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You're the one by Marianbri

Pairings: read and find out. Are you saying you would not read this unless it had a Specific pairing? Just kidding.

Disclaimer: I do not own, no matter how much I wish, Gundam Wing. Bandai and Sotsu Agency how I envy you. The song is You're the one by The Carpenters. I thought it was perfect for a fic.

The day was perfect. The heavens showed off their best array of colour. Wispy angelic like clouds graced the sky. This Winner Estate nestled in the English countryside was alive with movement. The servants were running about anxious to have everything perfect. No one wanted to face the wrath of the Winner heir.

"I don't think he was this nervous at his own Wedding," commented the cook.

"Of course he was," replied Rashid, "He just didn't show it so much. Mmmm, frosting."

The cook whapped Rashid on the back of the head with a ladle. "Ow."

"Serves you right now get out of my kitchen before I do it again."

Meanwhile, upstairs in one of the many bedrooms, we find our Winner heir.

"I hope everything is going okay down stairs?"

"Ow, I'm sure it's just fine, ow."

"I know that they are capable of doing their jobs."

"That's ow, right they are. Now ow, please relax and everything will ow, be just fine."

"I guess your right Duo. I just want everything to be perfect."

"And it is. I'm marrying the man I love. It can't get any better than that."

"I just…"

Duo tunes out Quatre's next round of worries as he tries to relax. He begins day dreaming and praying that Quatre doesn't yank all his hair out.

<Every night, Everyday
You're the one I always dream of>



Hands clasped together held close to Duo's heart. Back pressed to chest lying together in a field under a willow tree.

<Every line of your face,
Is sketched so plain inside my heart>

Duo turns. Gazes lock. Hand move tracing forehead, eyes, nose and lips. Legs straddling. Thighs pressed against thighs. Hands moving. Massaging fevered skin, bodies moving closer together. Lips meet trembling lips in a soft caress of flesh. Gazes lock again. A storm brews in his lover's eyes. Suddenly, lips devour; mouth opens in surrender. Tongues meet and twist and dance in sensual bliss.

<You've grown so deep inside of me
You're everything I feel and see>

Hands graze across backs and shoulders. Down arms and chests. Slowly they roll till their positions are switch. His lover's lips move down his neck. Fingers start…


"Wha ?"

"I said I'm done with your hair."


<And You're the one,
You're the one I love>

Part 2

In the West Wing of the upstairs, in another one of the many luxurious bedrooms, we find dear Quatre's life mate our braided pilots love.

"Heero will you relax. It's no big deal."

We find the Wing pilot pacing. A very non-perfect soldier like movement.

"Once you get down there say a few words," Heero's eyes widen, "Yes, say a few words. Don't just Hn, it off. Speak just like everybody else. Say I do. Kiss Duo. Then snap, you're a married man."

Heero continues to pace and let his mind wander.

Dream (Flash back)

<All my life, All my love
I can feel when your beside me>

Heero and Duo walk along a mountain path toward where they've hidden their gundams. A they stroll Duo rattles on about different things while Heero sneaks glances when he thinks Duo doesn't notices.

"You know Heero, when this war ends, I wanna be able to look back and say I made a difference. That my sacrifice wasn't in vain. Because of me others didn't have to suffer some of the things I did, you know?"

Heero turns and stares directly into to Duo's eyes. They stop walking. Duo notices that something's different in those deep blue depths. What he's not quite sure yet. Heero's hand reaches up and slightly caresses Duo's cheek.



Heero slides his hand down until it comes in contact with the back of his neck and slowly pulls him forward until their foreheads touch.

<All that's right, All that's wrong
Suddenly becomes so clear>

In a whispered voice Heero speaks, "I hope so Duo. No one should have to go through what we have. You have made a difference. A big difference and not just in the war. You help keep this group together. If it wasn't for you I would have died along time ago."

"Heero what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that we need you. I need you. I care very much for you Duo. I don't know what I would do without you."

Heero very gently places a kiss upon Duo's slightly shocked lips. Like a volt of electricity, the kiss sparks a flame within each. Suddenly a very tender kiss becomes one of unbelievable passion. Arms wrap around each other. Hands caress backs, sides, and arms. Anywhere they could reach. The kiss broken reluctantly, due to lack of oxygen. Eyes lock once again. Fingers still mobile. Still searching. Exploring. Discovering new places. Duo run through his hair, while Heero massages his ass, causing Duo to moan slightly.

"I never knew Heero. I never thought I …" Heero places a finger upon his lips to silence him.

"I was taught not to care for anyone just follow orders. When I met you I saw something in you I had never known. Kindness. A willingness to get to know me. Not the soldier. I know this might be hard to understand but until this war is over I have to be the soldier. It's the only way I can make it through this war."

"I understand Heero really I do. But, what about after the war. What then."

"Then I'm all yours to do with as you see fit."

"Mine huh? I kinda like the sound of that. Can I see the real Heero Yuy little during this war?

"For you anything."

<My heart has over taken me
with feelings you awake in me>

(end flashback) End Dream

" … wearing a hot pink teddy."


"Glad to see your back with me Heero. I been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes."


"That's okay. As I was saying we should get downstairs and greet your guest. This thing is about to start."

"Alright. Say Trowa, were you this nervous at your own wedding?"

"Nah. With forty Magcunacs(1) guarding you, Quatre made sure I didn't have any room to be nervous."

<And you're the one
You're the one I love>


Part 3

Outside this particular home, was a very lush and thriving garden. The air was filled with the scent of very fragrant and colorful flowers. Down past the maze and across from the rose bed stood the gazebo under a canopy of trees. Here is where we find our favorite justice ranting pilot, overseeing the seating of the guests and hoping all onnas brought their own tissues. [1]

The area in front of the gazebo was open and rows of chair in two sections were placed creating an aisle for the ceremony. The guest list was small and intimate. The press was not being allowed anywhere on the premises but not for lack of trying. They were unable to keep their identities a secret after being pardon of all war crimes by the United Earth's Sphere. However this wouldn't stop them from continuing with their plans.

The guest list included Zechs and Noin, Lady Une and Mariemaia, Hilde and Catherine, a few of Quatre's Sisters and Howard. Much to the delight of our Wedding party Relena was unable to attend. It seems that invitation was misplaced. Wufei watched was the small orchestra setup when he heard a voice from behind.

"Oh Wuufeeeiii."


"What is it that you require of me onna?"

"Come Come now. After all this time certainly I warrant being called by my name."

"Fine. What is it that you require of me Sally?"

"See that wasn't so hard now was it? Any was doesn't the place look lovely. I always wanted to be married outdoors. It gives you that whole one with the earth feeling. Besides…"

"Did you come over hear just to talk my ear off?"



"As I was saying…."

*In low mutter*

"I will not kill Sally. I will not kill Sally. Don't have a death wish. Yuy would kill me if I ruined his Wedding."




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1) not quite sure if spelled correctly. Some one let me know.