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*Just a note, I don't own Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, OR Wufei... and even tho I wish I did, I don't, so don't sue me, because all you'll get is incense and plushies.*

~Fla-Vor-Ice... With A Twist!~

*Warning! This fic is PWP AND a lemon! Heero and Duo do naughty things in this fic, so you... might wanna watch out. It's hard to believe all this starts with one push-up popsicle...

Another hot summer day... Heero sighed, leaning back in his chair, reaching down into the cooler they had brought to the beach. This beach was secluded, so practically no one knew about it. It was by pure luck that Duo had happened upon it, and had drug Heero out here in a boat, cooler equipped with lunch, beer, and popsicles for desert.

No beer left... Duo had finished most of those. Lunch was done as well...

Heero's hand came into contact with a Fla-Vor-Ice popsicle. As he opened the plastic seal, he heard Duo splashing around in the waves, laughing as he did. Casually, he stuffed the popsicle in his mouth so as to keep himself from yelling at Duo to be quiet. He noted the splashing had stopped, and figured Duo had gotten out of the water for a while, bored with pointlessly jumping about in the waves.

Well, he was right about Duo getting out of the water, but the cause was off. Duo's eyes were fixed on the Wing Zero pilot and the popsicle in his hand. He couldn't tear his gaze away as Heero moved his lips over the popsicle, sucking at the frozen juice, and Duo couldn't help but picture Heero doing that... but to something ELSE.

Duo cringed, trying to ignore the blatant sensation of burning between his legs and the arousal that was starting to show against his swim trunks. But Heero just kept up what he was doing. Duo had no idea that Heero had seen him. The way he was using his lips and tongue on the popsicle were now meant only for Duo's eyes, pushing Duo further and further...

He heard a caught moan. No more teasing...

Heero stood, now walking over to Duo, who stared at his lover through darkened violet eyes.

"You saw me...?" he asked on a breath.


Duo almost snapped at Heero, but his words were stopped as he felt Heero's hand rub against his hard arousal. Duo's head tilted back, a moan escaping his throat.


Quickly, Heero caught Duo's mouth in a firm kiss, his tongue enticing Duo's to battle. Duo moaned against his lover's mouth, burying his hands in the soft, dark brown hair. He couldn't stay like that for long, however, because Heero's lips started blazing a searing path down his chest, toying with each nipple briefly before moving lower still.

Duo's eyes shut tightly as Heero almost literally ripped off his swim trunks, his hand traveling along the length of Duo's manhood, causing the braided pilot to groan and writhe, nearly collapsing. Somehow, Heero managed to guide the two over to the beach towel he had been sitting on, lying Duo down and considering with his erotic ministrations. Duo groaned, his hips lifting and moving in beat with the movements of Heero's lips.

Heero groaned a bit himself, feeling his own hardness press up against his swimtrunks. Ripping those off, he pulled himself up to kneel over Duo. Reaching for his jacket, he pulled out... something... what was that?

As he pondered, which was difficult to do with his bemused brain and ragged breathing, he didn't notice Heero squeeze something from what he had withdrawn from his jacket onto his finger... He suddenly gasped as Heero's searching finger made its way into his tight opening, working here and there, until Duo was crying out with the mixed pain/pleasure, and the pleasure was quickly winning. After preparing himself, he drew up over Duo again, letting out a heavy breath.

Duo knew what he was to do, and rested his ankles upon Heero's shoulder as the stronger boy took him with one quick thrust. Duo gasped, his arms going around Heero and pulling him close, whimpering as Heero's thrusts quickened, taking them both towards that euphoric edge slow enough to torture, but too fast for either of them.

Duo threw his head back, crying out. Heero felt something against his stomach, but paid it no mind, and kept his mind on the task at hand.

Finally, once he too was spent, he relaxed, panting and holding Duo close.

"H--Heero... ai... aishiteru..." panted Duo, his hands clutching Heero's sweat-soaked back.

Heero nodded with a mild 'hn.'

"Oh... and Duo?"


"We'll have to do this again sometime..."


Quatre stretched as he relaxed in the chateau he and the other three boys were staying in, since Wufei was staying with Sally in China at the time. Trowa was across the room, tuning a flute.

"Oi, Trowa..." he said quietly.

Trowa lifted his head, then walked over to sit next to Quatre, pulling the smaller boy into an embrance.


"Why do you think Heero and Duo are taking so long on this mission?"

"I'm not really sure... oh... by the way, Quatre..."


"Why don't you and I retreat to our room?"

For a moment, Quatre just blinked. Then it hit him. "Okay!"