still clearly make out the long braid… and the crimson red eyes.

Fiery eyes that stared into his, mocking him in his weakened state. Eyes that laughed at him with a sick, sadistic pleasure.


Heero Yuy gasped, awakening in his chair in a cold sweat. His breath came in heavy pants as he adjusted back into reality. But the dream… no, the nightmare… had been so real… He shook his head, ridding himself of irrational thoughts. Prussian blue eyes glanced over to look at the boy in the bed opposite of his own. Duo was sitting cross-legged, slouched over and clutching his braided hair tightly. His black wings were wrapped around his body, as if trying to keep warm. Sensing he was being watched, he turned and came into eye contact with Heero. He grinned and bounced over to where Heero sat. "Morning, sleepy head! I was afraid you'd sleep away the day!" Heero didn't answer, ignoring him and turning to his laptop again. After a moment of silence, Duo opened his mouth to speak again, but was shocked when Heero spoke up first. "What right do you have to stop me from taking my life?" Heero snarled at him. Hurt, Duo looked to the ground. "I… didn't think you should throw away your life just like that. It's… selfish. You didn't even think about how your death would effect the people who care about you. You need help, Heero." Duo got no response, except that of the steady whir of Heero's laptop. Suddenly, before Duo could blink, a strong pair of hands clasped around his throat, slowly choking him. "Hee… ro…" Duo gasped out, trying to pry free.

"Tell me, Duo," Heero growled, "Where do Fallen Angels go after they die?" Duo's violet eyes widened with fear. "We… we simply cease to… exist…" He struggled to respond. Just then, Heero released his grasp. Air rushed back into Duo's lungs when he gasped. Then, a sharp pain came in contact with his cheek when Heero backhanded him, sending him to the floor. "Next time you try to interfere when I try to end the killing, I will take your life instead," Heero hissed at him. With that, he left the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Tears began to fall down the face of an angel.


"Heero. I've been waiting for you." Heero turned around when he heard his name, facing Quatre. He glared, then turned back around, ready to walk away. "What do you want?" A strong hand gripped his shoulder. "Heero, why do you try to kill yourself..?" Quatre's voice sounded hurt, afraid for the life of his friend. "To end the killing," Heero replied.

"You don't need to take your life to end the killing! Just stop receiving missions! It's easy!" Quatre yelled, forcing Heero to look at him. "That's no good. All my life, all I've ever done is kill! It's how I was raised! It's how I live! I know no other way. So just… stay out of my way, Quatre. Or I might kill you, too."


"FA-5924. Fallen Angel, Duo Maxwell. Standing at roughly five foot three, long chestnut brown hair, and violet eyes. Hmm… violet eyes? Very interesting, Mr. Maxwell," Wufei smirked. "Very interesting indeed…" Duo glared, sneering at his attacker. "Kiss my heavenly ASS, Demon." He stumbled further into the corner of the room he was being backed into, holding onto the bloody gash on his shoulder. After Heero had left, he was too emotionally unstable to notice when the Demon slipped quietly into his room, through use of an open window. He wouldn't scream – he couldn't. He would never dare allow the one he loved to be harmed. "Mmm… intriguing offer, I must say, but I'm afraid that just won't do. Justice comes before desires- " Before Wufei could continue, Duo cut him off. "You can go shove justice sideways up your ass `till you can fuckin' TASTE it!" A strong fist came into contact with Duo's stomach, air rushing out of his lungs and he fell to the floor. Wufei glared and knelt down, grabbing Duo's braid and pulling his head up, looking him in the eyes. "Damn… bastard…" Duo mumbled, coughing. Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. "Oh, no. I think it is YOU who is damned, Maxwell." Cold metal was suddenly pressed against his temple. "Die, fucker." A cold, monotone voice snarled, pulling the trigger of the gun. Before the gun went off, Wufei seemed to vanish from sight. Duo looked up, and even with blurry vision, he saw who his savior was. "Heero…" he groaned in pain, then darkness enveloped him.

Heero quickly moved, separating the attacker from Duo, taking note that the Chinese man was fast. Very fast. Wufei raised his nose to the air, impressed that a mere mortal had been able to sneak up behind him. "Heero Yuy, I presume?" He smirked. Heero's glare never faltered. "Hn. And you are?"

"I am Chang Wufei. It is my job to make sure this… beast… is punished for his sin." Wufei glared back at Heero, taking a quick glance at the blood trickling down his sword's blade. Heero noticed him glance, then moved his eyes to the sword. /Another… shedding blood… because of me! Not again! It's my fault!/ His mind was screaming at him, and his grip on his gun tightened. Then, with a voice that made even the Demon shudder, he snarled. "I will KILL you! Bastard!" By now, adrenaline was pumping throughout his body, and his gun began to crack under his grip. Wufei inhaled sharply, realizing his mistake in underestimating the foolish mortal before him. With another quick movement, he was at the window again. "Don't think this is over. Not yet." He hissed. That's when Heero noticed the wings. He hadn't seen them before, they blended in with the walls of the room. Now, however, part of Wufei's leathery demon wing was out the window. The color soon faded, though, into the midnight blue-black of the night sky outside. /His wings… they're like a chameleon! They change according to his surroundings, in order to keep hidden…/ Wufei spoke again, bringing Heero out of his rational thoughts. "I've underestimated you, I know I'm not strong enough to kill you. That beast won't be in your pointless life forever. I'll kill him for the trouble you've caused. He WILL die!" Then he was gone, leaping from the window. Heero's eyes dropped down to the trail of blood made by Wufei's sword, following it all the way to its owner. Duo.

