Observation 3/?
By Marianbri
Rating: PG-PG13
Warning: Kinda sappy. Little bit of chaos. Slight AU (you'll see). Slight OOC of some characters. (Personally I believe them to possible just like this. But, that's my opinion.) Relena Bashing.
Parings: It's for me to know and you to read and find out.
Comments: Love'em. Can't wait to get some. Anybody think I'm worth the effort to archive go ahead. Just let me know where so I can go see.



Part 3


Heero's Room



"um Bri?" Author's minion cowers at her feet.


"He's in the shower."

"Mmmmm. Shower scene."

"Aren't you going to describe it to your readers,"

"Why. I'm sure the can imagine the rivulets of water running down that sinewy and toned body. The hair wet and plastered to his forehead. Soapy hands running all over … mmmmm."

(Author melts into a puddle of gooo.)

On with the fic…

"Hop in my Chrysler its as big as a whale and its about to set sail. Hop in my car its seats about twenty so come on and bring your jukebox money."

Aww. It's a shame dear Duo wasn't able to purchase the movable and miked fly on the wall camera. He'll just have to wait to find out Heero's a shower singer.

"Well a Love Shack is a little ol' place where we can get to together."

As He washes Heero prepares his plan of action.

"Love Shack yeah. Yeah."

Trowa's Room (later)

"OH MY GOD!!!!"

"Wow. I didn't know Heero own a pair of Ass Grabbers."

On screen we see Heero emerge from the bathroom and walk over to his computer.

"Damn. I think I put the camera in the wrong place."

Heero then bends down to tie his shoe.

"Never mind."

Heero's Room (again)

Sitting down at the computer, Heero notices that he has a message waiting for him.

On screen


Mission completed. ETA 2 hours.


Noticing the time the message was sent. Heero sends a reply.


Need yours and Winner's help upon arrival. The games have begun.



Hour and ½ away from the safe house


"We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. Wonder who its from."

*snicker. snicker*

"Damn Maxwell has been messing with my laptop again."

Scanning the e-mail a devilish smirk crosses Wufei's face.

"Quatre, guess what?"


"The games have begun."

"What games?"

"Maxwell has made his first move."

A zero like gleam enters the Arabian pilots eyes.

"Well then, we must respond accordingly. I just love these win-win situations.

The Harpee's Lai..urm Relena's Room

The room was designed with her unstable personality. One side was draped and dripping in pink. The other side…well…think medireview torture chamber and Spanish inquisition and your just about there. Relena sits on her bed playing with some dolls.

'Oh my darling I knew you would find me and rescue me from the clutches of Demon Duo.'

'Heero my love you know that nothing could keep my from you.'

Heero and Relena dolls kiss while psycho princess cackles in the background.


Tbc. Maybe.