Title: Perfect Selection
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: I… I… *Lip trembles* I don't own the Gundam Wing people! *Sobs*
Pairings: 1x2 (Oi, oi! What'd you except other then Heero and Duo?)
Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Cursing, AU, OOC-ness, Angst, Attempted suicide
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Yeah, I know. Noin, of all people, is in this. But, she's my favorite female Gundam Wing character! I wanted to include some girl, but I didn't want to add one of my own, so I decided to just use her. Don't worry, her and Duo aren't in love, and never will be, in this fanfic. =p

"…" = Speech
/…/ = Thought


Chapter 2: Let Sleeping Soldiers Lie


The young blonde sighed, sipping his cup of warm tea. He sat in a large chair, settled near a fireplace. /Warm… rainy nights can be so cold…/ He thought, leaning his head back, and closing his kind blue eyes. A loud, sharp knock at the door startled him, eyes snapping open. "Who on earth could it be at such an hour..? And in such dreadful weather…" He stood from his chair, setting his tea on an end table before heading to the door. As he opened it, he was suddenly faced with a pair of worried, yet cold, blue eyes. "H… Heero!" The boy stammered, then noted the other boy leaning against his shoulder, arm draped over Heero's. He was out cold. "Quatre…" Heero breathed out his friend's name, feeling weak himself. The rain had drenched both the boys, clothes plastered against their bodies, and bangs drooped against their young faces. Quatre hurriedly helped Heero drag the unconscious body into the large house, then turned to shut, and lock, the door. Heero tried to keep Duo up, but ended up collapsing to his knees. Quatre rushed forward, catching his friend before he hit the ground. Then, as he reached over to hold Duo up, the coat that had been draped over the long haired boy slipped, revealing his wings. Shocked, the Arabian boy jerked his hand back, and Duo fell to the floor. "Heero… it's… he's a…" He searched for the right words, unable to speak further. Heero rolled onto his back, draping an arm over his forehead. "He's an angel." He explained, tiredly. "What!? But… angels aren't… real! They don't exist!"

"Well he looks pretty fuckin' real to me Quatre!" Heero growled, angry. The blonde boy shrank back slightly. He would always treat Heero as his best friend, even if the boy denied that he had any friends. "Alright… you're obviously really tired and stressed right now. We can talk in the morning. Help me carry him upstairs, and we can put him on the extra bed in your room." He said, standing up. "Guest room," Heero corrected, shooting Quatre a glare. "Right, sorry, the guest room." He tried to keep from smiling at Heero's response. It had been a guestroom, yes, but Quatre decided to make it Heero's room, since he showed up quite often, bruised and bloody after some of his missions. He went over to Duo, about to pick him up, when Heero suddenly blocked his path, picking the angel up in his arms. "I got him," he declared, almost possessively. Quatre nodded, then led Heero to the stairs. As they climbed up the spiraling steps, Heero studied the boy in his arms. He couldn't help but notice how truly beautiful he was. How peaceful and innocent his face looked, and how his soft lips were barely parted as he slept. His long chestnut hair was soft as silk, and a few wispy strands were draped across his slim body. A smirk dared to try and become visible on his face as he noted how cute the boy's nose was. Upturned, just slightly, small, and perky.

Hearing a door click open brought him out of his thoughts, and back to reality. He stepped into the room, moving to the spare bed. As Quatre lifted the sheets, he placed Duo gently down. He quickly snatched the sheets away from Quatre, startling him slightly, then proceeded to tuck in the angel warmly. Once Heero was satisfied, he nodded, once, then turned to sit down on his own bed. He glanced up at Quatre. "Thank you," he mumbled, still uneasy about accepting Quatre's help. The blonde smiled at Heero and nodded. "You don't need to thank me, Heero. It's always a pleasure to have you around." He turned and looked at the newcomer, studying him for a long moment. Smiling back over to Heero, he nodded and left the room, shutting the door. Heero sighed, rubbing his temples, trying to rid himself of the headache he had developed. He laid down, pulling the covers up around himself, and stared at the vision across the room.

Quatre made his way down to his own room, quickly changing and settling into his bed. He stared at the ceiling, lost in his questions and thoughts.

