Title: Perfect Selection
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: I... I... *Lip trembles* I don't own the Gundam Wing people! *Sobs*
Pairings: 1x2 (Oi, oi! What'd you except other then Heero and Duo?)
Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Cursing, AU, OOC-ness, Angst, Attempted suicide
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Yeah, I know. Noin, of all people, is in this. But, she's my favorite female Gundam Wing character! I wanted to include some girl, but I didn't want to add one of my own, so I decided to just use her. Don't worry, her and Duo aren't in love, and never will be, in this fanfic. =p

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


Chapter 1: Exile and Betrayal


Waterfalls of beautiful chestnut brown hair tumbled down the young boy's back and over his shoulders. His large violet eyes gazed longingly downwards at the scenes he could only view from above. He sighed, resting his head on his arms as he lay there, thinking, on the soft fluffiness of the cloud beneath him. "You're watching again, aren't you?" A soft, kind voice spoke up from behind him. The boy smiled, not altering his gaze. "You know me too well, Noin." He heard her chuckle from behind him. Sighing with a smile on her face, she ran a hand through her platinum black hair, brushing it from her face. Her steps were light and elegant, like any proper lady's would be, and sat herself down beside the boy. "You know," she began, "there are plenty other gorgeous men here, where we live. Why not flatter them with that charming smile of yours instead, Duo?" He chuckled, turning to look at her. Her long slender legs were connected to beautifully shaped hips, and a finely curved waist, all covered in thin, red, silk robes that were held up by a beautiful silver belt. Noin's upper body was just as well proportioned as her lower half, although she wore strands of white silk to cover her chest.

"Because," he smiled, violet eyes gleaming at her, "he is the only one that makes the Earth beautiful." Duo stretched, flexing his black feathered wings. Noin thoughtfully brushed a hand over the great expanses of his wings, pondering. /Why does one so beautiful have wings tainted black like those of a Fallen Angel?/ The boy turned his gaze back to stare longingly at the object of his desires. She pet his head in a loving, motherly fashion, then stood up to leave. "See ya later, kid." She smiled at him as her great white wings lifted her away.

As she flew, she noticed a few black feathers blow past her. Noin caught one of the black feathers that floated in the air. She opened her hand, looking at the feather in her palm. "Oh, Duo." She sighed, letting the wind claim back the feather away from her hand. "Why must you love a man that you cannot have..?"


Prussian blue eyes narrowed, striking fear into the soul of the man that lay curled up in front of him. The blue-eyed one raised his gun, aiming directly between the man's eyes. "Mission accomplished." He stated, simply, before he fired his gun. Twice. The body fell limp, blood pooling from the wound in his head. The killer put his gun back into the holster, turned, and began to walk away.

He did not care who the man was. Nor was he interested in the man's past, or if he had a family. A mission was a mission, and that was that. It must be completed under any circumstance. For this was his way of life, this was how he was brought up. There is nothing outside this man's life, except that of the missions. He accepts them without question, and completes them without failure. His life is expandable. He can hide even in the light of the sun, and moves with the shadows of the darkness. He strikes without fear. The missions received are read by him, and only him. The sender's identity is highly classified, and not even this man knows who the mysterious person is. Yet, he cares not. Missions are his life. He has no family, no past. He has no loved ones. No friends. No lover, no children. This is the life he was given to lead.

This is the life of Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier.


"And now, justice shall be served, beast." The young Chinese man snarled as he locked the cuff around a beaten and wounded black winged creature. He spat, disgusted at the ugly sight before him. Running a hand over his slick black hair, held back in a small rat- tail, he turned to leave the dreary dungeon. The cell door slammed shut, and he locked it, double checking the chain's strength. With one last glare, he silently left.

Upon entering a dimly lit office, he carefully strode over to stand before the desk in the back. He kept his posture erect, and spoke with confidence. "Sir. I have captured and imprisoned FA-5923. Here is the report." The Chinese boy placed a folder onto the desk, and then awaited further orders. A tall, broad shouldered man nodded to the boy. "Well done, Chang Wufei." His voice was deep and strong. His emerald green eyes seemed to glow with a fierce evil in the dark room. Wufei bowed to him respectfully. "I will not rest until justice is served, Master Barton. Fallen Angels will be banished from Earth all in due time." The man known as Barton merely nodded, signaling Wufei to leave.


The cold metal of the gun shimmered in the moonlight. Heero's grip around the handle was like a vice... nothing could stop him now. He had made the decision long ago. So here he stood, alone, as he has been his whole life, near the edge of a lake. It was a secluded area. There was not a hint of civilization around for miles. After the long walk away from any social contact, his moss green hair was damp with sweat, and made his green tank top and black spandex shorts cling to him like a second skin. The sweat on his body made his skin glisten in the pale moon's light. /This ends./ He thought coldly to himself, putting the pistol into position. He could taste the cold metal against his tongue as he pressed the nozzle of the gun into his mouth. He closed his eyes, and pulled the trigger.


He blinked, confused. /What the..?/

Click. Click.

