"Maxwell's Demon " <miaka@white-star.com>

Title: Messages from Hell
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: Nope, I don't own those delicious Gundam Wing boys, sadly!
Completed: 8/17/00
Pairings: 1x2 (Heero and Duo, like always)
Warnings: Shounen ai, Sap, Heero OOC-ness
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Okay, maybe I outta explain the title. No one actually gets any messages from Hell. I guess it's kinda like a metaphor, or something of the sort. You know, because the God of Death comes from Hell and all, so... yeah. It was either this title, or Prussian Blue Eyes. I liked this one better, so… yeah! Well, uh, I guess I should just let you read this before I give away the whole thing! I hope you enjoy!

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


The damage was inconceivable. How could someone create such disaster in such a short amount of time? Why? Is there even a purpose behind this mess, or is it just for random and selfish pleasure? No one knows. Maybe no one will ever know. One thing, however, remained certain.

The current state of the dorm room will not be tolerated by Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier.

/Why do most of my missions involve that braided idiot as my partner?/ Heero sighed, frustrated. /I might as well begin cleaning without him. The sooner cleaned, the better. Why does he bother to unpack? We could be called on a mission at any second, and we must be prepared to leave immediately if it's called for!/ In the midst of his anger, he kicked a carelessly placed chest that lay in his path across the floor. As it tumbled across the room, the lid was thrown off, and an unknown number of papers escaped their captivity. Growling at the addition to the already destroyed room, Heero knelt down to collect the Duo's papers. Arranging them all into a neat pile, he placed them back into the chest, until a word had caught his attention. His name. Heero's name had been written on one of Duo's papers! /What is he thinking!? That idiot, is he keeping a diary? What if an OZ soldier got a hold of it? Did he write their secrets down on paper? What had he written about me!? I swear, if that idiot wrote down top secret information…/ Heero's eyes burned with anger, his mind whirling with all the possible mistakes Duo could have caused. Uncaring for the self-proclaimed God of Death's privacy, he took the chest into his lap and began to read.


Dear Heero,


Heero cocked an eyebrow. Was this a letter? Written to… him? Why? Curiosity now sparked, and he continued to read.


Oi, Hee-chan. Well, you're probably thinking why this idiot is writing a letter to the Perfect Soldier, eh? Haha, aw hell, ya probably won't even read this. So, who am I kiddin', right, Hee-chan? I know ya hate it when I call ya that. Wanna know why I keep doin' it? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway. I crave attention! Well, not from just anyone. I want your attention. Getting a reaction from you, any type at all, is so precious to me. I remember when I first met you. Eh, yeah, I shot you twice, but uh, that's all behind us now, right? I'm sorry about that, though. I really am. When I first met you, I could actually feel your pain. No, I'm not crazy. I could really feel it. Right when your eyes connected with mine, I saw how much you were really hurting. Guess you ain't as perfect as you think you are, eh Heero? You show your emotions, whether you know it or not. It's all in your eyes, Hee-chan. Your perfect, beautiful Prussian blue eyes. Oh God, there is so much emotion in your eyes, Heero! Not just pain. I can tell when I get through to you. I see that faint glimmer of laughter when I tell you a joke. I see the spark of joy in them when we all return safely from a mission. Ah, but Hee-chan, not once have I ever seen your eyes show love. Right, that's what I want to tell you.

Hee-chan, I love you. I love you as my friend. No, my best friend! Just as my best friend, because I don't think… no… I know! I know that you'd never let me any closer to your heart then that. Ah, what I wouldn't give to be so much more to you, Heero. I wish you could think of me as someone special, like I do of you. I dream about you, ya know. In my dreams, I can call you `darling', or `Hee-chan', and even `lover', without you getting angry at me. You'd always respond to me and say "I'll love you, Duo, until death and beyond." That's when I'd wake up in tears, knowing this could never come true.

So, why do I bother writing this nonsense? I don't know. I've already begun to babble in my letter too much. I'm not even sure if I will even give this to you. Who knows? Maybe, one day, I'll work up the courage. Ah, but in the meantime, Hee-chan… I love you.

