Title: Death and Politics
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: Uh, Gundam Wing. Not mine.
Completed: --/--/--
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: Language, shounen ai/yaoi, death(s), angst, sap, humor, AU, suicide(s)
Author's Notes and/or Comments: Well… I don't know much about politics, because I just frankly don't care about them, so all of the politics stuff might be a little off. Forgive me. ^^;;

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


Chapter 1


Death, he grimly concluded, is more complicated then it seems. Not only does it apparently hurt like a son of a bitch, it's got it's own happy little legal system to boot. Joy. After waking up with a rusty pipe still lodged into your heart because he happened to work for the Government, however, the young Heero Yuy decided that politics sucked all together. "Quit now!" his sub-conscious told him, while his mind screamed at him, asking why the hell he was still alive. Confused? So is he, the poor little bugger.

Let us start at the beginning. Heero Yuy, roughly the age of 18, had a steady career as a professional Computer Technician for the Mechanically Impaired. He worked at a computer help desk, the lucky lad. Upon returning from his lunch break, a villainous mob of unruly Government protestors decided to make themselves known upon him, thus ramming a large rusty pipe previously dipped in hydrochloric acid into his chest.

When he opened his eyes again, all he could see was an endless pool of violet. Only seconds later, however, did he realize the violet pools were someone's eyes. The eyes blinked. "Just what the hell do ya think you're doing, ya cheeky little death dodger?"

"What?" Heero could only vaguely remember being impaled in his chest with a pipe.

"I said, do you remember your name?" Another man asked, looking perplexed. Heero looked over at him, blinking. "Uh, y-yes. Heero. Heero Yuy." He looked back over to the violet-eyed boy. "But I was asking him." The other man glanced over in the direction Heero was looking, and raised an eyebrow. "There is no one over there, sir."

The violet-eyed boy grinned. "Who are you?" Heero growled, uneasy.

"It's okay, I'm a doctor, Mr. Yuy. I'm Dr. J. Take it easy, okay? You've just been revived from the dead, so it seems," responded the other man. Heero sighed. Couldn't they tell whom he was speaking to? This time, he pointed. "I meant, who is THAT?" The violet-eyed boy bowed gracefully.

"I am Duo Maxwell, 1982 to 2000. Pleasure to meet you!" he grinned at Heero. Dr. J blinked at Heero, not hearing Duo speak. "To whom are you referring to, Mr. Yuy?" Heero's eyes widened. "Don't you see him?" Heero asked, pointing to where the braided boy stood, grinning.

The doctor glanced in the direction Heero was pointing. He blinked. "Mr. Yuy, there is no one there." He paused. "I think it would be in your best interest to get a CAT scan. You may have some brain damage, causing you to hallucinate. Do you agree?"


Heero didn't see the violet eyed boy again until later, when he was resting in a room at the hospital. Heero scowled. "How did you get in here?"

"Behold the power of doors, baby! Boy, you aren't a swift one, are you?" the braided boy blinked, grinning. Heero scowled harder. "Are you always this grumpy? Or it just because you cheated out on death?" Duo asked.

Heero looked at him. "What?"

Duo sighed. "We're off to a great start, aren't we? Well, let me explain. You, my good friend, should be dead right now. However, you're not, and I'm here to find out why. Just think of me as… oh… I don't know," Duo grinned, "your caseworker?"

"I need a caseworker because I didn't go to hell?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

"No, no, no," the braided boy laughed. "That's after judgement." Duo's face became more serious. "That is where we decide if you will go to Heaven, or to Hell."

"Right. Excuse me, but I think I need another CAT scan," Heero said, preparing to ring for a nurse. Before he could, however, the nozzle of a pistol was shoved into his mouth. Not too fun.

"I'm afraid that won't be much of a help, Mr. Yuy," Duo said, and then pulled the trigger.


This time when he woke up, Heero felt warmth consume his entire body, and he leaned back, wanting more. Hot breath brushed over his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. "Comfy?"

Heero sat upright, observing his surroundings. Hearing a chuckle, he turned around to see the violet eyed boy once again. "You!" he growled, "you shot me!"

"Mmhmm," Duo smiled as if saying `duh'. "I did. Feelin' a little different, I bet."

"Listen here, I – " Heero blinked. "Actually… well, I do feel different. What did you do to me?" Heero asked.

"You're dead, buddy. Pushin' up daisies. Kicked the can. Keeled over. Whatever you wanna call it." Duo nodded his head to something behind Heero. "Check it out."

Heero turned, freezing in his tracks. He could see himself, laying there upon the hospital bed. Doctors, nurses, they were trying to bring him back to life. A warm hand touched his cheek. "See? This is the only way we can touch, and the only way you can meet with the others."

"The others? Who? For a man of the law, you don't talk in a very professional manner," Heero snorted.

"Ha! I'm no `man of the law'… I am Death!" Duo grinned proudly. "Anyways. The `others'. Wufei Chang is the Judge. He is the one whom determines if you go to Heaven or Hell. Although, just between you and me, he needs to ask the bug up his ass to pull the stick out of his ass, if ya know what I mean," Duo nodded. "Quatre Raberba Winner is our messanger. He's an angel. Quatre is the only one who can travel between Earth and the place of judgement. He'll be handling all the paperwork, and yadda yadda. You know. The boring stuff," Duo shrugged, clearing his throat. "He's a softie for revenge, so don't be mean or he might sick his man at ya," the braided boy grinned.


"Trowa Barton. Although he also has the name Cerebus, his real name is Trowa. And he's no three-headed Hell hound, believe you me! Tro-man is the strong silent type. He won't have much to do with your case, though. He's just the guardian of the gates of Hell, or, you know," Duo shrugged. "Whatever." Heero nodded, still completely lost.

"Did all of that just fly right over your head, honey?" Duo asked.


"I'd love some!" Duo grinned. Heero just scowled again. "I would absolutely love nothing more then to chat with ya, but you're gonna be goin' back to the living soon. I'll pop up later! Okay?"

"What?" Heero's vision went black.


To Be Continued!

Ack... I hope you guys like this so far... ^^;;