Neither boy got much sleep that night.


After only a few hours of rest, Duo cracked one eye slowly open. /Where am I..?/ He thought, both eyes open now as he sat up. He looked over at Heero, whose eyes were shut. /He's so beautiful… even when sleeping…/ Duo sighed happy. He took time to observe his new surroundings. The walls were painted an off-white, and the floor had a carpet to match. There was an oak desk against the wall, separating Heero's bed and his own. On the desk, Duo noted, was a laptop, a glass full of water with two plants of some type in it, a few pens, some paper, and a couple of worn books. Heero's green tank top lay in a crumpled mess on the floor, having discarded it at one point during the night. Over the desk was a window, covered by curtains. It was a plain room, but pleasant and welcoming. "You're awake." Duo was startled out of his observations as Heero's rough voice spoke. He smiled at him, then purred, "Heero…" Duo crawled out of his bed, tiredly stalking over to him. "What do you want?" Heero growled out. Duo stopped, a bit hurt by the way Heero brushed him off, but grinned again anyway. "Oi, Heero, what're those?" The angel asked, pointing to the plants in the glass. "Idiot, don't you know? They're called roses." Duo nodded, taking a closer look. He scrunched up his face. "Red's not a very pretty color… I prefer black!" Heero raised an eyebrow at him. "Black roses? You're weird." Duo chuckled and stuck his tongue out playfully towards the blue eyed boy. He decided to study these things called `roses' some more. He sniffed at them, paused, then sniffed again. "Saa, Heero! They smell nice!" He beamed happily over at Heero, then sniffed the roses a few more times. Heero sighed and rolled his eyes. "Don't get out much, do you? Of course they smell nice. They're supposed to." Duo snorted, putting his hands on his hips, and flicked his wings out, then folded them again. "Well, excuuuuuse me for living in the sky! Not exactly the most legal thing for me to do, coming down here, ya know."

"Not exactly… legal? How do you mean?" Heero asked. Duo bounced over to Heero's bed, sitting down on the edge. "Well, see, I'm not exactly an angel anymore. I kinda… broke the rules, so now I'm a Fallen Angel." Heero snorted. "Aren't Fallen Angels like devils?" Duo shook his head. "No no no! Not at all. Fallen Angels are exactly that! Angels that have fallen from the sky!" He grinned. "So what are devils, then?" Duo's face paled slightly at Heero's question, and he focused his gaze to his knees. "Well, devils are… hunters. You see, the Earth is their home, and, well, they don't like us dropping in on their territory."

"Let me guess. Devils hunt down Fallen Angels." Duo nodded. "So, where's Hell, then? Isn't that where they live?" Heero asked. Duo smirked. "Hell is Earth."

"Okay, let me get this straight… Leaving wherever that you came from is illegal." Duo nodded. "Yet you came down anyway, and became a Fallen Angel." Duo nodded again. "And these things called devils hunt you down, because they don't like you."


"And Earth is Hell." Duo nodded yet again. "And… why is it you came down here?" Duo smiled and leaned down close to Heero, face to face with the blue eyed assassin. "For you…" He purred, then leaned in a bit closer for a kiss…

… and was promptly rewarded by being kicked off the bed as Heero rolled over, now facing the wall. "Go back to bed." Heero growled at him. Duo frowned, wings drooping slightly, but obeyed.


Three boys sat at a round table in silence, with a cup of coffee fixed to each one's own liking in front of them. It was the blonde boy who spoke up first. "I suppose we should start at the beginning, then. Heero, when you arrived, he was out cold. What happened?" Concern for the boy he'd just met was apparent on his face. Heero took a breath. "Well, Quatre," he began. "It all started when this… angel suddenly dropped on top of me. Quite literally, too." He shot Duo a glare, then continued his story. "He informed me that his name is Duo Maxwell, and that I should think of him as my Guardian Angel." Duo then chirped up, joining the conversation. "That's right! I protect his life. Every time he tries to kill himself, I make sure it doesn't happen!"

"You did that!?"

"You try to kill yourself!?" Both Heero and Quatre spoke at the same time, startled. Heero looked over at Duo, glaring. "We talk about this later. Privately."