Quatre rushed into the room just as the gun fell from Heero's hands, his body hitting the floor. "Heero!"


"I don't love you, Heero." The braided angel hissed. Heero was dreaming again, he knew it wasn't real. Duo's eyes were red once again. Not the violet eyes that he couldn't shake from his thoughts. "How could I love someone with no HEART?" He emphasized the last work by kicking Heero firmly in the stomach, knocking the air out of Heero's lungs. Heero tried to get up, but found his arms bound behind his back. The braided boy kicked him again, this time in his ribs. Heero felt his ribs crack from the strike. "Get up, Heero." He kicked him again. "Please, Heero, get up!" Another blow to the stomach.


"Please, Heero, get up!" Duo begged, and Heero's eyes snapped open, gasping for breath. Duo sighed, making a silent prayer to himself. "Heero, I was so worried… thank you, for protecting me…" The angel gave Heero a pained, sad smile, trying his best to look as happy as possible. "I… failed. I… didn't kill him…" Heero said, his voice hardly above a whisper. Duo was too busy fussing over Heero, checking him over for wounds to hear him. "Aa, good, you're not injured…"

"But YOU are! I told you to stay in bed, Duo! You're hurt!" Duo flinched, quickly stumbling back to his bed under Quatre's glare. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Heero." The blonde smiled at him. Heero remained silent. Sighing, Quatre walked over to where Duo sat, checking over his wounds again. "How's your arm feeling, Duo? Is anything else hurting?" Duo resisted the urge to say his heart, grinning instead. "Nope, I'm feelin' all peachy keen!" Nodding, Quatre turned to face Heero. "Heero, Duo told me what happened before he passed out. Could you tell me what you saw..?"

Heero glared at him, then turned his face to the wall. "There was a Demon. He called himself Chang Wufei. He said that he would kill Duo. Then he said he knew he couldn't defeat me right now, but he'd be back, then he left. That's all that happened."

"Yet let him escape!?" Quatre asked, surprised. It wasn't like Heero to let an attacker live. "He was fast." Heero replied, then the room fell silent. Something was bothering Heero, Quatre could tell. He couldn't blame him, though. First an angel literally fell into his life, and now a demon was hunting them down to kill Duo. "Well, since it's obvious that we cannot let Duo be seen outside this house, there should always be at least one person with him for protection. It's too dangerous for him to be alone now. Heero, I know you don't like to rely on anyone, but this time I insist you do. When you are away on missions, I will watch over Duo here for you. When you get back, I think you should stay here. You and I can take turns watching over him. Duo, I recommend that you do not go outside. Right now, it's not safe. Maybe later, once we know more about this Demon, and more about… well… everything, we can try to find a safe way for you to go outside. Agreed?" Quatre asked, his leadership and tactical instincts jumping at the opportunity to help and protect his old friend, and his new one. Heero nodded silently, and Duo gave him a thumbs up. "No problemo, Q!" Duo grinned. As Quatre turned to leave, he looked over his shoulder once more. "Now, I want both of you to get some rest. And that goes for you too, Duo!" Duo bounced underneath the covers, curling his wings around himself. "Yes, mommy!" Duo chuckled.

"I'll wake you two at lunch time." Quatre sighed, realizing how long of a day it's already been.


Heero didn't sleep, but the braided boy was already snoring in an irritatingly loud way. Despite the obnoxious noise, the beauty still managed to captivate Heero's attention. A few wispy strands of hair escaped from Duo's braid, and surrounded the gentle, relaxed face. The band-aid applied to the corner of Duo's mouth and bandaged up arm made Heero frown. Duo had gotten hurt because he failed to be there to protect him. After all, Duo was here because of him in the first place. Heero felt it only right that Duo became his responsibility to look after. That moment, he made a silent oath to protect this boy with his life.

Even if his snoring deprived him from sleep.


Days turned into weeks, and there was still no sign of any dangers or threats. Duo continued to discover things that were new to him. What intrigued him the most was what was outside, however. Ever since the first day he had been introduced to flowers, he'd been obsessed with them. When he saw the vast gardens out the window in the back of Quatre's house, he begged to go see them. Heero wouldn't have it.

"I said no, Duo, and that's final!" Heero growled. Duo frowned, reaching forward to grab Heero's arm. "But, Heero…" He was about to protest, but Heero pulled back. "Don't be stupid! Didn't you see it outside!? There's no protection. No where to hide. No trees. You'd be out in the open where ANYONE could see you!" Duo shrank back at the harsh words slightly. "I… just wanted to… look at the flowers…" Heero gave him a glare that sent a chill down his spine, ending the conversation. Defeated, Duo sighed and trudged over to his own bed. He plopped onto it, burying his face in his pillow.

Heero's laptop beeped, and he instantly sat before it, clicking on the new message. As he read, his face paled.


Stay tuned for chapter 4!... or something! X.x