Title: After Colony 197
Author: Maxwell's Demon
Disclaimers: Uh, Gundam Wing, not mine.
Pairings: 1x2, 6xNoin, 3x4, 5xSally
Warnings: Cursing, Het, Shounen ai/Yaoi, Sap
Author's Notes and/or Comments: I don't know if this counts at alternate universe or not…

"..." = Speech
/.../ = Thought


Prelude: Living Life to the Fullest


The year is After Colony 197. With peace finally achieved between Earth and the Colonies, Mobile Suits are no longer needed. The pacifist leader, Relena Peacecraft, negotiated with the representatives of the Colonies, and The Earth Sphere United Nation is born. The long battle for peace is finally coming to an end, no longer a mere dream. Peace, however, is harder to keep, then it is to achieve.

To watch over the peace of the Colonies and the Earth, The Earth Sphere United Nation formed an intelligence bureau. Elite soldiers from the wars of AC 195 have been recruited to help maintain peace. These agents are assigned to quietly, and efficiently, wipe out any signs of a war brewing, completely. This organization is known as Preventer.

The heroes of war, the five Gundam pilots, have each quietly settled down, to lead lives without the use of Gundams and Mobile Suits.

Quatre Raberba Winner, ex-pilot of Gundam Sandrock, has taken his father's place. With the help from his 28 sisters, he now is head of the Winner Foundation; a well-to-do space colony building company. The Maganac Corps continue to serve close to Quatre, as co-workers as well as friends. The closest to him of the Maganacs, Rasid Kurama, was hired to Vice President of the Winner Foundation. He does, however, continue to proudly lead the Maganac Corps.

Trowa Barton, real name Triton Bloom, and the former pilot of Gundam Heavyarms, has settled down with the circus. Together, at his sister Katherine Bloom's side, they are always the highlight of the show. Katherine continues to do her knife-throwing act, and Trowa continues to show off his amazing acrobatic skills. The traveling circus makes frequent trips to the L4 colony cluster to visit Trowa's closest friend, Quatre. The group is always welcomed with open arms and a warm heart, personally greeted by Quatre himself.

Chang Wufei, former pilot of Gundam Shenlong, works along side Dr. Sally Po with the Preventer organization. Wufei's strong belief in justice and defending the weak makes him an admirable member of the Preventer group, and is looked up to by many of the other agents. Sally continues to work in the medical field, but never turns down an assignment with Wufei.

The ex-pilots of Gundam Deathscythe Hell and Wing Zero, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy, are now also agents of the Preventer organization. They still work together, strong bonds of understanding, trust, and friendship unwilling to be broken. As well as Duo's persistent need to socialize. The two complete opposites keep low profiles, trying to relax and live life like they should have.

Aside from the Gundam pilots, Zechs Merquise, real name Millardo Peacecraft, and brother to Relena Peacecraft, now works with the Preventers as well. With Epyon and Tallgeese destroyed, he now accompanies Howard in the new pacifist space fortress, Spider. Lucrezia Noin, being loyal to her promises, works by Zechs' side. With the new era of pacifism, long awaited rest is awarded, giving the forming couple much awaited time to pursue their budding romance.

Lady Une leads the Preventers now, and has adopted Mariemeia Kushrenada as her daughter, her love for Treize Kushrenada still strong.


"Agent 01, this is agent 02. Do you copy? Over." Silence.

"Agent 01, it is imperative that you reply. Over." Again, there was no response. The boy urgently spoke into the wrist communicator again. "Agent 01! Are you there? Do you copy? Over!" At first, there was no reply, then a very tired, very annoyed voice replied. "Duo, it's 2 am, the communicators are not toys, now go back to bed, and remind me to kick your ass in the morning." A chuckling Duo Maxwell peeked into Heero Yuy's room, a grin spread wide on his face. "No it ain't. Ya never fixed the clock after I changed it to a different time. Remember?" Heero's groan was all he needed to see that his friend did, in fact, recall yesterday's prank. Heero swung an arm over his eyes, trying to block the light from the hallway. "What time is it?" He mumbled. "It's almost noon! Get your ass outta bed, Yuy. I won't have you sleeping such a beautiful day away!" With that, Duo grinned, and disappeared from view, giggling over his friend's newfound hobby of sleeping in. He bounded down the stairs of their town house, both not able to yet afford one of their own, and went straight to the kitchen. Putting on a light blue apron, he picked up his painter's pallet, and stared thoughtfully at the paint-covered canvas before him. Duo had picked up a new talent after the war, and has been making a small profit from it as a side job. He loved to paint. His artwork didn't sell for nearly as much as a professional artist would make, but it was always enough to make Duo happy.

