Title: Dreams and Cherries (Sequal to Messages from Hell)
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: Oh dear Shinigami, what I wouldn't give to own those yummy Gundam Wing guys
Completed: 8/18/00
Pairings: 1x2 (Heero and Duo, duh!)
Warnings: Sap, Shounen Ai, More Sap, Major Heero OOC-ness, Even More Sap
Author's Notes and/or Comments: I bet you all thought this was a lemon because of th title, eh? Hehe, well, it's not! But, hmm... Duo and cherries... yummy, not a bad combination, if I do say so myself! Anywho, about the taste of kisses in my fanfic. It's so true, I'm not kidding. There was this person who I was dating at one point, and, I swear, the kisses always tasted like that. I'm not friggin' kidding! I was baffled! Unfourtunately, that person turned out to be a complete b***h, so uh, yeah. =p But, enough about my personal life. =p Let's move on, shall we? Hehe. Also, to avoid the question, this is not AU. =p It takes place after the war has ended, and thankfully, Heero loosened up. =p Enjoy!

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


A bright pair of violet eyes cracked open slightly, becoming blinded by the morning sun, closing again. Duo Maxwell tiredly groaned, turning his head to the side away from the sun. Then, he tried again. First one eye, and then the other eye opened. The braided boy smiled warmly at the vision before him. His gaze was met by two Prussian blue eyes, full of love. /You've made all my dreams come true, Perfect Soldier./ The grip Heero held his lover in tightened, pulling Duo close against him. "Morning," Heero murmered softly into Duo's beautiful chestnut hair, giving the boy a soft kiss on the top of his head. "Mmm, morning, Hee-chan." Duo planted a soft kiss on the hollow of Heero's throat, smiling. Then, Duo frowned. "Hee-chan..?"

"Nn, Duo?" At first, there was no reply. Heero began to suspect there was something wrong. Duo mumbled something, then sighed. "Do we have to get up? I'm tired... and I'm perfectly happy just being in your arms all day, dah-ling." He grinned.

"Duo..." Heero was about to reply, but, this being Duo, he wasn't given the chance. "Please, Hee-chan? It's like a dream come true to me! I don't want it to end, ya know? I love just snuggling up close to you, all safe and warm in your arms, and-"

"Duo." He looked into the eyes he loved so much, the ones full of unspoken emotions, and love just for him. "Hm, Hee-chan?"

"You've been snuggling up close to me, all safe and warm in my arms, for almost an entire year now. And believe me, it's not going to ever stop." The short haired boy was instantly rewarded with many light, butterfly kisses against his face, followed by an oh-so- pleasing french kiss. Oh, how he did enjoy the many wonders of Duo's tounge. Just as Heero was about to place his hand on Duo's back to deepen the kiss, the braided bundle of energy bounced out of bed. "Well, come on, Hee-chan! Get you're cute lazy rear outta bed!" With that said, he grinned and bounded into the bathroom. "Shower's mine first! Bwahahaha!" Then, Duo shut the door. Heero smiled, chuckling at the silly boy. He sighed, smile still plastered on his lips, and closed his eyes. /Duo... why the hell do you always taste like cherries when we kiss?/ Heero's face scrunched up in serious thought for a moment, then he laughed. /Cherries./ He thought again, smiling and shaking his head.


Duo nearly choked on th Pop-Tart he had been in the proccess of chewing when Heero entered the kitchen of their house. The usual fashion senceless boy that stood before him was clad in a pair of almost-too-tight black leather pants, along with a nice matching black silk shirt, which was completely unbuttoned. Pleasingly, this gave the gawking Duo a pretty satisfying view of Heero's chest... and abdomen, for that matter. The erotic sight before Duo leaned down and kissed away a tiny crumb on his lip, before casually walking over to the refridgerator. "We're going out." The sound of Heero's voice snapped Duo back into reality, turning to look at Heero as he poured himself a glass of milk. "Huh? Where? Why?" Violet eyes blinked in confusion. Heero smiled with the glass against his lips. "Idiot," he spoke, before drinking.


Much to his surprise, Heero had driven Duo to a school. "Uh, Hee-chan, love... why are we at a school?" He asked, puzzled. Heero smiled, replying, "You talk to much." With that, he held his hand out, offering it to his love. Duo stared, uncertain at first, but knew he could trust Heero, and accepted the offer. Still confused as to why he had been brought here, he let Heero lead him along.