He yanked the gun from his mouth, fumbling with the pistol until he got it open. "What the fuck!?" He yelled, angry. He knew he had loaded his gun before he came out here. It should have been full of bullets. But now, he stared at it, completely empty. Growling, he shoved a hand into one of his pockets on the gun holster, pulling out a box of bullets he always kept handy. Opening it, he snarled. Empty. He chucked the box into the lake. "Why can't I die!?" He screamed up at the sky, eyes burning with rage and anger. "Why can't I just fucking die!?!?!" He screamed louder this time. He collapsed to the ground, clutching his legs close to his chest, sobbing, and began chanting to himself, over and over. "I mustn't cry. I mustn't cry. I'm the Perfect Soldier. I'm the Perfect Soldier. I mustn't cry. I mustn't cry..." His sobbing resided, slowly. Then, he just sat there, still huddled against himself, whispering. "I'm the Perfect Soldier. I'm the Perfect Soldier. I'm the Perfect Soldier. I'm the Perfect Soldier..."


"Noin, please! He needs someone to help him! Why can't it be me? I want it to be me! Please!?" The violet eyed boy before the woman begged and pleaded her on his knees. She sighed, kneeling down and gathering the desperate boy into her arms. "Shhh... Duo..." She rubbed his back in a soothing manner. "You know there's nothing you can do, Duo. To go to Earth is forbidden. If you were to go, you'd become a Fallen Angel. You know, as well as I do, what the fate of a Fallen Angel is..." The boy in her arms sighed sadly. He rubbed his reddened violet eyes, drying his tears. Noin sighed again, and stood up. "Duo, be proud of who you are. I miss your cheerful smiles." She walked away, leaving Duo to his thoughts.

"And I miss my freedom..."


Later, that night, Duo stood at the edge of his known world. He was alone. Even the sound of the wind has abandoned him here. Yet, he doesn't notice the emptiness around him. He has only one target in mind, only one deed. It was an irrational decision on his part, but it was far beyond all that now. He was too in love for punishment to stop him. Now, here, at the gates of his world, he stood alone, ready to take on anything, if only... that one boy, could be his. Instead of the traditional robes any proper male angel should be wearing, he now wore a different outfit, of an odd selection. He was clad all in back. His boots went up to his ankles, and his riding pants were held against his slim waist with a belt. To cover his finely toned chest, he wore a Priest's top. Odd, yet fitting, for what he was to become. He then took a deep breath, and held it as he slipped through the bars of the unopened gate...

... and found himself suddenly falling. Panic struck him and this new feeling of gravity, pulling him towards solid ground, rushed through his body, giving him a new feeling for the word weightlessness. He couldn't scream, he couldn't move. Everything was a blur, until impact. He landed upon something warm, hard and soft all at once... something alive... something... human. The two beings struggled among themselves, trying to untangle limbs, and wings, from each other to step away. After becoming free, Duo sprang into the darkest, most concealed part of the area he could find, afraid. Everything was all new to him. These smells, these sights... he was finally where he'd always wanted to be... on Earth.


"Who are you!?" A cold, flat voice demanded. Duo's gaze turned to where the voice came from. Deep, Prussian blue eyes stared directly into his own, as if searching for an answer for himself. /He's even more beautiful in person.../ Duo thought, then spoke up. "I... I'm Duo..." He made certain to keep his black wings as close to the ground as possible where he was crouching, still hiding from his only desire. "Last name." He commanded. Duo slunk down more into the shadows. "M-Maxwell..."

"Who sent you." Again, another command. "No one sent me... I ran away..." /I run, I hide, but I never lie./ Duo thought to himself. "From where?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"A secret, then. Fine. We all have out secrets. What do you want with me?"

"Nothing. What do you want with me?" Duo asked, feeling a little less shy. "What do I... don't mock me!" Blue eyes glared.

"You are Heero Yuy, are you not?" Heero's eyes visibly widened, then glared again. "How the hell do you know my name?" Duo began to ever so slowly inch forward, away from the darkness. "I... I've been watching you... for a long time..." He took another step. "I've been keeping you safe..." Then another. "It was forbidden for me to leave... where I come from... but... I had to. It was the only way I could... see you..." Heero took a step back, gun still aimed, as Duo put one foot into a lighted clearing, still mostly hidden. "I'd never harm you... Heero..." Another step, and Duo now stood in a lighted area, exposing his features fully. The gun fell from Heero's hand as he spotted the black feathered wings on Duo's back. "What... what the fuck are you!?" He took another step away. Duo smiled warmly at Heero.

"Just think of me... as your Guardian Angel."

Just as those words spilled from his lips, the clouded Heavens above roared, and the rain began to pour, as if protesting Duo's betrayal to his kind.


Eep! Well, uh... that's it! That's chapter 1! o.o Short... ne? ^^;; I've already started the second chapter! Hey, this is my first chapter story, too! O.O Eep... I really hope it's not sucking so far! Ja ne, minna-san!

~ Maxwell's Demon