At last my work is completed. Well, oh okay so it's only the next part. Enjoy
Observation 2/?
By Marianbri
Rating: PG-PG13
Warning: Kinda sappy. Little bit of chaos. Slight AU (you'll see). Slight OOC of some characters. (Personally I believe them to possible just like this. But, that's my opinion.) Relena Bashing.
Parings: It's for me to know and you to read and find out.
Comments: Love'em. Can't wait to get some.

Part 2


Trowa's Room ( Calm Down you rabid Trowa fans)

"Tell me again why I'm helping you?"

"Because you love me."

*Raised eyebrow*

"You scratch my back and I scratch yours."

*Scratch. Scratch.*

"Smartass. OOOooo. Lower. Lower. Right there. Aaaaaaahhhh. Thanks Tro-man. That's been bugging me all morning."

Walking over to his desk, Trowa sets the hand held camera down and flips open his laptop. He then proceeds to load up the computer and test the monitoring system while, Duo test the microphone.

"Trowa loves Quatre 3+4. Trowa loves Quatre 3+4."

*Tug. Tug.*

"Watch it buddy or Heavyarms might find its self in position with Sandrock."

"You wouldn't."

"Oh wouldn't I."

"Alright no more hair tugging."

"Thank you."

"Everything's all set."

On the monitor we see the feed from the fly on the wall camera.

"Great we're back folks. Now let us take another look at… hey where's Hee-chan."


Moment's prior. Heero's Room (wipe the drool of its embarrassing)

Two well-toned arms stretched out above a head of tousled brown hair. After sensuously maneuvering into a sitting position, without looking to obvious, Heero scanned the perimeter for the camera. Spotting in the far corner, he nodded to himself. Clad only in a pair of H heart D boxers (1), Heero strolls across the room to the closet to pick out an outfit for the day. Opening the door he glanced at the contents.

"Now let's see… spandex, spandex, spandex, spandex…" (You get the picture.)

"Spandex is fine for any other day but, today I think I'll wear these."

Separating the long row of spandex to reveal…

























(Ready? Nah. Little more suspense.)





















(Okay fine. Quit thwapping me. I'll tell. I'll tell.)


(That's right. THE ASS GRABBERS. Oh sure spandex shows off your body. But these jeans, they hug your ass just right sending a signal to all those of the Hentai persuasion screaming grab me!!!)

Laying the A.G.'s on the bed, he also pulls out a skintight blue t-shirt to accompany them. Grabbing a pair of 1x2 boxers, he collects the A.G.'s and heads into the bathroom.

Meanwhile enroute to current safe house

Quatre Barton

Quatre Winner Barton


Quatre R. Barton

Quatre R.W. Barton


Quatre R. Winner-Barton

Quatre Re…


"What!!! Oh sorry Wufei. Guess I was too deep in thought."

"Yeah sure. I just sent a message to Yuy to let them know when to expect us."

"oh okay."

"And Quatre?"


"Watch the road."

"Bite me Chang."


Heero Tracking Headquarters. Sanc Kingdom. (Run. Run for your lives. AAAHHHH!!!)

"How pathetic are we?" Lackey One asked Lackey Two.

"What do you mean?" replied L2.

"We help someone who is clearly insane stalk some one and for what."

"Five hundred a week plus kick ass benefits."

"Oh yeah. You can't beat that."

*high five*


L1 and L2 turn and then slightly shrink in their seats as a figure draped in pink cloth steps out of the elevator. She then proceeds to run, trip on her skirt, get up like nothing happened and start running again. Then she slides to a stop, panting from the little excursion before speaking.

"Any sign of my darling Heero yet?"

L1 and 2 play rock paper scissors to decide who gets the unfortunate honor of stalling her pursuit. (Hey their not all bad.) L2 losing when his paper was cut, grumbles under breath before answering her.

"No your Highness not yet."

"Oh pooh. Please you must hurry. Who knows what awful things they would do to him."

"Of course your Highness. As soon as we find him we will contact you." L1 spoke.

As she leaves L1 and L2 sigh with relief that they've held her off for the moment.

"So wanna play Starcraft." Asks L2.

"Sure. This time I'm gonna kick your ass."

"In your dreams."


tbc…well it's up to you.