Well I'd thought I would try again. Let me know if I should continue or if it truly sucks.


Observation 1/?

By Marianbri
Rating: PG-PG13
Warning: Kinda sappy. Little bit of chaos. Slight AU (you'll see).
Slight OOC of some characters. (Personally I believe them to possible just like this. But, that's my opinion.)
Parings: It's for me to know and you to read and find out.
Comments: Love'em. Can't wait to get some.



Part 1




"Shhh!! Hold the camera steady."

"Sorry Duo."

"S-okay. Ready? Hello and Welcome to Gundam Adventures. I'm your host Duo Maxwell. Today we're going to stalk.."

"Uh Duo?"

"I..I mean track and observe a very rare and sexy…"


"special creature."

As Duo speaks, they creep quietly down the upstairs hall of the current safe house. They soon stop in front of one of the many doors.

"We must be very careful when entering the creatures current nest."

With the stealth he is known for, Duo silently enters the bedroom. The scene before him causes a sigh in appreciation.

"MMMmmm eye candy."

"Uh Duo?"


"The camera."


"The Camera!!"

"Oh yeah. Ladies and Gentlemen, their he is. Our prime subject of pilot. I give you Soldierus Perfectus. This one we've named Hee-chan."

"We? You mean you."


"Yeah, Yeah. Silent camera man."

"As I was saying, notice if you will the tousled hair. The scupluted cheeks. That strong chin. Those bulging biceps and rock hard abs. All under that smooth golden tanned skin…"

*Drool *

"Oooh what I would give for just a moment to run my hands.."


"Damn it Trowa. Why'd you hit me so hard.?"

"Just hurry before he wakes up and were both six feet under."

"Alright already."

For Duo's pocket he removes a box. Opening it he retrieves a very small camera.

"Some of our footage is going to be taken by this fly on the wall camera.(1)"

As Duo continues talking the camera floats upward and land in a corner of the room.

"This camera will allow us to observe with as much danger to ourselves. It will be used to capture Hee-chan's sleeping habits."

"Duo he's waking up."

"EEP! Come on T let's book it."

As the door closes, twin pools of colbalt blues open to slits and a slight smile graces his lips.

"Very interesting. Well Duo. Let the games begin."