"I thought you finished that piece last week." Duo was startled out of thought when he heard Heero's voice come up from behind him. He turned and grinned at Heero, a smudge of white paint streaked across his cheek. "Nope. Too lazy. Come on, you know me." Heero snorted and made his way to the refrigerator. Duo smiled to himself, then turned back to his work. He knew Heero really did like his art. But, far be it from Heero to let a chance slip by tease his braided friend. Duo didn't mind, of course. He did it more then Heero does. Suddenly, he was smacked hard upside the head. "Ow! Fuck, Heero, what was that for!?" Duo growled, glaring at Heero. Heero just glared back, raising en eyebrow as he held up his laptop. "Do not touch my laptop, and do not put it in the refrigerator. Understood?" Duo blinked, grinned, then burst into a fit of giggles. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot I did that. Hehe, sorry!" He did his best to give Heero puppy dog eyes, but Heero just sighed at him. "So," he began, sitting down at the table and opening his laptop. "Tell me again why you're my best friend?" A strong hand gripped his shoulder, and Duo peeked over on the opposite side. "Because," he brushed a dark blue swab of paint on Heero's nose. "Without me, you couldn't get any chicks!" Laughing, Duo took off running.

Heero followed, hot in pursuit, playful revenge glistening in his Prussian blue eyes.


"The next colony cluster to visit is L4, Trowa." Katherine's sweet, yet mature voice spoke up, breaking the silence. Trowa glanced up at his sister, pausing from packing his suitcase. "Aa," he said, a faint glimmer of emotion shone in his visible emerald green eye. Katherine smiled warmly. She knew how her younger brother felt about the Arabian Gundam pilot. She also knew he would never be one to let his feeling be known, but she knew him better. She was happy for him. Happy that he had found a loved one, that was so caring and kind. /Quatre is so perfect for him,/ she thought, watching her brother pack his things. /Only when they are together will I see Trowa relax. In fact, his stern face always softens when he sees that boy. I'm proud of you, little brother…/

Inside, Trowa was simply ecstatic. /Quatre! I get to see Quatre! Little one, I can see you again soon! I can hardly wait, to just hold you in my arms again, as you snuggle up close to me./ Trowa's lip twitched, almost smiling at the sweet memory. /You're always so warm, so full of love. The innocence in your eyes always bewilders me. It was a crime for you to have been made to fight in the wars, but then, we wouldn't have met, would we?/


A raven-haired boy put the tiny microphone close to his lips. "Agent Po, this is agent 05. Do you read? Over." A mature woman's voice responded. "This is agent Po. I read you, agent 05. Over." The Chinese man grinned. "Agent Po, would it burden you to meet up with me at headquarters to escort you to dinner, at, let's say, 1600 hours? Over." A startled, but sarcastic, gasp was heard. "Why, Chang Wufei, could it be that you are asking me out on a date during an assignment? Over."

"Woman, it is dishonorable to mock a man's words! Besides, is it injustice for me to ask you to dinner, Sally? Over."

"Why, not at all, Wufei. I would be honored to go with you to dinner. Over." She chuckled.

"So, let's get this assignment over with, shall we? Hold your position, agent Po. Over and out." Wufei grinned, finally feeling content with his life.


A large hand gently touched the small boy's shoulder, rousing him from his sleep. He lifted his head from the desk, momentarily confused as to where he was. "I brought you a cup of tea to help you stay awake, young master." The blonde turned his head and blinked at the large man standing next to him. "Tea..? Oh, yes, thank you, Rasid. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep" He yawned, covering his mouth politely, then gratefully accepted the tea. He sighed, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm losing so much sleep over father's business."

"Aa, but you are doing well, young master. Master Winner would be proud." Quatre smiled up at Rasid, thankful for his support. "I think you'll be pleased to know that the circus is coming to L4 soon." Quatre's eyes lit up, shining with joy. "Really? Trowa's coming?"

"Aa, he is. Shall I make the usual arrangements?" He smiled down at the young boy, relieved that this would give the young master some time away from work. Quatre is quite mature for his young age, but 18 is still too young to be the head of such a large company. Too much stress on too delicate of a person. "Yes, please, if you could, Rasid. Thank you," Quatre smiled. /Trowa… I can't wait to see you again. It feels like it's been ages…/


Hesitant lips touched for the first time, warmth overwhelming them with the first kiss. Although it was light and brief, if was full of all the love and passion the two new lovers held for each other. They stared at one another for a moment, bewildered that such intimacy could be expressed through such a simple touch. The short haired woman smiled as the blonde man avoided eye contact. /He's still the shy one when we're alone…/ She thought, resting her head on his shoulder. "Thank you, Noin." She blinked, then lifted her head to look at him. "For what?" The tall man glanced down at her, then away again, quickly. "For keeping your promise to stay by my side." Noin placed a quick kiss on his cheek. "I would have stayed even if I hadn't promised you, Zechs." He smiled, "Just living life to the fullest I take it, then?"

"Yeah," Noin wrapped her arms around his waist. "To the fullest."