Love Always and Forever,

The God of Death, Duo Maxwell


Heero's knuckles where white, clutching the paper he held in his hands with a vice-like grip. He swallowed, mouth dry. /What… I don't… I-I can't…/ No, he couldn't think straight. This confession was too much for him. Everything was thrown at him at once. Duo Maxwell, his partner, his comrade, his friend, wanted to admit his love to him. Yes, although he believed he never showed it, he did consider Duo his friend. Yeah, even his best friend. Although the amethyst eyed boy annoyed him to high Hell at times, he never hated him. The thought never even entered his mind. /Duo… loves… me. How could… Duo loves me. My best friend… is in love with me!/ Heero had been in a daze. He couldn't quite understand what he had just read until now. It hit him, and it hit hard. "He's in love with me!? How could he be!? Why? My hands are stained with blood. I'm a killer. Who could love an emotionless killer..?" He yelled at the paper in his hands, wishing at that moment it would agree with him in some way. /Do I… love him..?/ Pondering over this newly arised question, he glanced down at the remaining contents of the chest. Another paper... another letter, to Heero. He picked up the page and looked at the one underneath. Another one, again, addressed to Heero. He began to read through them. Some were short and to the point, while others were long and sweet, consisting of poetic words of love and compassion. But all of them always spoke of one specific feature on the Perfet Soldier - his eyes. How they displayed emotions no words could describe, or how it made Duo's heart flutter with joy when he was given the chance to gaze into the deep blue eyes of his partner.


Hee-chan, one day, I want to wake up and turn my head to the side, and the first thing I'll want to see is your beautiful blue eyes gazing back at me, as you lay beside me, holding me in your arms.


Heero stopped when he read this. He had felt an odd lightness in his chest and stomach. It wasn't a bad feeling, no, but it felt strange to him. Actually, he quite liked the feeling. He did not, however, understand why he had felt it. /What is this feeling... deep inside my chest..? It feels... good. But what is it?/ He argued with himself for a moment, trying to define what feeling this was, and what had caused it. /Do I feel revolted? No, no, I know that's not it. Right? Wait, yes, I'm sure of it. I've been revolted by things before. That's not how this feels. Maybe.../ He hesitated in his thoughts, afraid to contune, but afraid to stop, wondering what it all could mean. /Maybe... is it... joy? Joy feels good... but this is more. Much more. Could it be love? Maybe... if I say... it... I'll know. I'll know just how I feel. Just say 'I love you'. It can't hurt.../ With that, he nodded to himself, as if accepting the mission he had been given. "I..." Why was it so hard to say? "I love you," he paused, but only for a fraction of a second, and without thinking, he added on the last part to his words, "Duo." Then, he blinked, stunned. /Did I say... Duo? I was only going to say 'I love you', but.../ His eyes softened as the realization of his feelings came to him. /It had felt good to say such a thing... it felt... right. I am in love with that braided idiot./ Heero smirked, setting the papers back down into the chest carefully. /I've never been in love before... how should I tell him..? Or, should I tell him at all..?/ He frowned, sadly, feeling empty and alone. /No, I should tell him. I will./ Looking down, his eyes fell upon the first letter he had read, and found himself reading it for a second time. Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier, had got idea. It was a perfect idea, but who would expect any less then perfect, from the Perfect Soldier? /I'll tell him what he wants to hear. What he dreams of me saying. 'I'll love you, Duo, until death and beyond.' Misson, accepted./ Then, as if on cue, the door burst open with a loud, obnoxious bang. /Target, confirmed./

"Oi, Hee-chan! Man, you will not believe what happened in class today. It was hilarious! Ya see, I was sittin' behind this guy, right? And man, I was so bored! So anyway, first, I---" Duo wasted no time with his never ending goal to get a reaction from Heero, and set about babbling on about the day's events. "Duo." Heero cut him off, tired of waiting.

"And then- oh, uh, yeah, Hee-chan?" Duo grinned, his gaze shot right over to look into Heero's eyes.

"... I have something important to tell you."

/Mission, accomplished./