Finally, they stopped when they reached a cliff that was over looking the school. Heero released Duo's hand and sat down beneath a nearby tree. "Duo, come here, sit on my lap." Duo's face instantly blushed. "H-Hee-chan, we're out in public, and right in front of a schoo-"

"I don't mean that, Duo. Honestly, sometimes I think you have a one track mind." Heero grinned. Duo laughed and stuck his tounge out at Heero, then happily plopped down in his lap, one leg on each side of Heero's lap, facing him. Instantly he snuggled up to his blue eyed lover and sighed happily when he felt strong arms encircle him. "Duo, I have something for you." Duo sat up and blinked at Heero. "You do? Why?" Heero just smiled and handed Duo an old wooden chest. "Happy anniversery, my love." He whispered into Duo's ear. The braided boy gasped, staring at Heero in shock. "Remember, Duo? This is the school I admited my feelings for you in." He gently stroked Duo's soft cheek with his hand. "I'll love you, Duo, until death and beyond."

"Heero... oh, Heero... I... I..." Duo's bottom lip quivered, fighting back tears of joy, wanting desperately to return those three simple words. Gift forgotten, he softly pressed his lips against Heero's, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. "I love you too, Heero. I love you so much. I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you that enough!" Duo said, quietly, his voice wavering with emotion. Heero placed his hand against Duo's lips, silencing him. "Here. Open it." He smiled, placing the chest in Duo's hands again. Violet eyes full of love looked down at the object in his hands. Removing the lid, he discovored a stack of papers, tied together neatly with a red ribbon. He pulled the ribbon off and began to examine the gift Heero had givin him. He began to read.



I still remember the day I stumbled upon your letters you had
written for me. I never felt so many emotions at once like that
before, and you also introduced me to a new one. Love. Now that I
know love and how it feels, I'm glad you were the one to show it me.
Why do I write such a letter when I can speak these words to you just
as easily? Because I don't want to concentrate on what to say. As I
sit here, you in my lap, reading this letter, I want nothing more
then to watch your face, so full of emotions, and see your lips as a
smile spreads across them.

You once took the time out from your life to write me many
letters. Now, it's my turn to return to you the favor. Inside this
wooden chest are letters to you which should have been written long
ago, telling you the words which I should have said long before. I
want to make up all the years in the war I was not able to spend with
you in my arms. I'll love you, and only you, Duo, until death and

Yours For Eternity,

Heero Yuy


As Duo read, perched in his lover's lap, fresh tears spilled from his eyes over the dried ones. When he finished, he looked up, greeted by a pair of blue eyes, gazing at him. "Heero... this is... this is the most wonderful gift I have ever gotten in my entire life... Heero... oh, I love you so much, Heero Yuy." Duo declared, sealing his statement with a soft, lingering kiss on Heero's lips. His reward was a smile from his blue eyed lover. "I love you too, Duo Maxwell." Heero paused, then reached behind his back. "I have something else for you."

"What? Oh, Heero, I couldn't... I have nothing at all for you... I-"

"Duo. I've already got the only thing in the world I want, and that's just knowing that you return my love. Okay?" Duo smiled and nodded. Heero pulled Duo closer to him so his lips could reach his ear. Then, taking the object from his back pocket, he began to slip it onto Duo's finger. "Duo, will you be mine forever?" He whispered softly into Duo's ear. In responce, Duo's eyes widened in shock, not moving from his position. /But... that's my... my... ring finger... Heero..!/ He almost began to cry again, tears of joy, but managed to hold them back. "You've had me since the beginning of time, Hee-chan." Heero smiled and turned his head, giving the boy a soft kiss on his lips.


Time. It meant nothing to the couple that day. It neither moved too fast, or moved to slow. Duo still sat in Heero's lap, but his back was towards Heero now. He had his head tilted slightly back, and Heero's was tilted slightly foward, resting against eachother's. Finally, it was Duo who broke the silence. "Hee-chan..."


"You've made all my dreams come true, ya know." Heero smiled and kissed Duo's cheek, softly. "I still have the rest of my life to live with you, so you'd better come up with new ones for me to work on, hm, Duo?" Duo giggled. "Duo?"

"Yeah, Hee-chan?" Heero was silent for a moment, pondering how to word his question. Then, he continued. "Why do your kisses taste like cherries?"

Duo laughed, falling out of Heero's lap.