"So do we, Heero." Quatre commanded, eyes full of worry and anger for his friend. Heero just snorted. "So," Quatre started. "How come he was out cold?"

"It started to rain. Apparently, Duo has never been exposed to rain before. For some reason, his body's response was not good. He started shivering from cold, and collapsed because he was weakened." Heero explained. Duo nodded, confirming the information. "Sa, he's right! I dunno why I got so weak. Probably just the change in atmosphere n' all that, ya know? It was all so sudden, and my body went into shock." Duo grinned. "So, you're Heero's friend, Quatre, right?"

"I have no friends." Heero snorted. Quatre smiled slightly and sighed. "Well, despite what he believes, yes I am his friend." Quatre chuckled. Duo jumped from his chair and bounded over to Quatre's side, extending a hand. "Nice to meet ya!" Quatre smiled and shook Duo's hand. "A pleasure." Then, Duo was gone, and sitting back next to Heero again. "So Duo, what made you come to Earth?" Quatre asked. Duo smiled softly at him, then looked over at Heero. "He did…" Heero flustered, and scooted his chair away from Duo a bit. "Pardon..?" Quatre's eyebrow raised. "I came here because of Heero! I wanted to see him… after all, I've been watching him for… uh… well, a long time!" Duo grinned happily. Heero took a long drink from his cup, then slammed it down on the table, embarrassed. He stood silently, placing the cup in the sink, then proceeded to go upstairs. Duo frowned, but then decided to entertain himself with the new drink in front of him. He sniffed at it, then made a face. Quatre giggled. "It's stinky! How can ya drink this stuff?" Duo asked, pushing the cup away from him. "It grows on you, trust me." Quatre smiled. "Um, Duo… I was wondering… what was your past life like?" Duo blinked at him. "Past life?"

"Yes. I mean, what were you before you… died, and became an angel?" Duo giggled and shook his head. "I haven't died yet, Q! An angel is an entirely different species! When a human dies, they just lose their body, and their souls go up to Heaven. That's about it, sorry to disappoint you." He frowned, but quickly grinned again. Quatre shook his head and smiled. "Don't be sorry, Duo. Hey, why don't you go find Heero? He wanted to talk to you, didn't he?" Duo quickly jumped up. "Hey! Hey, see ya later, Q!" And in an instant, Duo was gone and running up the stairs. Quatre sighed. "There's an angel in my house… I need another cup of coffee." He groaned, finishing off what was left in his cup.


Duo slowly crept into Heero's room, careful not to make a sound. Heero was seated at the desk, his features illuminated by the greenish glare of his laptop. As he got closer to the boy, he noticed that Heero's eyes were closed, and he was breathing steadily. /Asleep…/ He thought, smiling. Gently, Duo reached out and brushed the bangs away from Heero's face. Heero has a serious statement set upon his features, arms crossed across his chest, and a frown on his lips. Duo held his breath, and leaning down, he brushed a soft, feather light kiss over Heero's cheek. Duo stepped back, drinking in the vision before him. /I'll show you… how special you are to me… I swear…/ He stepped back again until he was at his bed, and sat down. He couldn't bring himself to wake the pilot to talk; he knew he would only be yelled at. So he just sat, elbows resting on his knees, hands folded, and chin resting on his hands. Not that he was complaining, mind you. He's been gazing longingly at this boy for a long time, and he'll be damned if he ever got tired of it. With a sigh, he let his mind wander, daydreaming of the day he and Heero would be together, happy and oblivious of the nonsense world around them. A world of love and hate, war a peace, trial and error.

A world of hunters that stalked the unwanted, to banish them forever, and to suffer for eternity.


Outside, the glint of a sword flashed in the moonlight. A young man stood hidden in the trees, as he watched the events that took place in the room before him. He smirked at the foolishness of the creature. It was pointless for an angel to love a mortal. The laws separated them, angels are forbidden on the Earth.

/The Earth belongs to the demons, Fallen Angel. Justice will only be served when you are at the mercy of my blade, Nataku./ Wufei growled.


Heehee, Wufei named his sword... *Sigh* The more I think about it, the less I like it... =*(